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  • RRC #181S301267

    I didn't note any conversion plates on this. Maybe I was looking in the wrong places. Did anyone else discover a conversion number for this one? Thanks!

  • ST/04/11

    Jonathan that's a definite no! The Mini 4/4 and trailer haven't moved in 5 years either.

  • TP49P

    Work has started today on the restoration of this Trolley (See Wickham of Ware Facebook Group for pictures). Initially it will be unpowered, but may have an engine fitted in the future.

  • ST/04/11

    Are the Trolley & Trailer still in use?

  • 99 85 9552 055-7

    That explains why they weren't at Granville Sidings today. Have they actually done any work yet, given they have now been around for about a year?

  • 99 85 9552 055-7

    A couple of these alliance wagons were outside Plasser works again this morning. Allelys lorries also present so assume just arrived.

  • 18773

    Delivered new to William Gray, Shipbuilders, Hartlepool in 1948 as a 5-ton 4-wheel steam crane. On closure of the shipyard the crane was moved to British Steel Hartlepool c1963 and rebuilt by BSC on site as a 4-wheel 5-ton Diesel Mechanical crane with a Dorman engine. It departed BSC Hartlepool in September 1978 and moved to the Bowes Railway, Springwell where it remained until 15th January 1994 when it was moved to the Tanfield Railway. On the threat of scrapping, it was returned to the Bowes Railway in September 2009.

    [The sightings at the Tanfield Railway which are logged after September 2009 will be of another Thos. Smith crane, a 10-ton Bogie Diesel Electric crane, number 24085 of 1956. Originally believed to have been delivered to ICI Billingham as No.5, it later worked at Tyne Dock Engineering, South Shields and was moved to the Tanfield Railway c1996.] There are also two other steam cranes at Tanfield.

  • Rail Elec. REL002 (99709 912269 6)

    Waiting For The Rest Of The Team To Assemble After Rest Break

  • Torrent T141560 (99709 912322 3)

    In Possession

  • Torrent T141555 (99709 912317 3)

    In Possession Getting Ready just after rest Break

  • 979612

    Hi Bryan, yes and it's close to Kingsbury. It's the home of Moveright International, frequent movers of railway items. They have some otp bits at Wishaw including a steam crane which was once at Gloucester / Warwickshire Rly.



  • Road Rail Cranes RR -

    Further to Roger's comment of 23rd May, pictures have appeared on RRC's Facebook site tonight showing this is still a standard road crane, being used on gantry installation work in a factory.

  • 979612

    I take it that there is another Wishaw ?

    Other than near Glasgow.

  • 979612

    Reported to be 979613. Might be going via Wishaw.

  • 979612

    A Rail carrying wagon from an LWRT was on the M1 last night (22-6-17 heading South between Sheffield and Nottingham.

    Unable to spot identity.

    Heading for Kingsbury possibly?

  • McCulloch "The Big Girl"

    Talking with one of the staff yesterday.

    He said that the intention is to relocate the engine underfloor as stated earlier but also to centralise the Hiab unit across the floor to enable rail stowage on both sides.

    Bit like a mini Tramm isn't it?

  • MMPV

    Whilst looking for further details, it appears that the main chassis was constructed by Wallace McDowall Ltd, Monkton, Ayrshire in 2016 to McCulloch's design and completed by McCulloch there after

  • 99 70 9522 020-5

    Shows how quickly things can change, this wagon was renumbered during the night. It's now 99 70 9522 020-5 :-)

  • McCulloch "The Big Girl"

    The unit is capable of carrying a load of 30 tonnes.

    The crane can also travel along the length of the trailer on its own built-in track.

  • Quattro 910061-9,Build No H60276


  • Geismar IPV (Sapphire) C200010-280-0103 of 2010

    Roger has uploaded a photo of this trolley with a note saying "Sapphire trolley". It was previously thought to be the EGO US in a heavily modified/roof removed state; but upen further investigation, it seems to be the power vehicle of Geismar's SAPPHIRE self-propelled track geometry trolley. More photos of it with its recording structure can be found on Geismar's website.

  • McCulloch "The Big Girl"

    Interestingly, the telescopic stabilisers actually have a different purpose (I thought the same) - they are used to raise and off track the vehicle, before/after/during a possession. The engine is mounted in the square box at the rear of the vehicle, however, an underfloor engine is being scoped, along with modular mountings. There was a lot of interest in this vehicle at the show!

