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  • Pacific Ace Trolley CC165 (narrow gauge)

    built under license from Fairmont

  • Loram RGT01

    loram rgt01 rail grinder has been in service since 23 january 2018. it has an 8 stone grinding buggy with 22.4 kw grind motors. the vehicle is 36 tonne fully laden

  • BP039

    One of the DFR ones has apparently gone to Vale of Berkeley Railway but not sure which one yet...

  • Bruff B445 WPO

    During my time working for the DM&EE Test Section, I conducted the ‘Type Tests’ on B445WPO in August 1985. Static tests were carried out at the RTC Derby followed by ride and braking tests on the British Rail Research operated test line between Egginton Junction and Mickleover. More details about this and other plant testing in the 1980s and 90s can be found in my book about ‘Rail Vehicle Testing’ ISBN- 9781999935603.

  • Balfour Beatty Rail Services RR - 979028

    Off from long term lease September 2017

    Back to Balfour Beatty

  • Balfour Beatty Rail Services RR - 979027

    Off from long term lease September 2017

    Back to Balfour Beatty

  • Balfour Beatty Rail Services RR - 978009

    Off Long term lease September Last year (2017)

    Back to Balfour Beatty

    Now on lease to Morgan Sindall. Working of Larkhall Depot

  • 73434

    This is now repainted either black or dark green with yellow ends, although the tamping banks remain Balfours blue for the moment at least.

  • Quattro Plant RR - 912343

    Now now Tony! - I am pretty sure you didn't see this today as most of the Quattro mewps that were in yard yesterday disappeared back underground last night! Only 1127 and 1128 left today. #sightingspolice are watching! :)

  • #7953

    I haven't seen it personally Ben, but I have been sent a picture of it, which was taken at Wansford.

  • TRAC Engineering Ltd RR - 910078

    In the photo by Riger dated 29th of June 2018 the fleet number carried is SV314. In the grey panel above the rear wheel.

  • 73307

    Machine currently being overhauled.

    Will be fully working again soon, hopefully....

  • #7953

    Why are there no sightings of it?

  • 68063

    It has been sold and it is a permanent move to Mangapps

  • #7953

    It is currently at Wansford and is going to be restored to run with their Type 17 Wickham Trolley

  • TXM Plant RR - 910071

    Build No. EY200 143 2016

    Conversion CT 029 010

  • Elmec Solutions Ltd. RR - 976049

    It’s been elmec a since 2013 indeed, and now converted to a personell carrier to be used in Scotland by network rail

  • Elmec Solutions Ltd. RR - 976049

    Indeed heading for Scotland and almost as far up as you can go.

    Now an NR Machine.

    Coming up to Shettleston soon then to be out based at Helmsdale

  • Elmec Solutions Ltd. RR - 976049

    Only going on what I was told by the guys at Elmec.

  • Elmec Solutions Ltd. RR - 976049

    There's no evidence of this ever being recorded in Scotland and it has been resident at Elmec since May 2013!

  • Elmec Solutions Ltd. RR - 976049

    The guys at Elmec say this will return to Scotland next week sometime.

  • 68063

    Can anyone say whether the move to Mangapps is temporary is it the trolleys new home?

  • #7953

    In my notes I have this Trailer as being located at Rail World, Peterborough (adjacent to the Nene Valley Railway). Can any one confirm whether that is where it is currently located?

  • ST/04/11

    Does anyone know where this now is?

  • A156W

    Now restored and carries A156W

  • SPL YN67EFP (99709 917131 3)

    Now has No. LRB4

  • LMS003

    I believe this is now underneath 901012. If so, it certainly has no seats.

    They were located by the sidings to the left of the line looking towards High Rocks, just beyond the access gate for Homebase.

  • CIE720

    Thanks for this photo Patrick.

    Also uploaded at the same time was a close up of the plate "Built By British Rail Engineering Ltd Derby 1984".

    I think it's safe to say that although it reads "built by", this was actually rebuilt from an AL250 liner.

  • CIE 720

    The people at C & L said it was a sandite machine which I would have thought entailed some changes.

    The Irish Railway News site shows 720, sandite, at Dromod.

  • CIE 720

    I suspect it is the Plasser liner - it has the same shape - albeit rebuilt with a canopy (and lining bits removed perhaps?)

  • CIE 720

    The vehicle at Dromod, is per the Industrial Railway Society reported to have been built by British Rail Engineering in 1984 - possibly not the same vehicle as the P&T AL250?

  • CIE 720

    No.720 said to be ex CIE in a siding by the Cavan & Leitrim Railway. Said to have been here over 10 years and heavily cannibalised. Photographed from the running line of preserved railway. Was told no other access

  • 79265


    Lead car - DR79265

    Centre car - DR79264

    Rear car - DR79274

    The main physical change is the semi-permanent coupler between the lead and centre cars. Virtually all other changes are to software.

    The cab of the centre car (although redundant) will not be removed or converted, as this gives flexibility to remove the centre car and use it elsewhere in the fleet (in the event of another car being damaged).

  • SPL Powerlines RR - 912035

    This r/r built 2011

  • Readypower Rail Services RR - 940615

    This r/r built 2005

  • ** Preserved Vehicles RR -

    It hasn't been "road-legalised" though (indicating as SORN'd with the DVLA, the MoT expired in December 2016, and it's not on the motor insurance database ) so it must be an internal user only.

  • 98008

    Now. back in use expected to be at St Pancras (high level) and Bedford early morning of Sat 4th August.

  • 54187

    Was told may move to Warcop but if not removed could be scrapped.

  • ** Preserved Vehicles RR -

    Was told has been sold to KESR.

  • 73241

    Half answering my own question here, it looks like it has worked since main line metals as below youtube.

    Anyway, still interested to know current status and usage?

  • 73241

    Just for interest, what is it's status?

    Has it ever been used since leaving main line metals?

  • Concrete Shuttle

    Part of this seen on a low loader this morning heading west on the M42

  • 021/95

    On asking where this was today, I was informed it is scrap in a pile of rubbish at the end of the headshunt at North Weald.

  • 73241

    On a section of track near the end of the line at Ongar that is not connected to the rest of the railway.

  • 80207

    This was towed from Leicester to Dollands Moor yesterday, presumably on its way to Sweden

  • Quattro Plant RR - 975048

    There was no sign of this Gator at Carcroft today. Has it been scrapped ?

  • Quattro Plant RR - 970086

    This machine is now carrying only 940427-6.

  • BP063

    This Ballast Packer is still on site, but cannot be used at the moment. After BP062 had gone for scrap, it was found that someone had stolen the starter motor for BP063, so consequently, it is sidelined until another starter motor can be acquired.

  • BP062

    This Ballast Packer has been scrapped.

  • 54533

    This machine was checked today and the number is 54/538 on the B.R. plate.