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Recent Photos

  • Photo of Pro Rail PRS104 (99709 911361 2)
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  • Bruff Road Rail Flail Unit OYH 310Y

    That's One of the 3 I used operate back in the day .as was then Southern Region now Wessex Area . Trained at the old Cement Works Shoreham ,By Dick Whittington & Mick O'Flynn ....

  • ** Preserved Vehicles RR -

    Thanks Kevin. Yes if you search here for "TW10" then those three machines will appear - with some old photos, which may be of nostalgic interest!...

  • ** Preserved Vehicles RR -

    good t see one again ,I used to drive the TW-10 Version Flail on a Y' Plate . When they were first introduced we had 3 machines which moved around regions every 3months . After a while it was changed then we had it permanent I worked out of Eastleigh. And covered a large area from Waterloo right d...

  • ** Preserved Vehicles RR - 976014

    This was located this afternoon in the car park at Norchard on the Dean Forest Railway. It was parked between volunteers cars in a line of vehicles and therefore I suspect may be used as a run around by it's new owner....

  • PPT 274

    Noted today in the stores compound still to be assembled and covered by blue sheeting next to trolleys 011517-8 & 011610-1....

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