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Recent Photos

  • Photo of APWebb RTE020
  • Photo of Aquarius R2RT5 (99709 071011 9)
  • Photo of SRS 7083 MWR648
  • Photo of APWebb TR73 (99709 020119 2)
  • Photo of Pro Rail WU16NWL (99709 975127 0)
  • Photo of Sonic Rail 3363 (99709 910128 6)
  • Photo of McCulloch YX65AZR (99709 977034 6)
  • Photo of Pro Rail PRS503 (99709 020136 6)
  • Photo of Stobart W090 & W091
  • Photo of L&W RRV150 (99709 940879 8)
  • Photo of Pro Rail PRS103 (99709 911355 4)
  • Photo of Sonic Rail (99709 020074 9)

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  • Stobart Rail RR - 914112

    Think this is 99709914112-6...

  • Total Rail Solutions (TRS) RR - 975112

    Just a mention here that TRS have a new yard, between the Quattro yard, and Avondale Way North Yard. It has been newly fenced off, and TRS signage has gone up, two Portacabins are by the entrance, and it looks ready to be moved in to. The yard is the old bus training yard for new drivers. I suspect...

  • ??

    I think it is likely to be the road crane. I'll delete in a day or two....

  • ??

    Presumably this entry is the 15cwt Jones road crane which is attached to the box van wagon frame. DRT 80169 recently departed and is now located at Aberdeen Ferryhill....

  • 917050-5

    One of these lorries has turned up near the entrance to Reading NwR depot. Difficult to identify from trains but would be easy to see from road entrance. Might be a new one transferred from Swindon?...

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