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  • 77002

    Now looking superb after a recent repaint, blue and red band replaced by a solid blue one.

  • 908017

    I should also point out Nick saw this and others at Berwick in Sussex not Berwick on Tweed as may be expected!

  • 908017

    Maybe refers to having 2 independent heads.

    Tamping left and right of the sleeper.

  • 908017

    I believe it only tamps one sleeper at a time.

  • 908017

    I had a good look over this machine this afternoon. It is in fact manufactured by Kinshofer, but has several stickers on it stating that it is supplied by GOS as an importer. It is a twin sleeper tamper.

    This machine appears to have something of an identity crisis. It appears to be self-propelled yet has no driving position so I assume it is remote controlled when working. Although the RIV number is in the small tamper range, unlike others in this range it has a tow bar stowed with it and notably carries an EAC date (24/08/2023). In reality therefore its more akin to a braked attachment or even a trailer and I assume it is towed to/from worksites by an RRV.

  • AB 2000 RR - 912066

    Seen today in Cowlairs AP with AB2000 Branding but could not get owners name

  • Crossrail / ATC (Alstom, TSO & Costain JV) RR -

    So I've lost track here a little! Which one is currently at Westbourne Park with crane fitted? Think it is 495?

  • Trackwork RR158 99709 910084-1

    Think one of these new Trackwork Komatsus also now at Old Oak. Too far away to see more details...

  • Stagecoach Supertram Maintenance Ltd RR -

    No it looks the same as the April 2014 photo, only a little more uncared for. It looked like bits of pipe work is hanging underneath it. I had a right good look for the rail wheels, but they did not jump out at me.

  • AD9121

    It has been confirmed that this is still at Kineton.

  • AD9129

    It has been confirmed that this is still stored at Longtown.

  • AD9128

    It has been confirmed that this Trolley is still at Longtown.

  • Stagecoach Supertram Maintenance Ltd RR -

    It was at New Inn only a couple of years ago - presumably for refurb? Although we don't have any recent photos. Has it had the access platform refitted?

  • Stagecoach Supertram Maintenance Ltd RR -

    Saw this on the Depot today, I did not see any rail wheels. I did look for them, lt looks like it needs some love and care.

  • 73214

    In scraped condition on a flat wagon

  • Total Rail Solutions (TRS) RR - 912315

    This is TRS Fleet No 922 and Build No 9888.

  • 79200

    There were 3 sightings of the old 79200 vehicle assigned to this newer 79200 vehicle. Now re-assigned.

    All other details are correct.

  • Rail OP OHL Ltd RR - 912296

    This machine is build No 9569.

  • 79200

    This entry appears to have conflated two different vehicles, the early 79200 Speno grinder set 555A with this much later vehicle. This is based on some info on 555A from elsewhere - not a set I recorded for myself so apologies if incorrect.

  • A.P.Webb Plant Hire RR - 910043

    This machine is Rail 075.

  • Lynch RR - 940020

    Yes - that's correct - the branding on the machines is generally shown as "Lynch"

  • John Smyth RR - 940056

    This vehicle carries a fleet number of BRP21.

  • Lynch RR - 940020

    Not knowing much about the plant scene over there, is "Mike Lynch" the same company we have listed as "Lynch"?

  • Lynch RR - 940020

    Seen at Limerick Wagon Works 15-4-2017. Carries 99609 940020-1 operated by Mike Lynch

  • Lynch RR - 940010

    Noted at Limerick Wagon Works, Ireland 15-4-2017, operated by Mike Lynch, carries 99609 940010-2

  • Lynch RR - 940112

    Noted at Carrick-on-Suir 14-4-2017, owned by Mike Lynch, also carries 99609 940112-6

  • 99709 908009 2

    Tamping the new junction that has gone in over the Easter weekend, for the tramtrain extension off the supertram network into Rotherham.

  • Komatsu K30372

    All looking very fresh and smart following its upgrade by Allan J Hargreaves

  • 7007

    In passenger service hauling failed Railbus

  • Quattro 912292-8, No1067,NAC .17.057.65


  • Sonic Rail 99709 910095 7

    Photo posted on Network Rail Instagram today suggests this may now be working at Poole. Certainly wasn't still at Witton because I was there today!

