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  • Network Rail CA14BKG (977021)

    28 July 2014 - Vince

    One of these was noted at GOS at the weekend with a large welder's-style box body rather than flatbed/crane combo....

  • Babcock Rail RR - 917011

    27 July 2014 - Ben Williams

    The two seen at Crianlarich recently were numbered 019018 & 019019...

  • Babcock Rail RR - 917011

    27 July 2014 - Bryan Blundell

    2 bogie trailer coupled looked to be set up for running out rails for a rerail site....

  • Colas DRC78235, LEM3125 & PEM3131

    27 July 2014 - Dennis Graham

    I thought this was the best display at the show though don't know if it happens in real life!...

  • 979401

    27 July 2014 - Ben Williams

    I am told a LWRT wagon remains at Derby in undercoat but with no other ID - seen this week. It currently has coach bogies on it an...

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