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  • 99709 940757 6

    21 December 2014 - Bryan Blundell

    On a drainage job using a R/Railer on rails with a rigid boom you cannot dig a drain straight alongside of consistent parallel wi...

  • 78211

    21 December 2014 - Vince

    Both were still near Bristol today....

  • 99709 940757 6

    21 December 2014 - Jon Horswell

    What are the benefits of an offset boom, apart from say visibility from the operators cab?...

  • 78211

    20 December 2014 - Dan Adkins

    Would they have been seen near Bristol/Worcester if heading that way? Seems a long way round? I'm no road expert of course, that m...

  • Network Rail - 901218 & 011619

    20 December 2014 - Vince

    Lots of assumptions/confusion over this one's identity. Has anyone been able to confirm the works plate off it? For ages M44/164 w...

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