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We have details of nearly 10,000 on-track machines, road-railers and non-powered trailers & attachments.

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There are over 9,000 photos in our archives including the latest machine deliveries, international vehicles and an increasing number of photos of rail plant from days gone by...

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Recent Photos

Photo of 78211 & 78212
Photo of ABC (99709 009192 4)
Photo of Dixon Bros RR25 4349 (99609 911006 5)
Photo of Quattro 610 (99709 010277 0)
Photo of SRS242
Photo of TRAC SV129 - Mercedes-Benz 2644 Flat Bed with Crane
Photo of IR 739
Photo of IR Unimog 02D78046
Photo of Network Rail (99709 975087 6)
Photo of Pod Trak 940852-5
Photo of TRS TRS357 (99709 018031 3)
Photo of TXM 6798 (99709 911210 1)

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  • 75403

    25 September 2016 - Cristoff

    At Frodingham OTPD there was one of these in 2 halves with a tarp partly over it. I was told it was the Knaresborough fire victim. My source advised it was still undergoing the insurance process, but it appears increasingly likely this'll end up bein...

  • ** Preserved Vehicles RR - 940260

    25 September 2016 - Nick Tompkin

    Oliver, did you definitely see this machine at Furzebrook yesterday? As per comments above, it moved to Kent earlier in the Summer....

  • 73122

    24 September 2016 - HighOutput

    It was just black insulation tape stuck over the RIV numbers, must have been for its transit from Linz to Zeebrugge, but 73121 didn't have it!...

  • CIE 734

    24 September 2016 - Bryan Blundell

    Does that mean it needs a change of title on the photo detail page then?...

  • 73122

    24 September 2016 - Robin Morel

    if you look at pics of sister machine 73121 usually a movement authority paper panel is stuck on the machine somewhere on delivery, is it just the sticky tape from that ??...

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