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  • ** Decommissioned / Scrapped / Exported / No Rail Wheels RR - 976053

    Does anyone have any pictures of this coupled to the Permaquip trailers / wagons please? Also, any technical details of the trailers / wagons please?

  • Electrification Construction Services RR - 975131

    Post on LinkedIn shows this working up near Aberdeen last weekend.

  • SPL Powerlines RR - 917143

    This will be the new srs flatbed with crane

  • 98965

    98915 and 98965 both in railtrack blue / green but with NR branding. Didn't notice a name plate on the side I saw either, so presumably that's no longer carried.

  • Railway Plant Services RR - 940186

    All three ex TXM machines 940186, 940183 & 940189 are to be converted for Railway Plant Services of Co Antrim.

  • 99709 908021-7

    Now on duties at Crainlarich

  • Railway Plant Services RR - 940186

    940186-8 is at Cwmbran Fitzgerald Plant and is being converted to Irish gauge of 5'3" gauge

  • Rexquote RR - 911236

    This is a hire machine owned by Rexquote

  • Rexquote RR - 911235

    This is a hire machine owned by Rexquote

  • Preserved Atlas #241Z301504

    Had a repaint and now correctly handed 1404

  • Network Rail RR - 917090

    After a lengthy enquiry, it has been confirmed this was the vehicle present on Saturday 26th October..

  • Network Rail RR - 976088

    Photo at Portobello I've seen today suggests there is an Iveco (welders body) and unimog based here - but we don't often get reports here.

    Now that the old OHLM coaches have finally moved they may be visible from passing trains.

  • Dixon Bros RR - 940050

    As it happens I was looking for something else, but chanced upon this at its new home at Roosendaal on Google maps:,4.473469,3a,15y,30.99h,89.9t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1ss31Ac1p_wzqLlXV4F9GW6g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en

  • 99.70.9358.003-0

    All of these latest wagons are now listed. Assume all still at Dollands Moor...?

  • Balfour Beatty Rail Services RR - 978009

    Told today that this has been bought along with a sister unit to join the Reàdypower fleet

  • Kirow KRC250 Multi-Tasker - 99709 319002-0

    Delivered about two and a half years late?

    See also........

  • SPL Powerlines RR - 917143

    Only managed to view truck from the road ,definitely a Volvo truck and same cab as on 917142.

  • SPL Powerlines RR - 917143

    Is there any more info available about this, other than "lorry"? Guess it's a Volvo based on recent sighting??

  • SPL Powerlines RR - 917143

    The network rail no is


  • 99 70 9319 015-2

    Are these for LUL or Cross rail?

  • 99 70 9319 015-2

    So it appears both cranes are in the consist at Dollands Moor - numbered 319014 and 319015. Also 8 wagons which will be fully listed tomorrow.

  • 75010

    I'm told this has also arrived at Dollands Moor. Thanks to Steve

  • 99 70 9319 015-2

    We have the following "unknown" Kirow wagons listed, one of which was on display with the crane at IAF Messe 2017, so would be a safe bet to assume that they're at least two for TransPlant

    99709 358001

    99709 358002

    On arrival it may be worth re-checking the numbering of the cranes - see earlier comments about MPV wagons with the same number!

  • 99 70 9319 015-2

    Looks like this move was cancelled so presumably still sat at Dollands Moor somewhere.

    Of interest is that there also appears to be a "rake" of point carrier wagons with it. We don't have these listed so any more details appreciated.

  • Network Rail (99709 016077 8)

    Seems very strange that we have 2 pictures of this units posted on consecutive days on in Todays Pictures.

    Sightings Taken 18 Sept & 3rd Oct

    Only 48 days Between Pictures How MUCH HAS CHANGED BETWEEN THAT TIME???

  • 99 70 9319 015-2

    Looks like this may finally be arriving in London early tomorrow morning from Dollands Moor

    Thanks to various for the heads up...

  • 965241

    Now at Crewe Gresty Bridge with 965296

  • Unnumbered foreign import

    Any information on the identification of this vehicle would be greatly appreciated

  • Quattro Plant (inc AB2000) RR - 912343

    Carries check digit -5 on at least one side.

  • ST/04/01

    On asking about where this trolley is yesterday, I was informed it had left the site be refurbished including having a reverse gear fitted but the person I spoke to did not know where.

  • 98926

    Wonder if the yellow & orange ones are also no longer

  • 98926

    May be the pink has gone because of the Southwest trains logo? Was it still carrying the name or has that gone also?

  • 98926

    So I've just seen this unit in Reading but it wasn't in the pink livery - reverted back to old Railtrack livery. Guessing the pink was a vinyl that has now been removed? Definitely 98926/76. Perhaps old news?!

  • 970213

    This has just moved to Shed47 Railway Restoration Group near Dunfermline for restoration.

  • SES Rail RR - 976048

    Pictured this at Shettleston on 30th Oct

    The roof bracket/slides were in place with a trailer strapped on.

    There was another trailer strapped onto the rear door

    Trailers were

    Top 009366 4

    Rear 009267 2

    Picture previously uploaded to site on 11 Nov.

    Significance of this not noted

  • L&W RRT42 (99709 011750 5)

    Looks as though, for those old enough, that it could go into either a Dinky Toy or Triang Railway Box

  • QTS Group RR - 975050

    Still showing as insured under the old registration SA52 UGS

  • SES Rail RR - 976048

    I would guess that the carrying mechanism is akin to the slide out drop down ladder racks that builders have on their van roofs, but modified with a hydraulic actuator.

  • SES Rail RR - 976048

    A post on social media by SES yesterday mentions that this has been adapted to carry a couple of Load Tray trailers, one on the roof, the second on the rear. What may be a first however, is that to avoid manual handling it is accompanied by a portable hydraulic lift to raise or lower the trailers.

  • Total Rail Solutions (TRS) RR - 911121

    For the record, a Youtube video shows this machine has recently been carrying SES branding, whilst retaining it's TRS fleetnumber, being used on a flood alleviation/drainage project at Fulwell undertaken by SES. I am advised it was back in TRS branding as of yesterday however.

  • Readypower Rail Services RR - 940900

    Jim, I apologise if I have misunderstood your earlier comment, but my immediate thought is that this may be a second hand "base" machine which has been converted for rail use after an earlier career in civils work. The build number would also support this, commencing "069XX" whereas other recently delivered machines seem to commence "075XX".

    Whilst this wouldn't be the first such example, a number of L & W Contractors PW160s having been sourced secondhand (quite a number from HE Services) prior to conversion by Rexquote, it's a little surprising as I had believed most Liebherr models were purpose built for rail, rather than converted. I stand to be corrected on this however.

  • Readypower Rail Services RR - 940900

    Looking back on yesterdays photo noticed that the Chassis Build was 2014

    The upper part would be for 2019

    What is then the Correct build year????

    Quite a gap

    Should it be 2014 year of Chassis or top part 2019

  • QTS Group RR - 975050

    No sightings of this for some years now - assume sold on?

  • 73908

    Good old former AMEC Colours those where the days

  • Readypower Rail Services RR - 940900

    Have Tried to update some details as follows for this

    Owner:- Readypower

    Conversion:- Leibherr

    Year:- 2019

    For some reason wont allow me to update

  • 73108

    Working in Turkey

  • 73805


    New neutral colour for new owners abroad, will be leaving the UK soon.

  • 73108

    Where did this one end up going last year?

  • 73805

    Interestingly it is now in all-over yellow livery!

  • 73805

    Moved to Long Marston today, for further storage?