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  • 79402

    The comments and photo for trailer 041002 appear to have transposed themselves onto this page for grinding vehicle DR79402 for some strange reason.

  • TPB51001

    51031 was in Volker Rail in the company of a couple of fast clippers & a rail threader on the 21st.

  • TPB51001

    I understand that this machine is OOU and is a source of spares.

  • DRC 81541

    Are these pair repainted or are they still in orange Grant Rail livery?

  • TPB51001

    TPB 51001 appears to be OOU at VolkerRail Frodingham TMD. The nameplate CHARLIE appears to have been transferred to another machine which resides within Scunthorpe Steelworks - said machine appears not to carry a number of any sort, only the VR black/white colour scheme - this could be TPB 51031 but not 100% certain?

  • SPL Powerlines RR - 912371

    Yes the calculator is correct, I double checked the data panel and it definitely ends in -1 not as the calculator says -0

  • SPL Powerlines RR - 912371

    The 912371-0 is calculated by this website using the correct calculations.

    Here is the working out -

    I'm intrigued to know who calculates/prints off the data panels - so many have been "wrong" lately!

  • SPL Powerlines RR - 912371

    Data panel reads 99709 912371-1 not 912371-0 as above

  • Total Rail Solutions (TRS) RR - 910036

    The GOS conversion RRC353 is dated 2015, but the Doosan plate is dated 2014.

  • 7005

    Emerged from the shed at Ballymena under its own power this evening. Definitely serviceable if not actually in use

  • Undercutter?

    Thanks Alex.

  • Undercutter?

    The Crawler base was definitely manufactured by GOS having the logo stamped into the crawler frame and confirmed as such by staff at the time

  • Stobart Rail RR - 977012

    Although this machine went out of ticket in 2016, the old EAC dates are partially obscured by stickers stating the machine continues to be permitted on NEXUS infrastructure.

  • Undercutter?

    I had a good look over this impressive machine at Smalmstown yesterday. It is presently there pending certification and type approval, which I was told is hopefully in a few weeks time.

    It is a Ballast Undercutter and was fabricated/assembled by Stobarts themselves. Although I understand Stobarts built it at Kingstown, it appears that certain key components were manufactured by third parties specialist in such components. As well as a Perkins engine and the aforementioned GOS crawler tracks and rail wheels (although I would add there is currently nothing on the machine to indicate GOS manufacture although it appears a reasonable bet) plus radiator and air pumps carrying details of their manufacturer, the only works plate I could find related to a retractable three step ladder leading to the cab! No main builders plates appear to be carried and I was told these will be fitted on certification being completed.

    There is nothing to indicate parts have been recycled from the old Gophers and indeed although clearly non-runners and incomplete, DR76001 and DR76003 didnít appear much different to when I had previously visited in 2015.

    However I am not sure that it should be regarded as a small machine. It is substantial and as a rough estimate at least 25% longer than the current Gophers. The large crawler track set is under approximately 50% of the machine, the remainder being suspended in mid air including the large cab on the front end. Some photos will be submitted when I return South early next week.

  • Total Rail Solutions (TRS) RR - 940789

    This r/r is plated as built 2014

  • Total Rail Solutions (TRS) RR - 910036

    This r/r is plated as built 2014

  • Pacific Ace Broad Gauge Trolley M183 (No. 2053)

    Built under licence from Fairmont, USA

  • DR75406

    0936 Exeter Old Yard-Waggonersway to Par Liner Sidings

  • Crana 912439-5


  • Crana 912438-7


  • Fairmont Trolley F147

    Broad Gauge

  • Nexus Rail / Tyne & Wear Metro RR -

    This or one of the other two is reported as w/n 242499 : 99709 977042-9

  • Nexus Rail / Tyne & Wear Metro RR -

    Reported to be w/n 242230 : 99709 977041-1

  • Morgan Sindall RR - 912430

    Two new ones at Twyford this evening. This one and 912431. Leaves a gap for a mewp 009 though...

