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  • Bruff Road Rail Flail Unit OYH 310Y

    That's One of the 3 I used operate back in the day .as was then Southern Region now Wessex Area .

    Trained at the old Cement Works Shoreham ,By Dick Whittington & Mick O'Flynn .

  • ** Preserved Vehicles RR -

    Thanks Kevin. Yes if you search here for "TW10" then those three machines will appear - with some old photos, which may be of nostalgic interest!

  • ** Preserved Vehicles RR -

    good t see one again ,I used to drive the TW-10 Version Flail on a Y' Plate .

    When they were first introduced we had 3 machines which moved around regions every 3months .

    After a while it was changed then we had it permanent I worked out of Eastleigh. And covered a large area from Waterloo right down the west country .

    Sometimes crossing over with Dingles who had Tractors plus a Lorry mounted Flail (Lamborghini )Engine.

  • ** Preserved Vehicles RR - 976014

    This was located this afternoon in the car park at Norchard on the Dean Forest Railway. It was parked between volunteers cars in a line of vehicles and therefore I suspect may be used as a run around by it's new owner.

  • PPT 274

    Noted today in the stores compound still to be assembled and covered by blue sheeting next to trolleys 011517-8 & 011610-1.

  • 23815

    This crane was scrapped in 2018.

  • 054/98

    The Rail Trolley Trust has recently purchased this Trolley. It will leave the Foxfield Railway in the near future and move to a private site for assessment.

  • Network Rail Jezebel VX56JNZ (99709 976001 6)

    This is at Eastleigh with a quarantine notice in the windscreen.

  • AD9119

    Quite a few photos of this looking much smarter on the website listing for "Sprat and Winkle", Horsebridge, Hampshire. Now carries green livery all over.

  • Road Rail Cranes RR - 919094

    When I saw this on 15/08/2019 is was carrying VRN DK11NFD, which is off 919095-8. If anyone sees the latter can they please note what VRN it is carrying please?

  • M44/075

    Should this sighting at AJH today be 901215?

  • PPT 274

    I'm Thinking that this best be moved over to Discussion rather than Comments as it could lead to a lot of comments under the 1 Number. The whole thing is rather a Gray Area At The Moment

  • M44/135

    Trolley at Churston depot after being brought from Network Rail

  • M44/135

    This trolley was sold the the Dartmouth Steam Railway on the 10th October and moved down to Devon.

  • PPT 274

    Found out today there had been another 3 locked away in a container

    Total for Scottish Region to total 26

    So another 22 still to arrive

  • PPT 274

    I completely understand your points about mixing parts up and the problems it could cause with listing/reporting on the site!

    It will be interesting to see if these trolleys get assigned EVN numbers; and if the same number is carried by all parts of the machine (similar-ish to the three-part Permaquip trailers?). That'll make things a bit easier listing-wise if so! (It won't 100% gaurantee avoidance of part mix ups though!)

    So, for now I think I'm going to not list any more of these, until they start carrying EVN numbers.

    (All this also makes me wonder what other numbers we've missed on the 3 already listed on the website)

  • PPT 274

    There was 1 of these units at The Shettleston Small Tools Day Yesterday.

    What I am led to believe is that these units are designed to be for quick and simple access.

    They can be delivered in a VAN to an AP & assembled very quickly

    There are very few components i.e. as Follows

    2 ends:- 1 Has the motorised Wheels

    It also takes the "Hang on" Power Unit

    no 2 has the holders for the Gas Bottles

    There are 4 no Aluminium Longitudinal Sections These Are connect to the 2 outer ends by 2 screws at each end so only 8 screws completes the assembly apart from hanging the power unit onto the end & connecting electrical connections.

    So very transportable and easy to assemble.

    Problem is Numbering Wise:-

    Each section Had labels attached, including the longitudinal aluminium sections. These had a Model No. PPT-1 & Serial no

    Noted as 276, 277 & 278

    This would mean at Least 7 numbers

    It would look like the Main number to note would be the PPT No.

