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  • Network Rail 8 / ATMW766 (99709 910033 8)

    I'm assuming, rightly or wrongly, that these machines will have fairly low hours against them.

    Removal of the mini power station on the rear could mean an easy/ier conversion to a more conventional machine eg Excavator etc. Maybe a small way to recouping some of the initial expenditure.

    Hopefully someone at NR Will see sense here

  • Network Rail 8 / ATMW766 (99709 910033 8)

    I'm not sure we'll see a return to pots and powder just yet. I think the main reason NR are ending in-house flash-butt welding is that it's just too expensive, so outsourcing may be cheaper. We may even see a contractor acquiring some/all of these 10 machines...

  • Network Rail RR - 917096

    I'm told all stored at a private site. Another fine investment!

  • Network Rail 8 / ATMW766 (99709 910033 8)

    Gosh! When we were being shown round York Holgate depot on 6/6/13 (IRS visit) these were said to be the "in-thing" that were going to cut possession times where joints needed welding. There's half a power station in that big box on the back of them! Of course, I exaggerate but I'm sure the power output was described in terms of fractions of a megawatt. Back to a pot of aluminum powder and rust (iron oxide) to be set on fire then? Maybe the traditional solutions can't be bettered.

  • VolkerRail RR - 940011

    This machine stars in this video:

  • 18 Torrent TS MEWPs

    Upgrade to at least £4m Flash Butt Welder values at £1.5 each

  • Network Rail 8 / ATMW766 (99709 910033 8)

    After having completed a job in the Aberdeen area seen being readied for transpiration back to York.

    Word is it will never be back up here in Scotland as it will be joining the rest of her"Redundant" Sisters.

    @ £1.5m each and 10 of them a cool £15m of kit OOU ?.

  • AB 2000 RR - 940045

    Possibly heading to Strathspey Railway for keeps

  • 979503

    This vehicle, plus accompanying rake had a rare outing in daylight (and social) hours through Sussex this morning, passing Burgess Hill slightly early at 10:20 to and tailed by 66592 and 66519. What is also notable is that the inbound working of this train last night terminated at Bognor Regis Platform 3, a station (plus branch) which generally sees nothing other than Southern class 313 and 377s, plus MPV's in Autumn and Winter months.

  • Network Rail RR - 917096

    Does anyone know what has happened to the ' Rail Whale ' vehicles, as some have not been seen for nearly 18 months. Is the project another ' white elephant ' or should I say

    ' white whale ' ?

  • 2831

    Seen going North on the M1 near Mansfield on 16th December 2018.

  • 18 Torrent TS MEWPs

    Not far short of £3m if you include the NR Flash Butt Welder at the end of the line.

    Think the MEWPs are in region of £150K each

  • 18 Torrent TS MEWPs

    How much money is represented in this picture?

  • McCulloch TRT 06 & 03

    What are those clock-like stickers?

  • 18 Torrent TS MEWPs

    A new record line up photo?!

  • Balfour Beatty TIPH 93358

    I guess two more questions arise here:

    1) Who built the modules pictured here (GOS perhaps - there's a van in the photo)?

    2) Does anyone know the numbers of the Clayton vehicles?

  • 93346

    6M50 Westbury - Bescot

  • 979510

    6M50 Scunthorpe - Eastleigh Yard

  • McCulloch TRT 06 & 03

    No.6 now back to health with lots of extra stickers

  • DE900572

    For further reading I can recommend 'Railway Snowploughs in the North East' by David and Claire Williamson.

  • DE900572

    900572 is ex NER Number 18

    900577 is ex NER 23

    18 was withdrawn from Gateshead in 1973 while 23 lasted a year longer and was withdrawn at Healey Mills and scrapped in 1974.

    That means that there are 3 ex NER Snowploughs surviving.

    12 at Locomotion Shildon

    18 at the NYMR normally at Newbridge yard.

    20 at Beamish last seen by me in the reserve collection store.

  • Complete Drain Clearance RR - 979014

    Postings on Social Media suggest this was stolen from the Immingham area sometime between 6th and 8th December and has not yet been recovered.