  • McCulloch "The Big Girl"

    This is McCulloch Rail's new "MMPV" trailer fitted with a crane, generator and telescopic stabilisers. It is fitted with Neotec bogies.

    She is also named "The Big Girl".

  • Bance MPT2-183

    This is a Bance Motorised Push Trolley (previously known as Motorised Hand Cart). An operator controls it via the wired device, and the trolley can carry 1 tonne.

    It's in the weird grey area of inclusion on the website - it doesn't have a seat etc, but is assigned an RIV number (albeit not carried).

  • South Cave Unimogs RR - 977026

    Zagro conversion 4078 of 2012

  • South Cave Unimogs RR - 977026

    This vehicle is actually owned (at present) by South Cave Tractors Ltd - it was hired to Balfour Beatty for the London Underground Contract (2013 to 2017) and was returned to South Cave c4/2017 off hire - it is currently available for sale or hire from South Cave, and is kept at their yard near Brough

  • Balfour Beatty DeClipper 001070-0

    The Balfour Beatty/Thomson DeClipper is an attachment that quickly and efficiently removes Pandrol clips.

    The device uses the power of the RRV's forward motion to remove two rows of clips in a single pass. When at the end of site lifts and rotates around the DeClipper to extract the remaining clips.

  • TRAC Engineering Ltd RR - 910078

    Fleet Number SV324

  • TRT 56

    This one seems to be fitted with a shoulder-ballast plough.

  • Pro Rail #100401

    This machine will be re-fitted with an off-set boom before commencing primarily drainage work with Pro Rail

  • 99 85 9552 055-7

    You may notice something unusual about this vehicle - it has crawler tracks and isn't on any rails!

  • Aquarius Railroad Technologies RR - 976096

    Fleet number is ' Yasmin'; build number is 461303

  • Aquarius Railroad Technologies RR - 976095

    build number is 461225

  • Fitzgerald Plant Services RR - 979062

    Conversion was Zweiweg 1839 of 1999

  • SRS Sjolanders S 661 TS

    Swedish rail-converter SRS Sjolanders were showing off one of their new Volvo MEWPs. It will return to Europe after the show.

  • Sonic Rail 3300 (99709 910095 7)


  • RRC #181S301267

    Although branded a "Gigacrane" I think this is actually just a Gigarailer with Long Reach arm - definitely no sign of a crane on it.

  • Pro Rail #100401

    Another new name in the RRV industry, Pro Rail Services had one of their new APEL-converted Hitachi excavators.

  • Geismar Mini 4-2 901???-?

    This one is for sale and carries no identification.

  • Force One F10101 (99709 911342 2)

    Force One operate a fleet of road-based vacuum units (you can just make one out in the background of this photo). This Doosan crawler is their first RRV. It is fitted with a vacuum attachment/nozel and several pipes which connect up to the road- vehicle which does the vacuuming.

  • SRS Sjolanders (Sweden) RR -

    Build number 113406; Will be re-gauged (temporarily) to 850mm on return to Sweden

  • SRS Sjolanders (Sweden) RR -

    Imported especially for Rail Live 2017 and will return to Sweden afterwards.

  • VolkerRail RR - 919057

    This is now named "Jack Pendle"

  • 20024

    According to the PRSL, this was scrapped circa 2013.

  • ST/04/11

    I am not sure if these are visible off the ramp. They are stacked up (with the trolley on top of the trailer from memory) just north of the Mini 4/4 and trailer but behind other items which obscures the view. The backs of them are visible from platform 1 if you look south and know where to look. They are also visible from the northern end footbridge, if you look south down the service road.

  • ST/04/11

    Platform 1, bottom of the ramp that goes onto the platform, look through the railings

  • ST/04/11

    Where about's is this and the trailer please - is it viewable from anywhere?? Any pointers would be appreciated PAUL

  • BL009

    This is an interesting machine in that it has an universal joint between the tamping unit and the power unit. This means that it can swivel twist and tilt as well as operating on very tight track. It was used underground by the NCB.

  • AB 2000 RR - 912066

    Seen Today 2017-06-16

    Owner AB2000

    Fleet No. RRG 603

    Boom Now Blue (Previously TRAC Black)

  • 73314

    Does this 07 still exist ?