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  • 137445-40120 ?

    28 January 2015 - Vince

    Think Geismar/Stumec are related. Seem to recall Stumec cranes were fitted to salmon wagons?...

  • Keltbray Electrification RR - 917108

    28 January 2015 - Kevin Morrison

    These machines are for Keltbray Electrification Plant a division within Keltbray...

  • 137445-40120 ?

    28 January 2015 - Peter Cummings

    Vince. Are sure Stumee is quite correct. Back in the early days of OTP having a railfan following, there was something 'Stumec'....

  • 137445-40120 ?

    28 January 2015 - Charles Cross

    this machine is a type D4 works No 04/06661 of 2010 and has been at Hereford for some time. Since the new siding was put in near...

  • Geismar Stumee BLH.10 D4-06661

    28 January 2015 - Vince

    This strange looking machine is a Geismar BLH lightweight tamper, similar to the one in use on the IoW Railway. Don't know if it'...

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