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  • TXM RT126 (99709 016178 4) + RT151 (99709 016158 6)

    Yes and in the case of RT151 it's second RIV renumbering!

  • TXM RT126 (99709 016178 4) + RT151 (99709 016158 6)

    Odd to see that these have been numbered in the 016xxx "modular trailer" series

  • 73948

    DR73948 shunting around Rugby depot

  • 73432


    What a small world, at the NYMR we have just got a new volunteer, he was the one that was blown out of the cab on that day with 73432!


  • 73250

    I just added a comment on that youtube video.

    Any old 07 maintenance staff wanting to guess on the reason why the LH engine and gearbox doors are wide open on that video?

  • Quattro Plant (inc AB2000) RR - 940358

    Paul its 431 at Westbourne Park not this one

  • Track Relaying Machines Available From Track Engineering Ltd

    Understand one of these was moved by Allelys today to Chinnor but not sure which yet...

  • Network Rail RR - 917058

    Looks like the Stafford sighting is a bit suspicious here given it has been seen in Peterborough on the days either side?!

  • Carra Plant Hire RR - 940103

    This one has been found in Ireland. We'll update details shortly.

  • 79221

    Oops 😳

  • 79221

    Worked back to Tonbridge yard last night, so not leaving us just yet!

  • Rail Trolley Trust display at Chasewater Gala - 25 & 26 May 2019

    We are actively looking for volunteers to join the Trust. Please get in contact, if you are interested.

  • LRGM -1-6-LS035-2 of 2012

    Luddeneit und Scherf GmbH Rail Maintenance Technologies

  • M44/103

    Thanks Dennis for re-checking.

  • M44/103

    Went back to Hitchin today to check ID.

    It wasn't 153 but 901155. I obviously mistook the 5 for a 3. Got closer this time and a pic of the number to make sure. Have updated records. This ties up with 152. Both were last recorded at Derby in 2012.

    The trailer recorded for the first time also still there

    and number checked.

    Apologies for my poor eyesight. Chemo makes them a bit hazy.

  • 81613

    Confirm 81611 as 2nd crane , re railed side tipper set now moved to down sidings at Wellingborough.

  • 81613

    This and a Balfour Beatty crane (81611?) have been recovering derailed wagons at Wellingborough today.

  • Future Welding RR - 970045

    Anyone know what happened to this one please?

  • Avondale RR - 979096

    The Avondale fleet doesn't seem to see much use these days?

  • ** Decommissioned / Scrapped / Exported / No Rail Wheels RR -

    Found a post from 2017 suggesting this one also survives but without rail gear. Still showing the old BB fleet number and road plates. Again I am trying to get more details...

  • ** Decommissioned / Scrapped / Exported / No Rail Wheels RR -

    This one has also popped up recently - stored in a shed for years. Raynesway branding still present but no rail gear.

  • ** Decommissioned / Scrapped / Exported / No Rail Wheels RR -

    There's a photo of this on Facebook in 2016 still with rail gear. It appears it was bought with the rail gear removed but it was then refitted and exhibited at a show of some sort. I'm trying to establish more if possible...

  • SPL Powerlines RR - 917142

    Currently carries road registration plate XHG 29N

  • Network Rail 99709 919038 0 + 99709 919037 2

    Yes that is correct. They have been cosmetically restored for training purposes only

  • Network Rail 99709 919038 0 + 99709 919037 2

    I assume these new plates suggest these two will now stay here for training only?

  • TVS1

    No its not - went there last year and it had gone

  • TVS1

    A look at the area on Google maps suggests not, but it depends when the satellite photo was taken of course.

  • TVS1

    We wondered what had become of this oddity... is it still there?!

  • 100

    When I visited on 27th July last year, I saw the whole railway including getting into the shed. It was not seen so I'd say it's not there.

  • 100

    Does anyone know if this oddity is still at the Epping Ongar Railway?

    There were regular reports but nothing since 2015...

  • Luddeneit und Scherf grinder LS32-1 LRGM-1-6-LS016

    Luddeneit und Scherf GmbH

  • Luddeneit und Scherf grinder LS33 (G9627 003)

    Luddeneit und Scherf GmbH

  • Luddeneit Rail Grinder LS33, LS32 & LS35-2

    Luddeneit und Scherf GmbH

  • 79221

    Today DR79221-DR79226 moved from storage at Eastleigh Works to Dollands Moor, presumably for a trip home through the tunnel?...

  • 73432

    Interesting reading but beginning to sound like a "Cold Case RAIB Investigation"

  • 73432

    Yes you got it in one,

  • 73432

    Well confused here with the name CC, could be one of two.

