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  • York Area Group RR -

    No use to anyone else or is it beyond repair?

  • Road Rail Cranes RR - 910089

    It was confirmed today that Quattro have bought some of the assets from RRC. All those noted at Quattro Cwmbran today have been acquired, and it is thought another two MEWPs are in the deal but not confirmed.

  • York Area Group RR -

    Just uploaded 2 photos of this UNIMOG.

    They may be the last taken as this machine is due to depart to the scrap man anytime soon.

    Too much needed to be done and its purpose taken over by the purchase of 73307 last year.

  • Quattro Plant RR - 910058

    Just for clarification - this has actually become 1203.

  • Murphy RR - 910076

    So now we have two different machines carrying 910058! Suspect this one should be 910076. I've added a note to explain but hopefully this will soon get corrected.

  • Holyrail RR - 912187

    Still 197 today on the side I noted.


  • Murphy RR - 910076

    Murphy P1562 was numbered 910058-5 when seen at Copy Pit AP today

  • 98600

    Apparently the remains were dispatched for scrap in 2011, per an IRS visit which unfortunately i was unable to attend

  • Road Rail Cranes RR - 912332

    The date on the builders plate is 2017

  • Road Rail Cranes RR - 910099

    The date on the builders plate is 2016

  • M44/085

    This Trolley has recently been found on another NR site. NR have been informed and are investigating internally.

  • DE960236

    This Wickham moved to Rocks by Rails today.

  • Network Rail RR - 917089

    917089-3 serial number is N38-7161 built 2013

  • Network Rail RR - 917063

    917063-8 serial number is N38-7026 built 2013

  • Network Rail RR - 917141

    This lorry is rumoured to be going back to Sweden for possible modifications.

  • TRAC Engineering Ltd RR - 912326

    We were told yesterday that TRAC have bought the large building next door to their yard at Chesterfield, and much of their fleet will probably be moved there in the short term. It also has a large yard.

  • Network Rail RR - 919037

    The WTC 01 / 02 plates on the two vehicles at Walsall NR Training Centre are carried front and rear where the road registration plates used to be, so are presumably to be kept off road for training purposes.

  • TRE015

    Interesting find by Roy today. Two parts - larger section has 909025 on it.

  • 92509

    This was converted from KHA wagon 33 70 4746 126-0. It has subsequently been converted to Ballast Feeder Wagon 99 70 9552 020-8

  • AB 2000 RR - 940045

    Definitely sold on

    No longer part of AB2000/Quattro fleet

  • 906010-2

    I've since been told it was sold on but not sure where yet...

  • Road Rail Cranes RR - 910099

    It appears to be branded Gigacrane on the rear but photo I have seen shows it with long boom arm. Odd.

  • Readypower Rail Services RR - 940881

    FR 682 Fleet No.

  • Network Rail RR - 917036

    917036-4 serial number is N38-6137 built 2013

  • Road Rail Cranes RR - 910099

    This was on a low loader today being prepared for departure along with MEWP trailer 009243-5. This is a Gigacrane not a Gigarailer

  • 76711

    This was reported as moving from Westbury to Bescot today. I wonder where it is off to?

  • 75008

    Interesting the number allocated to this new one. Photo in recent Rail Infrastructure magazine suggests it should be here soon...

  • Quattro Plant RR - 910077

    This machine now acquired by Quattro.

  • Quattro Plant RR - 910058

    We checked this machine today at Quattro Brownhills.

    RIV & Build numbers are correct and it's new Quattro fleet number is 1202

  • Quattro Plant RR - 910058

    A "910058" has recently been acquired by Quattro from Finning. Question is, which 910058?!

  • 906010-2

    So I think we established this photo was taken at a secure storage location not far from Sutton Courtenay. The old Amey depot is now completely flattened - drove past there earlier today. Explains the fastclippers appearing at Membury and this one being relocated.

  • 73405

    Recently advertised as for sale by Foxfield.

  • 77903

    Not sure what side Cristoff saw back in 2017. The side I saw today didnít have a name attached.

  • 73111

    Saw this at Tuxford today, it looks to have had it name removed.

  • Network Rail RR - 976024

    Definitely Decommissioned

    Rail Wheels Removed

    Has been given at least 1 new lease of life as an "Internal User"

    To be used at Shettleston, Cowlairs & Motherwell at least

    1) As Snow and Ice Buster in Winter Time. To keep the yards clear and safe.

    Mini Snow Plough Fitted on front & de-icer equipment on the rear

    2) Veggie Buster in Summer to keep the weeds and undergrowth at bay.

    Could go on for many years as only got about 50k miles on the clock.

    Nought considering her age.

    Told runs very sweetly

  • 97703

    I have found a photo taken within the cab of 97703 of a small plaque

    "BF no. 1304"

    Could this be the Moyse build number? It certainly is in the right ball-park - some Moyse locos built a few years later are 1364/1365...

  • PWM3762

    Restoration not far from completion.

  • Network Rail RR - 919038

    Now carries VIN plate WTC02

  • Network Rail RR - 919037

    Now carries VIN plate WTC01

  • 979506

    There are/were some LWRT wagons in a siding (and off track) adjacent to the Freightliner area of York Yard.

    York Klondyke yard is undergoing re-modelling, whilst Holgate works is cut off* (maybe one accessible line) from the rail network whilst the recently re-acquired '5 Acres' site is developed as part of the Holgate Works site. The North End traverser has been removed (so no access to some of the site), the South End traverser is in situ and looks to have seen recent refurbishment. Only the CD501 and one wagon were visible from all vantage points on 30/12/2018. Klondyke yard had a stock of De-icing wagons and engineering box wagons. The old wagons formerly located there have gone, at least some of which have been documented as scrapped.

  • Holyrail RR - 912187

    It was still carrying 912197-0 on 20/11/18 when noted at STJ.

  • 979094

    This I believe has been converted to a De-icer Wagon in the range 99 70 9594 15-8 to 99 70 9594 021-6

  • 979401

    Elsewhere on the website I see that 99 70 9594 013-3 has been seen regularly at Tonbridge since early 2015 suggesting that the conversion has now been completed.

  • 979506

    Clearly this is no longer present in York Klondyke Sidings so what has become of it? It has either been secreted away in Holgate Works, moved elsewhere or scrapped, Anyone know which?

  • Holyrail RR - 912190

    Peter picture dated 15 November 2018 clearly showing as 912190- 5

    Certainly on 1 side. Looking from front on the left Non working side

  • Holyrail RR - 912190

    The most recent picture I have seen of this machine shows it carrying 99709912190-5, as was the case in 2016, which of course is the wrong check digit. Can anyone who has seen it subsequently say whether or not the correct number is now carried?

  • L&W Contractors RR - 910040

    The most recent picture I have seen of this machine was taken in November 2017 when it was still carrying the incorrect number 99709 910040-0. Can any one who has seen it subsequently say whether this has been corrected?

  • Holyrail RR - 912187

    Can anyone who has seen this machine since Roger on 24th August 2018 say whether it still carries the incorrect 99709 912197-0 number or whether it has been corrected?

  • 93358

    Looking at my pics, I know 93347 and 93357 are two of the Clayton vehicles. These were completed by August 2017. There was 5 in a rake, but they were hauled away before I could ID any more. I can provide a link to my pic of 93357 - but it's not brilliantly visible due to the sheer amount of fencing.

  • TRAC Engineering Ltd RR - 912413

    Carries SV408 On the Boom