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Recent Photos

  • Photo of Quattro 554 (99709 914059 9)
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  • Photo of DR79601 - D-SBAU 99 70 94 27 0631
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  • Photo of Network Rail FD57YGL (99709 979008 8)

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  • Network Rail Selling Grinder, Geismar MPV and Geismar Mini Trolley

    79200 and 79201 have now moved to Long Marston....

  • 070/98

    I was told yesterday on my visit to Lillie Bridge that all the Bance Trollies and trailers will probably be scrapped as it is company policy not to sell them on to another party. It would be a great pity because many preservation societies could use them on their lines, but we will have to wait and...

  • E-DRA-02

    This vehicle now carries DRES 01 in Black on the bodyside....

  • APV 350

    This now carries DRES 03 in Black on the bodyside and OH8 on a piece of paper sellotaped on the cabside....

  • Network Rail RR -

    Yes I would be inclined to agree Ben....

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