  • Babcock Rail RR - 979031

    Not on Rutherglen OTPD Today Sat. was there on Thursday .

    No one about to ask if in the shed or gone to new owner.

    Of new owner unknown, sorry!

  • 1166

    Thanks Martin, very helpful.

    The reason we couldn't identify 9001/9103/9403 was because it was completely shrouded in the works. I think it was being repainted if memory serves - certainly something going on.

    Best regards


  • * unknown owner RR - 910078

    Details for all machines now added to database, mostly in the unknown owner lists for now...

    The numbers supplied for the Unimog don't calculate correctly (97599954360-9).

  • 14090

    Informed today by a worker at the M-shed that this crane was at the other end of the line, locked in a shed, on a building site and cut off from the line.

  • Torrent Trackside / Vp plc RR - 912317

    This and 912318 at Lichfield today...

  • 1166

    A bit off topic but having read the NIR report mentioned I can clarify a couple of points:

    "Adelaide DMU Depot (view).

    DMU: 3010/23, 4008/16 plus 2 other UID.

    Note: We were unable to confirm if 3023 and 4008 were correctly formed."

    They were correctly formed. These sets have never been reformed since delivered.

    "9602 or 9608 and one of 9001, 9103 or 9403."

    It would have been 9602. The three other vehicle numbers mentioned are all different so the one should be identifiable 9001 Brake Driving First Open 9103 First Open 9403 Dining Car

  • 1166

    Thanks Martin.

  • 1166

    As far as I am aware it is 1166 rebuilt but it could be a previously unrecorded vehicle. Details of NIR wagons have always been difficult to confirm

  • Readypower Engineering RR - 942042

    Will this ever move from its current location??

  • 1166

    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for all the additional info you are providing.

    In an organised visit by CARS to York Road Depot in April 2015 we saw a wagon with 558 - recorded as this. "Geismar 1253/01 used with OTM 558 as a leaf clearer"

    Did that start life off as one of these or is it a new build & completely unrelated please?


  • * unknown owner RR - 910078

    Yes we were sworn to secrecy too about said new machine on our visit to AJH last month!

  • * unknown owner RR - 910078

    I suspect, but subject to confirmation, that this is one of a pair of Volvo EW140Ds ordered by TRAC. Likewise I suspect that the three new brushes may well be part of the order for Quattro Plant.

  • * unknown owner RR - 910078

    This is Volvo EX140D serial number 0067? (Couldn't access plate easily) conversion 16.350.02

    Additional new machines present at Hargreaves on 13.04.17 were:

    Richter & Muller Ballast Broom BNQ-008-7

    Richter & Muller Ballast Broom BNQ-009-7

    Richter & Muller Ballast Broom BNQ-010-7

    Volker Rail Unimog 97599954360-1 serial no 181336

    Liebherr A922 Rail serial no 092712

    Liebherr A922 Rail serial no 092863

    Plus a brand new machine of a type new to rail which I was sworn to secrecy about - all shall be revealed soon

  • TRAC Engineering Ltd RR - 943013

    We record previous owners in the notes so the McCulloch search brings up one example but if you did a search for Balfour Beatty you would get many more results as this lists anything previously owned or on hire to them.

    As Vince says the fleet lists give current fleet - but sure you know that by now!

  • TRAC Engineering Ltd RR - 943013

    I was searching for McCullochs plant and just assumed that it would only include all of their existing portfolio & not plant moved on to another operator.

    I wasn't expecting other operators plant on that companies listing Just found that a bit odd.

  • TRAC Engineering Ltd RR - 943013

    Why is it an "oddity"? You've done a search for something, and got a result about that something.

    If you want current fleet lists, use the lists.

    If you want to search every single record for a bit of text, use the search feature.

    Not odd.

  • TRAC Engineering Ltd RR - 943013

    That makes it another oddity then.

  • TRAC Engineering Ltd RR - 943013

    It used to be owned by McCullochs - that's why it appears in search.

  • TRAC Engineering Ltd RR - 943013

    This appears to have been added to McCulloch Rail Portfolio of RRV's.

    I Think not.

    If I go to search in both phone and computer for McCulloch this one appears in their the list.

    I presume that that is not the case and is only a glitch within the many thousands of individual pieces of information that have to be sorted