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Recent Photos

  • Photo of 99709 908013-4
  • Photo of Preserved EGO-4 Trailer - #
  • Photo of Readypower D5N RR105 914094 6
  • Photo of TXM dumper 4137 - 943032
  • Photo of Vaia Car (leaving)
  • Photo of Quattro RR - 508
  • Photo of Readypower Gigarailer FR640 940126
  • Photo of RFI Donelli RGL 400V Ballast Regulator D A MPR TO 0021-D
  • Photo of SRS - 912027 (cab only)
  • Photo of TXM Ballast Brush 000022

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  • 37.70.9228.001-

    1 October 2014 - Vince

    Thanks Peter W, I'll get these added to the site. Peter C - based on this, I'd imagine it's just 6x4....

  • 37.70.9228.001-

    30 September 2014 - Peter Cummings

    Ah. Peter W then, has confirmed my comments about quirky numbering. I now wonder whether it is 24 x 4, or just 6 x 4....

  • 37.70.9228.001-

    30 September 2014 - Peter Winch

    12 x IFA moved Dollands to Wembley this morning. 012/014/013/011 021/022/024/023 001/002/004/003. Believe other 12 to come are 0...

  • 558

    29 September 2014 - Nathan Lawrence

    This small vehicle is commonly used in the Autumn seasons on water jetting duties. In the Autumn, it sports a small wagon which is...

  • 7008

    29 September 2014 - Nathan Lawrence

    This is a vehicle which can always (usually!) be found stabled at Ballymena Permanent Way Depot - it's one of the more common vehi...

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