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  • Pandrol LM1629 #25

    Unfortunately our records on these things are not complete.

    Here are the machines we have listed - several are missing build numbers, I imagine "25" is one of those.

    Can anyone help fill in any of the gaps please?

  • RRC (99709 912255 5)

    You were right Ben. It was at Uffington as I visited today as well.

  • T114051

    I checked this machine on 11/8 and it carries build number 11 of 2002.

  • T114052

    I checked this machine again (11/8) and it still carries build number 18 of 2003.

  • T114053

    This Fastclipper is marked for spares.

  • RRC (99709 912255 5)

    Pretty sure this is at Uffington between Swindon and Didcot this evening. Another RRC Genie at Shrivenham AP.

  • TP57P

    After being given an ultimatum to remove TP57P from Shillingstone, in 6 months, The Trustees, and or with members of the NDRT, have removed it from Shillingstone station, and taken it away to stop me removing it. This is called "Taking without the owners permission" and makes them all guilty of theft. Dorset Police are aware and pursuing the matter.

  • Balfour Beatty Rail Services RR - 914075

    This carries "Darren Turner RIP" on a cast name plate, positioned above the front radiator grill.

  • Balfour Beatty Rail Services RR - 911008

    Seemingly out of use since 2014 when it's EAC expired, this machine has something of an identity crisis as it carried the incorrect fleet number of XEN7011 on the cab when seen on Thursday but the correct XEN2653 on the jib. It is also missing at least one rail axle.

  • 83.70.4574.009-4

    BB now use the 2 DTS as traction units for their various wagons.

    Combined they have more power than a TRAMM and can travel at 60 mph instead of 40 mph. I doubt if Network Rail would make a MPV available for this purpose.

  • 83.70.4574.009-4

    Do you think the DTSs have lost their role - and become routine power units.

  • 83.70.4574.009-4

    I can assure you, it looked a bit odd. All still present at Tring tonight however dr72211 has been taken off the north end of the formation and is in the adjacent siding.

  • 81612

    Ely derailment

    The BBC Local Live Cambridge blog ( or whatever it is 16/08 ca 1500 ) notes a crane has arrived via Manea.

    It is the Colas Kirow 1200 - so the second time this year a non NR crane used at an accident site.

    (( ... 6b0cfa8b6e ))

  • ADM14

    ADM14 when seen prior to purchase in 1988

  • 96715

    I understand that this crane, and it's support wagons, have been dispatched from Wigan to Ely to recover the derailed freight wagons.

  • 83.70.4574.009-4

    This sounds a bit odd. Why would these 2 flats be working with a pair of DTS machines.

    You'd expect them with a Tramm or MPV set.

  • 83.70.4574.009-4

    Operating between dr72211 and dr72213

  • 83.70.4574.013-6

    Operating between dr72211 and dr72213

  • ST/04/02

    Sighting at TRS is interesting - new acquisition?

  • CIE 740

    Stored OOU

  • CIE 710

    Stored OOU

  • A.P.Webb Plant Hire RR - 911336

    Seen 12/8/17 serial number is 180C301464 built 2015

  • Torrent Trackside / Vp plc RR - 912322

    On year long hire with Morgan Sindall. Hence removal of Torrent TS Branding

  • Torrent Trackside / Vp plc RR - 912321

    On year long hire to Morgan Sindall. Hence removal of Torrent TS Branding

  • Torrent Trackside / Vp plc RR - 912318

    On year long hire to Morgan Sindall. Hence removal of Torrent TS Branding

  • Torrent Trackside / Vp plc RR - 912317

    On year long hire to Morgan Sindall. Hence removal of Torrent TS Branding

  • 73113

    The plates were removed during refurbishment at West Ealing and I understand, were passed onto family. They were only ever supposed to be on for three months - decision made by the plant director of the then Amey Colas Joint Venture. Lasted a little bit longer...! Plates were made from Laser Cut mirror stainless steel with countersunk rivets by a retired engineer in Northwich, Cheshire. We fitted them in such a way that it would be a challenge to remove - perhaps why they lasted so long. Dai was a lifelong trade unionist, so the colour and the RMT insignia was essential, but I bet you can imagine that went down a treat in higher business circles!

