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  • Network Rail RR - 979012

    Nick thanks for that

    Possibly safe to say that this one should go in under decommissioned then.

    Apparently up here to be used for spares

  • Network Rail RR - 979012

    Thanks Jim. That was identified from the bridge at speed as my train was due. I Am happy to accept it may be an error on my part.

  • Network Rail RR - 979012

    Was At Shettleston NR today

    Big Query A Unimog With the Same Rd Reg. FM07NWK & Riv. No. 979012 0 was on the Depot.

    This had No Rail Gear and apart from the Cab every thing above the rear Chassis had been removed.

    Wondered if this was the same machine that Nick Tomkins say @ Pitsea Nr Depot on the 16 Mar. only 3 Days Earlier

    Seems a short time span to strip everything of and also to transport it up to Glasgow

    If the 1 that Nick saw at Pitsea was in good Nick maybe the I saw today was a Clone

    If Nick could confirm the condition of his sighting

  • 5E/0001

    The remains of this Trolley left March today and have now gone into storage in the Midlands, pending restoration / rebuild.

    Any photos of it throughout it's life, would be much appreciated by the Trust.

  • 5E/0001

    The remains of this Trolley today and have gone into storage in the Midlands, pending restoration / rebuild.

    Any photos of it throughout it's life, would be much appreciated by the Trust.

  • Bance (N&LR)

    This Trolley left the N&LR today and has gone into storage in the Midlands, pending full restoration.

  • Murphy PRT07 (99709 010039 4) and PRT18 (99709 010527 8)

    Looking like a very good answer

    Anyway other good suggestions anyone??

  • Murphy PRT07 (99709 010039 4) and PRT18 (99709 010527 8)

    The Murphy machines were for use replacing very old OLE masts west of Basildon. I believe that the attachment is a form of Piling Stillage to transport piles safely to site.

    Interestingly the same attachment appears to be on PRT18 in Rogers photo from 2015. I wonder if this is therefore semi permenantly fitted to this trailer.

  • Murphy PRT07 (99709 010039 4) and PRT18 (99709 010527 8)

    Would hazard at a guess

    An adaptor to take a specific piece of kit

    Anyone know what that kit would be.

    I don't know & No prize for the correct answer

    But I for 1 would be interested!

  • 73912

    I noticed this machine had new Colas Branding on it. I didn't take a phot to prove it but I saw this at Ely today.

  • Murphy PRT07 (99709 010039 4) and PRT18 (99709 010527 8)

    What's the unusual load in the top trailer?

  • 54707

    It was next to the running line near the bridge over the river.

  • 54707

    This one never seems to be there whenever I go! Was it back in the car park today?

  • 54707

    I managed to view the build plate of this machine today. Looks like the build number is "72"

  • 48555

    It looked like this machine was being repaired when seen inside Hayes Knoll shed today. The cab has been removed and it looked like the bodywork was being repainted.

  • 75008

    Thanks for that Paul

    Hope it stays that way.

    Unfortunately not much chance of seeing it up here though but would be nice

  • 75008

    You're right first time Jim...that 'shiny & new' side is reflecting

    NR vans parked in the depot yard!

  • 75008

    As it Shiny & New is that a reflection on the Side.

    Or has it been "Tagged" already???

  • 75008

    Thanks for the heads up yes it’s the other stoke I’ll update it .


  • 75008

    Assume today's sighting at Stoke Gifford should be at the other Stoke?

  • 98305

    Just to advise that this unit is due to be scrapped imminently as no one has wanted to buy it. I believe it is just about in full working order.

  • 979127

    During 2012 this was scrapped on site at Clarke Chapman, Gateshead

  • GOS Sleeper layer

    One of these Philmor/GOS sleeper layers was noted at Weston-Super-Mare today with a bunch of Quattro kit - couldn't get close enough to id it though. :( It was freshly painted so either new or a refurb...

    Ben also saw took this photo at Quattro Cwmbran last year, again no id. Perhaps the same one?

    So, a quick nudge to people to keep their eyes out for these - cheers!

  • 73805

    Technically, taken out of contract (not lease).

    Shame really, a vary capable machine, but issue is planners.

    May end up going abroad as a result.

  • McCulloch HD FLASS 03 & 04

    HD FLASS 03 & 04 being uplifted from builders S+C Engineering

  • 73805


    It has been taken off lease as NR have said they don't want it anymore. It is stabled down on one of the sidings in our depot, mainly used for spares and training.

  • A.P.Webb Plant Hire RR - 910009

    When first converted for rail use this machine had friction drive. This was subsequently removed. Later it was fitted with hydrostatic drive for rail use.

  • A.P.Webb Plant Hire RR - 910011

    When first converted for rail use this machine used friction drive. It has subsequently been converted to hydrostatic drive.

  • 75008

    Ah yes, of course they're Salop Sidings - I was confused/wrong. I thought it was the siding to the north-west of the station that used to go between those two (now-demolished) factories.

  • 75008

    It's parked just south of the NR MDU at Stafford, same side of main line, very close to where the lines from Wolverhampton and London converge.

    Track map suggests this used the headcode 6J75 .


  • 73208

    I wrote it down as cut remains only seen at Vic Berry's, Leicester on 5/6/88. I wonder if it was cut on site by Berry's elsewhere then the bits brought to Berry's on a lorry.

  • Network Rail RR - 917068

    Just to flag that this one is NOT the one at Reading this week - it has been swapped for another but I couldn't quite see the full plate. Will try to investigate soon if possible...

  • 75008

    Interesting that it went to "Stafford Salop Branch Sdg". If that is what I think it is, I thought that siding was lifted years ago!

  • 75008

    No - it worked from West Ealing to Stafford, arriving there at 14:18.

  • 75008

    Was this parked in the sidings at lichfield this morning

  • 75009

    Believe this one arrived at Plasser last night...

  • 75008

    I'm told this is currently en route to Stafford.

  • Crossrail / ATC (Alstom, TSO & Costain JV) RR - 912299

    One of these TSO mewps is currently parked outside the Tunnelling and Underground Construction Academy, Ilford.

  • 73805

    Thanks chaps!

  • 79231

    Seen by a friend yesterday in 5-car formation at Harrow.

  • 73805

    It is still at Rugby

  • 73938

    Does anyone have a photo of this one please - it would fill a gap nicely!!

  • 73805

    There's a photo on Flickr that claims to have been taken in January, but can't find anything since.

  • 73805

    No sightings since November 2018. Has this one been exported like Tiger?

  • QTS RRU33 M401AGL

    Now has RIV No 977043-7

  • 73208

    Berry or Booths? Can't have been at both in the same month... can it? Sighting in November 1988 at Vic Berry too. Either way our note about Marshgate seems to be wrong...

  • * unknown owner RR - 977050

    Most likely NR Scottish Region

    Go get it before it comes North of Hadrian's Wall

  • 73208

    This was broken up by Booth Roe, Rotherham, parts noted in yard of Booth Roe, Rotherham - 05/06/1988

  • Schweerbau RR - 155160

    A Schweerbau Unimog and grinding cars were on LORL New Cross depot 27.02.19. Has anyone seen these since their arrival back in the UK and therefore able to identify which these are?

  • PWM3956

    Appears now to be at Hornby site at Margate - (see around 2 mins 3 seconds)