    Did you also operate the Canron and later the 09's? If yes, then think I know, also maybe linked to the fire service.....

    Interesting the comment on the "Quad Lights" this was a cheaper and simpler version to the laser lining system.

    A trolley set ahead of the machine, a projector light under the tower cab beaming forward, this was received by a receiver on the trolley set ahead of the machine with headlights to reflect back to the operator in the tower which way to use the lining front wire offset joystick.

  • 73432

    I was an operator in York squadron.

    He main track of this story is that if the door in the front cab had not been open there would have been two deaths.

    One of the crew had just stopped smoking and one was a chain smoker so he was told to get out.

    But the hydro pipe was split about ten mins before as the look out man said he though it was raining.

    We were using the quad-light at the time.

    The cab was a bit full of people and when everybody got out

    One climbed out one jumped out and one got blown out.


    My name is C.C.

  • 73432

    Oh, you are going to give me a clue to your ID!

    I think it was BT who told me the sorry.

    Sounds correct though, as it was a 32 tool machine, the front of the engine had an extra triple hydraulic pump, the pressure hoses for this pump ran through the top RH of the base of the engine bay, later modified to run through under the base of the engine bay due to this fire.

    Roger may remember better about the post mod hydraulic hose re-routing....

  • M44/103

    Yes I questioned myself when entering but at the time I noted that 152 & 153 were parked together both very clean and newish looking. I made mental note to check next time I pass or until someone proves me wrong at Hargreaves.

  • M44/103

    Was this definitely at Hitchin yesterday Dennis? It was only at AJH a few days ago? Interesting to see a few other bits here that haven't been noted for a while (or at all in some cases.)

  • 73432

    I was that soldier.

    I was operating 73432 when the engine diopped and a big flame came out of the exorst.

    A pipe had split inside the engine compartment and sprayed hidro fluid onto the manifold.

    When I saw the flames I abandoned ship and went to the front where all the others were standing .

    By the way some tests were done in York shops after the fire and they estimated the fire travelled at 21ft per second.

    The fire brigade where called but the fire burnt out as they could not get to us as they had gone axle deep in a field.

    Yes I did go and get my bait but the fire had gone over the front of the machine and the back was OK

  • SRS Rail System RR - 917085

    Great stuff Roger! Thanks for confirming...I would be inclined to say all of the logged sightings of 917085 over the last 2 - 3 years at Bolsover are not of this vehicle, but are instead the unregistered 'E74 EFJ' imposter.

    There is a recent sighting of the vehicle at Plumstead, that, I would say is the actual 917085..

  • 73432

    So here is a story...

    Many years ago, 73432 set on fire while working, was quite a fireball I was told.

    The Operators gave up with the portable extinguishers, managed to contact a signalman who arranged for the fire brigade to attend.

    The operators then retreated up a high embankment to a position of safety and sat on the ground watching the machine burn furiously as they could do no more.

    One operator then proceeded to open up his sarnie box and flask and commenced enjoying his dinner while the flames engulfed the machine in view in the near distance.

    The other operator, after observing his college eating his pack-up, suddenly realized he had left his pack-up on the machine that was now very well burning, and he quickly vocally expressed his concern with engineering language!

    This operator then very quickly scuttled back down the embankment, back across the tracks, entered the rear cab through the smoke of what was now an inferno,.

    His mission was to retrieve his pack-up, which was successful, then after scuttling back up the embankment to enjoy his dinner, sitting along with his college while the inferno continued and waiting for the fire brigade....

  • SRS Rail System RR - 917085

    On a visit to Bolsover yesterday (1st May), I checked the vehicle carrying ' E74 EFJ ' and the builders number is 413727. Our guide told us that the real E74 EFJ / 917085 is at Plumstead, and the one in the yard has no documentation at the moment, so it can't be registered. At present I don't know the builders number of 917085.

  • 75503

    Yes, named after a member of Volker staff who has been with the company over 40 years.

  • M44/143

    Confirmed this evening M44/143 is 99709 901193-1

    in Truro yard.

  • 75503

    This new tamper has been undergoing tests in Switzerland and is currently heading to the UK - should be here soon.

    It carries a slightly revised version of VolkerRail's livery and appears to be named.

  • Matisa tamper #48555

    Interesting, thanks. I must've took the info from this site when naming my photos - shall make corrections to my photos.

  • 68050

    Hi Jonathan, if you're able to upload recent photos of the refurbished trolleys I'll do a news article publicising the gala...