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Recent Photos

  • Photo of Crana 912439-5
  • Photo of Network Rail BU51VVS (99709 919038 8)
  • Photo of Quattro 342 (99709 970086 3)
  • Photo of Readypower FR706 (99709 011089 8)
  • Photo of TXM 7139 (99709 910072 6)
  • Photo of Vanoli AG P&T MFS100 Wagon - 99 85 93 52 113-6
  • Photo of 912251-4
  • Photo of 919012-3
  • Photo of Balfour Beatty XOM7165 (99709 912281 1)
  • Photo of Network Rail (99709 018092 5)
  • Photo of Network Rail DX51BYK (99709 919041 2)
  • Photo of SBB Kirow KRC1200 Crane - 99 85 94 19 500-5

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  • 79402

    The comments and photo for trailer 041002 appear to have transposed themselves onto this page for grinding vehicle DR79402 for some strange reason....

  • TPB51001

    51031 was in Volker Rail in the company of a couple of fast clippers & a rail threader on the 21st....

  • TPB51001

    I understand that this machine is OOU and is a source of spares....

  • DRC 81541

    Are these pair repainted or are they still in orange Grant Rail livery?...

  • TPB51001

    TPB 51001 appears to be OOU at VolkerRail Frodingham TMD. The nameplate CHARLIE appears to have been transferred to another machine which resides within Scunthorpe Steelworks - said machine appears not to carry a number of any sort, only the VR black/white colour scheme - this could be TPB 51031 bu...

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