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  • PWM3956

  • 68088

    Seen in DsmT form in this picture -

  • Network Rail RR - 912010

    On latest NR disposal tender

  • Preserved - BP013 & BP030

    BP005 was destroyed in the fire. The remains of BP001, BP013 & BP030 still survive. They were only ever purchased as a source of spares.

    They are looking to purchase another machine to replace BP005, if anyone knows of one available, please let me know and I will pass on details.

  • Preserved - BP013 & BP030

    I've asked the question of my contacts up there, to confirm exactly what was destroyed in the fire.

  • 96719

    This was clearly visible in the background of an article on Meridian News this evening about the open weekend at Hornby, Margate this weekend.

  • Preserved - BP013 & BP030

    If these two were still outside the shed being used for spares they may have also escaped? Roger can you remember whether they were in this position last year?

  • 30001

    Looks like a forklift truck to me!

  • 30001

    Maybe Locomotives Services have acquired a new small machine that hasn't yet been identified...?

  • 30001

    Hi Nick, yes I wasn't 100% confident when I first saw it off the train, but it was the only thing I could imagine it was.When o saw this photo on WNXX, comparing to the photos of the machine on here I knew it couldn't be it, unless it has had a complete remake.The machine I saw Does have rail wheels, the same size and look of's definitely not just a road vehicle or even a forklift for that matter...

  • 30001

    Gregg, fairly certain that’s not 30001. For one thing the radiator grill is in the wrong place when compared to the photos on site. I believe that’s a forklift truck or similar.

  • 30001

    What I saw can be glimpsed here just behind the road haulage vehicle..

  • CIE 728

    As per the latest Rail Express issue, they have noted this going for scrap 4th July

  • 34583

    Move to Rocks 'n Rail location?

  • ** Preserved Vehicles RR -

    No sign of this at the Battlefield Line today....

  • Van Elle Rail RR - 940833

    Not unprecedented, but unusual nonetheless, this machine is currently being used with a Movax piling attachment on the Smart Motorway project on the M23. It is working on the northbound side currently located in the proximity of the Redhill-Tonbridge line under bridge. As of yesterday, it was one of 90 machines plus on this 12 mile stretch of work - not that I was counting!

  • 11622

    Seen from a passing train today on the short test track near to the running lines.The cab has now been repainted a dark shade of green, and carries the number 992..

  • 97509

    509 is currently formed up with 97511. The unit has been on test in the tunnels over the weekend and could be seen down at Abbey Wood

  • 965217

    ADB965217 has now replaced ADB965206 at York Leeman Road OTPD. Currently it is clearly visible from passing trains.

  • 965240

    ADB965240 has replaced ADB965241 at York Yard North. However, it is currently difficult to see from passing trains due to stabled wagons.

  • 73928

    Thanks for the info!

  • 73928

    DR73926/27/28 came out the NWR contract in April 2018. DR73926 is still running around for BB Driver training. The two new Unimats will replace DR73937/38. DR73939 will then become the spare machine.

  • 73928

    Being replaced by 2 x Unimats on order from Plasser.

  • 73928

    If I remember correctly, 73928 was in the original contract list.

    But things change, and suppose it may be one making way for new larger machines

  • 73928

    Both 73927 and 73928 have spent the best part of a year and a half dumped at Ashford, there doesn't seem to have been any need for them in that time.

  • 73928

    Not in the NR contract then?

  • 73928

    This one has apparently now left for Italy...

  • TRAC Engineering Ltd RR - 912197

    Thanks for that Vince - a friend of mine saw it and told me about it, shall pass the info on.

  • TRAC Engineering Ltd RR - 912197

    No, Holyrail's HR07 incorrectly carries the number 912197-0 (instead of 912187-0)

    Makes me wonder how many sightings are wrong on this record

  • TRAC Engineering Ltd RR - 912197

    Reported to be carrying 197-0 on the yellow number and white data panel.

  • 965579

    Even if you walk the yard you still can't get a decent photo of it, it's well buried.

  • 965579

    In recent times this has resided in road 22 of the Sorting Sidings in Carlisle (Kingmoor) Yard. As such it is almost impossible to see without accessing the yard or hiring a helicopter.

  • Network Rail W429EOL (99709 912015 3)

    On latest Network Rail disposals tender

  • Network Rail W428EOL (99709 912011 2)

    On latest Network Rail disposals tender.

  • King Rail RR -

    This Atlas 180WSR has recently been converted by King.

    A few more photos can be found on their twitter.

  • 30001

    GBned you've sighted this recently, can you shed any light on this?

  • Readypower Rail Services RR - 940161

    Anyone know what happened to this after closure of Kings Langley depot?

  • 30001

    I have a feeling I saw this machine yesterday coming past on the train from the Derby line into Crewe.A small yellow (looking quite clean I must say) vehicle with small wheels, uncovered near to the fenced off compound where the derelict steam engines are, but over towards the shed...could that be this? Or is there some other small machine there now....

  • 93358

    I believe I just saw a module on a lorry trailer on M25 heading in the right direction as if it were going to Cheriton.

    Rather difficult to be precise as the sun was in my eyes.

  • J Murphy - PRT23

    Also on ebay is this weird Permaquip trolley

    The "RDLT002" could imply ex Railway Drainage? Does anyone know more about this type of trailer?

  • J Murphy - PRT23

    Currently for sale on eBay -

  • Network Rail RR - 979107

    Unlike the older batch of Unimogs with access platform, this batch of, 5, will Not be fitted with a turntable.

    The new chassis layout, which contains additional equipment, will not allow enough space.

    Have seen the older ones in operation and very impressive it is indeed.

    Only 1 hand required to rotate the machine to any position.

  • 93358

    The module on 93358 today (2/8) carried the name " The Franklin Flyer ".

  • 999801

    This is currently being collected from Eastleigh works. Due to go to Plasser for refurb apparently. 999800 was taken there too yesterday. Interestingly Allelys are able to get their trailers around the very tight corners of the railway bridge on Campbell Road. Most other vehicles have to be delivered to east yard and moved across by rail. Thanks to DS

  • M44/117

    Thanks Steve. I did wonder if these might be the trailers from the top of the containers at Tottenham but of course there were previously two trailers here - but they used to be quite visible I think.

  • 79231

    Set seen at Exeter Riverside on 29/07/2019

    Formation was DR79231, DR79232, DR79233, DR79236 and DR79237.

    DR79231 carries the name PETE ERWIN

  • Total Rail Solutions (TRS) RR - 940695

    This machine is out of use inside TRS Basingstoke, and indeed I suspect hasn't moved since my previous visit in 2017. It is being gradually robbed of parts to keep other 988P's going. I believe that the two sightings at Cwmbran in 2018 are therefore not correct.

  • Total Rail Solutions (TRS) RR - 911104

    This was rebuilt by Fitzgerald earlier this year to feature the Z-Boom linkage for greater flexibility.

  • Portugal 00 00 10 58 001-7(?)

    On the subject of foreign photos, can I ask that people actually put in a title containing vehicle numbers/types/country etc (I had to fill in/guess what a lot of this batch were, hence the "?" in the title). Likewise please fill in tags containing country/machine type etc.

    It all helps with the approval process, and also helps people find photos easily.


  • Portugal 00 00 10 58 001-7(?)

    Cheers Bill