  • DE900572

    Hi Bryan

    I seem to have missed your earlier comment. The other plough in 'Snowdrift at Bleath Gill' is 900577 (Darlington)

    Better late than never.

    Jon Horswell

  • Fitzgerald Plant Services RR - 979062

    Thanks for speedy reply .

  • Fitzgerald Plant Services RR - 979062

    It is a flat bed, as per Rail Live 2017, and is fitted with a tow bar for pulling / propelling TIPH 93358 up and down the track at the P & B railway.

  • Balfour Beatty TIPH 93358

    Presumably itís part of (or works with?) the train supplied by Clayton?

    (this whole project has slipped by me)

  • DR 75404

    1G30 1004 Sleaford Tamper Siding - Cricklewood Depot

  • Balfour Beatty TIPH 93358

    It's to form part of a train to re-wire / install wires in the channel tunnel (not the OHLE if I understood correctly). 8 vehicles are to be used. 2 rakes of 3 with a couple of spares.

  • Fitzgerald Plant Services RR - 979062


    When you saw this last was it a flat bed, as per Rail Live, or was it reinstated to the condition as when it arrived from Babcock Rail.

    Ie with platform and pantograph

  • Balfour Beatty TIPH 93358

    What does it do? Doesnít look like a MEWP to me.

  • Zagro Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3240 - MZ SW 500 #8460006

    Now corrected

  • Zagro Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3240 - MZ SW 500 #8460006

    It certainly is an Arocs. I was obviously Unimogged out when I entered it on the site and didn't look too closely at my own photo.

    Thanks for correction.

  • Zagro Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3240 - MZ SW 500 #8460006

    I believe this Zagro conversion is in fact a Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3240 lorry and not a Unimog.

  • Network Rail RR - 917037

    Serial number is N38-6222

  • PC023

    From a recent post on a Somerset and Dorset Railway Group on Facebook, it appears that this machine is now at Shillingstone.

  • Network Rail RR - 910033

    Rumoured to be on hire to Babcock Rail

  • 73922

    Much smarter. Never liked the 'hard hat' emblem.

  • 73922

    Note the new Colas Logo, she looks ex-works

  • Total Rail Solutions (TRS) RR - 940719

    At Patchway on December 3rd, now repainted but no company names carried. Was carrying 940719-6 and fleet number TRS719 though.

  • Network Rail RR - 917044

    917044-8 serial number is N38-6483

  • NI 11

    Should be retitled MPV rather than sandite vehicle as it is not just used for sandite

  • 81601

    As far as Messrs. Kirow are concerned it is a crane. What the owners use it for depends on need, and lifting tackle.

    There are some fine scenes of one in use in Germany:

    which show what they are capable of.

  • 81601

    The recent ( Sept 12th) Whitacre Junction (Nuneaton) container train derailment saw one of these cranes in use for recovery work, performing a Ďtandemí lift with a similar Colas operated crane

  • 81601

    It is not a break down crane. It is used in engineering possessions to lift, predominantly, track panels and points. 6M78 is the daily Train from Doncaster to Toton that is used to move engineering wagons around the network. So this is not unusual. Although itís lifting capacity does mean it could be used to rerail stock in a derailment. I do believe either it or one of its sisters has been used to clear up accidents sites in the past.

  • 81601

    30/11/18 Observed in a move from Doncaster to Toton Yard in the consist of a track laying train (6M78)

    Rather unusual for a BREAKDOWN crane to be loaded into a track train though note is wasn't a LWRT

    Anyone seen this before

  • Network Rail RR - 917044

    917044-8 has registration number GN64RZA

  • AB 2000 RR - 970095

    Fleet no. Confirmed as LRR945

  • Mystery Bance Trolley

    I don't know. The facts already mentioned were all that Bance would tell me.

  • Mystery Bance Trolley

    Was it part of the Severn Tunnel emergency fleet?

  • Mystery Bance Trolley

    I think I may finally have the answer to which machine this was. Checking up on what Bance trollies were battery powered, and which operators ran them, the only trolley that appears to fit the bill was 082/00 (083/00 - 085/00 were motor fitted). I was also told after making enquiries that the fluorescent tape was added for use by the Avon Fire Brigade in tunnels. Any thoughts by other correspondents ?