  • ADM14

    Purchased on the 22/7/1988 was Match Truck, Ex BR LOWFIT B452347 paired to run with ADM14, and numbered DB452347. Purcased by members of the London Midland Society [Founded 1982], and moved to the Avon Valley Railway, to join other items of stock owned by society members. Moved 2010 to West Somerset Railway, by persons unknown, and without the owners knowledge.

  • ADM14

    Purchased 22/7/1988 from Bescot, by members of the London Midland Society [Founded 1982], and moved to the Avon Valley Railway, to join other items of stock owned by society members. Moved 2010 to West Somerset Railway, by persons unknown, and without the owners knowledge.

  • TXM Plant RR - 943059

    Is this actually owned by TXM? It is still branded Difuria, they still have a presence on the Beckingham site and the machine was located under cover away from from the TXM fleet

  • Permaquip #10800

    Love the doors, makes it look like a fly about to take flight!!

  • PWM2188

    The front panel of this Wickham shows a very warn British Railways logo and the number TR12. There is another number but not very clear.

  • M44/110

    I didn't see it there last week either when passing.

  • M44/110

    I am pretty sure this is no longer in the place between the buildings where is has been stored for the last five years or so.

  • VAIA CAR Model SPR for Spark Rail No. 0117SPR05 of 2017

    Some more details here:

    Wonder how it compares with P&T's APT1500 series

  • SPL Powerlines RR - 917131

    Thanks Roy, that gives a nice big gap in the 9171xx series!

  • 73121

    Ok Ben, that'll be great thanks..

  • SPL Powerlines RR - 917131

    This is now 99709 917131-3.

  • 73121

    It is not their "base" - they will just be in for some modifications I expect. I've not seen either outside this week (only 76802) but I will keep an eye on it next week as they often get parked outside once work is complete.

  • 73121

    Right I see, well am I correct in thinking that the one I could see is this then 73121?

    Can anyone confirm that their base is West Ealing, or did anyone else see this (and 122) on the Plasser works this week?


  • 73121

    I suspect that the second is 73122 as this pair have been working together off Tonbridge supporting the Southern HOBC in recent months. I can't confirm this however.

  • Promax Access RR - 912238

    I understand that this machine may be owned by Volker Fitzpatrick for use on Crossrail

  • Total Rail Solutions (TRS) RR - 912316

    The mystery of PB9880 which I saw at Promax on 06.04.17 and not reported since is finally resolved. I have been informed that PB9766 was incorrectly delivered into the UK with serial number PB9880 stamped into the chassis. Sometime shortly after 06.04.17 the incorrect number was ground out of the chassis and replaced with the correct serial number PB9766.

  • 73121

    Just to add, these were outside yesterday actually..

  • 73121

    There's two Ben, one behind it...but the units start to get in the way now, so you don't get a chance to look at the number at the opposite end.Im pretty sure the prefix number is -4.....I rode past backwards and forwards about 6 times trying to confirm it!

  • 73121

    Saw front of a new tamper in shed just now but can't confirm which one. 73120 was there a couple of weeks ago so it may be that they are all coming in for some work to be done on them.

  • 73121

    Have a feeling I've spotted this on West Ealing Plasser earlier today.Difficult to get now because of all the units in the new sidings, but I went past quite a few times, and I'm pretty sure it looked the same and could just about read off the 1-4 part of the RV number..

    Can anyone help?



  • TP49P

    Initially it is to be cosmetically restored, but in the future may be re-fitted with an engine.

  • Bert Pyke 4w 18T Crane No. 8022

    This is a Pyke Manufacturing model 80-18 rail crane, serial number 8027. It was built in 1980 at the Pyke facility in Oshawa, ON for GO Transit. It was used by CPR for a number of years before it became a regular part of the TTR (Toronto Transit Railway) fleet just east of Union Station in downtown Toronto, ON. It was originally numbered GO P80 901

  • Ministry of Way CN 50552 RCM 2

    CN 50552 is what remains of the railways second only Canron Tamper RCO (Rail Change Out Machine). CN 50551 was the first such unit. Both were converted to rail car mover for Work Equipment Maintenance of Way (MOW) service after their useful life as rail change out machines was reached. In their original configuration, these RCO's were 221 feet in length and weighed in at 170 tons. When new, CN 50551 was in eastern Canada and CN 50552 was in the west. Both units are now located in western Canada (as of 2017).