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Welcome to ontrackplant.com, the leading online resource for on-track plant & road-railers in the UK.

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Recent Photos

  • Photo of 911071 With Sleeper Panels
  • Photo of Aspin RRV26 (99709 940850 9)
  • Photo of Network Rail (99709 011679 6)
  • Photo of Quattro 206 (99709 911151 7)
  • Photo of SPL 008 (99709 942098 3)
  • Photo of  940647
  • Photo of AMCO 711016 + 711013
  • Photo of Quattro RBB027 (99709 000119 6)
  • Photo of Readypower FR630 (99709 940118 1)
  • Photo of ST/04/05

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  • Story Contracting RR - 970055

    23 May 2016 - Jim Gillies

    Lee Taylor has contacted me earlier tonight via email (don't know if you are one and the same person) looking for the same informa...

  • Story Contracting RR - 970055

    23 May 2016 - Yorkshire Puddings

    I have noticed a few machines been seen at Fountainwell AP, Gartshore cement works and Castlecary AP ,can anyone shed any light as...

  • Second Engineering RR -

    23 May 2016 - Bryan Blundell

    Does anyone have contact details for whoever owns this machine?...

  • No1 Powercar LWRT

    23 May 2016 - Andrew Harrison

    No1 LWRT powercar off to york for maintenance...

  • Keltbray Rail RR -

    23 May 2016 - Roger Harris

    E1067, 1322 and 1362 were all parked very close together despite the size of the compound, and so I couldn't get anything else off...

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