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  • Photo of 99709 594014-1 WDV
  • Photo of FSE Personnel Trolley
  • Photo of Pod Trak Ltd 99709 912105-2 etc
  • Photo of Readypower Trailers 009123 on top of 009121
  • Photo of DR76911 + DR76912 + DR76913
  • Photo of Network Rail - 018008,011066,011042 & 011049
  • Photo of Quattro Plant #531 911169-5 Komatsu PC128 US
  • Photo of SNCF DJ 7.301  #102/83
  • Photo of 001025
  • Photo of BV52KCN 976036 2

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  • 76304

    27 February 2015 - Jon Horswell

    Any news on the fate of this and sister 76318 currently dumped in the shunt spur at West Ealing? This has been broken into now....

  • BARS RR -

    27 February 2015 - Ben Williams

    Alex tells me this has returned to Okehampton....

  • Mystery Bance Trolley

    27 February 2015 - Vince

    No longer present, looks like the mystery will never be solved. As the two trailers that were with it were built in 2000, I imagi...

  • Babcock Rail RR - 917011

    25 February 2015 - Andrew Martin

    No sign of it carrying its RIV number on 16th Feb....

  • Keltbray E1066 (99709 940480 5)

    25 February 2015 - Nick Tompkin

    Now parked in a corner of the quarantine compound, we were told this machine has probably worked its last shift. It had been rel...

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