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  • Network Rail 8 / ATMW766 (99709 910033 8)

    I'm assuming, rightly or wrongly, that these machines will have fairly low hours against them. Removal of the mini power station on the rear could mean an easy/ier conversion to a more conventional machine eg Excavator etc. Maybe a small way to recouping some of the initial expenditure. Hopefully...

  • Network Rail 8 / ATMW766 (99709 910033 8)

    I'm not sure we'll see a return to pots and powder just yet. I think the main reason NR are ending in-house flash-butt welding is that it's just too expensive, so outsourcing may be cheaper. We may even see a contractor acquiring some/all of these 10 machines......

  • Network Rail RR - 917096

    I'm told all stored at a private site. Another fine investment!...

  • Network Rail 8 / ATMW766 (99709 910033 8)

    Gosh! When we were being shown round York Holgate depot on 6/6/13 (IRS visit) these were said to be the "in-thing" that were going to cut possession times where joints needed welding. There's half a power station in that big box on the back of them! Of course, I exaggerate but I'm sure the power out...

  • VolkerRail RR - 940011

    This machine stars in this video:...

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