  • Crossrail / ATC (Alstom, TSO & Costain JV) RR -

    Both in the yard this evening at Westbourne Park. Other is labelled TK7.

  • Railcar C80

    Its a Bord na Mona Railcar built by Bord na Mona Blackwater Works in 1972. Similar Railcars were also built by Wickham - known to some as "Caravans"

  • Railcar C80

    what is this?

  • C55

    This trolley has really fallen apart, its roof is to the left

  • BR RR 68812 - KYH 862X

    Sorry about that, think yours and Roy's photos got confused at some point. Now fixed.

  • matisa-r7s

    It looks like a Matisa R7S Ballast Regulator, similar to the various R7 regulators found in the UK.

  • matisa-r7s

    I am trying to find out what this is

  • Crossrail / ATC (Alstom, TSO & Costain JV) RR -

    TK8 was in yard this morning unloading rail. The other was partially visible on the incline out of the tunnel portal.

  • BR RR 68812 - KYH 862X

    Think this is actually one of my photos.. clue is in the bottom left hand corner...

  • Procar Inspection Trolley DRSC 6-152 (99879 439003-4)

    Like the design.

  • Bruff C951YOR

    Hi, welcome to the website. If you look at the "vehicles in this photo" part of this page (either beside or below the photo) then you can click through to a "profile page".

    The profile page then shows information about the vehicle (current location, status, more photos, sightings, disposal details etc).

    Hope this helps!

  • BRUFF 523 C965YOR

    Incredible to see a Bruff still in existence in 2016, and still in the original livery.

  • Bruff C951YOR

    Can anyone confirm if this model is still around?

  • B445WPO

    Hi Aaron,

    Do you still own this Bruff?

  • TRS TRS945 (99709 975112 2)

    Confirmed as TRS943 - now parked on track at the West end of the new fly-under line.

  • Murphy RR - 910058

    This machine has got a new fleet no of 1562.

  • 68020

    This Trolley moved on 20th March 2018, to a private site in North Yorkshire, where it will be restored.

  • 5E/0006

    Due to the well documented issues at the BF&TRS, the Trolley moved into storage on a private site in North Wales on 10/1/18.

    It was then moved on 7/4/18, to Brownhills West on the Chasewater Railway.

    It was joined on 8/4/18 at Brownhills West by, which had previously been at a site at Hardingham, Norfolk.

    It is planned for them to be used by the P Way team on the Chasewater Railway.

  • Schweerbau - RGT

    It was on the back of a dutch wagon heading south so could well have been this one thanks for your help

  • Schweerbau - RGT

    Possibly - it was recently at Drax Power Station is could be moving elsewhere now

  • Schweerbau - RGT

    sure I've seen this today on A14 near stanstead on back of a lorry

  • Sonic Rail Services RR - 910100

    Worth mentioning that this machine has covered some significant ground on the Brighton Mainline this weekend, unusual for the South East. Having been delivered to Snow Hill AP at Patcham, Waterhall, from what I observed it has spent two days with trailers 3301/3302 either side moving power supply upgrade materials from Hassocks to various sub-stations and electrical installations. Yesterday morning, I believe it went as far north as the sub-station north of Rocky Lane overbridge south of Haywards Heath, being some 12 miles or so from where it was on tracked by my calculations.

  • RS1091

    But I just copied the other boys' homework, sir.

    To make amends I'll alter mine & everyone else's sightings of this during detention.

  • RS1091

    What Vince saw yesterday would have been RS1087, which incorrectly carries the long scrapped RS1091 number.

  • Sonic Rail Services RR - 910128

    This is the third Sonic Rail Doosan, with a fourth I understand expected around June.

    Also of interest, there is now a gap of 10 unknown RIV numbers in the 9101xx series.

  • Aquarius Railroad Technologies RR - 976054

    Looking at my Picture of today The name Jazzy can be seen above the front wheel . Could/can this be construed as fleet no. as per the other members of the Fleet (Picture uploaded only today)