    This Numbering system could cause a major problem to the site in the future if some of these components get swapped about, say in the back of a van and not put in the correct stack after a cold December night shift

    You maybe Get

    EG:- PPT-7 on 1 Longitudinal insert but the rest could be PPT-4 (Say)

    Word is that NR Scotland are looking at 20 of these.

    I Would say as units these would be very useful to the Rail Industry but for us on OTP could become a nightmare unit wise

    Happy Hunting

    But Be Very Careful

    Check Both Ends & the Drive Unit

  • 73924

    The nameplate on this machine was designated* by the Railway Heritage Committee, so does anyone know what happened to it after removal in 2012/2013?

    (*think that means "to be saved for the museum")

  • PPT 274

    So it transpires these actually carry two serial number plates on each vehicle. One on the base and one on the upper motor part. Quite why is another matter but a bit of a headache for how we list them here. I presume they would never be separated. Anyone know how many have been made or ordered?

  • Murphy RR - 912470

    This machine will have the fleet number RAL 000003 !!

  • Murphy RR - 912469

    This machine will have the fleet number RAL 000002 !!

  • TXM Plant RR - 940189

    This machine is marked as ' sold ' at Ashton in Makerfield.

  • TXM Plant RR - 940292

    This machine is marked ' asset for sale ' at Ashton in Makerfield.

  • TXM Plant RR - 940284

    This machine is marked ' asset for sale ' at Ashton in Makerfield.

  • 424

    This machine is marked as ' asset for sale ' at Ashton in Makerfield.

  • 30001

    Good stuff! Should be heading past on the 26th will be keeping my eye out for it..

  • 30001

    Told this is parked in the yard today and very visible from passing trains

  • 73405

    Left Foxfield on 6th September 2019.

  • 73405

    Has it been sold?

    Photo on the Churnet Valley shows it being run up.

    When did it move there?

  • DR 80301

    Back on the Road In Siding

    Doesn't look Too Much The Worse for Ware after its trip into the Dirt

  • TXM Plant RR - 940183

    This r/r is dumped at bottom of yard at TXM Avonmouth 2/10/2019. ID from serial number carried CGG0232129 built 2001

  • DR 80301

    Points moved/split and the machine ended up spread over 2 roads

  • DR 80301

    Ended up as an of track machine on 1st October in Rutherglen OTP Yard.

    May have ended up on its side if it hadn't been coupled to 80303

    Crane called in to re-rail it

  • ** Preserved Vehicles RR -

    Reported as preserved at East Lancs Railway by 9/2019

  • RV100

    There is another machine which looks identical to this, carrying fleet number MM2, seen in July whilst viewing Portlaoise yard.

  • 716

    At least it is indoors and undercover.

  • On-Line On-Track Drainage / SuperRod RR - 979037

    Glad that's all sorted. Now hopefully everyone who has seen these two vehicles recently can correct their sightings?...

  • On-Line On-Track Drainage / SuperRod RR - 979037

    I believe it has been confirmed that M21VAC does carry incorrect 979037 but this will shortly be corrected. Thanks to various people for sorting this out!

  • 68056

    Located wareham side of crossing in yard

  • PC023

    Had another paint job

  • On-Line On-Track Drainage / SuperRod RR - 979037

    Looking at various photos I think it looks like M21VAC (tank) also has 979037 7 on at least one side... M21JET (box) definitely also carries 979037 7. Hopefully they don't both have 979036 and 979037 on different sides!

    M21JET carried 979037 at Rail Live but the other had neither road plates or RIV at that time.

  • On-Line On-Track Drainage / SuperRod RR - 979037

    This should be M21 JET , As this is the jetter

    M21 VAC is the other, as that is the vactor

  • On-Line On-Track Drainage / SuperRod RR - 979037

    Thanks Roger. It maybe that both Mogs are carrying the same RIV. Which body was the one at Elmec carrying? The tank or the box shape?

  • 716

    Still carrying number 416A on at least one side

  • On-Line On-Track Drainage / SuperRod RR - 979037

    I didn,t take a photo of the OLOTD Unimog yesterday. But it was definitely carrying 979037-7 and registered M21VAC. I checked with Chris on our last visit on 4/9, and it was M21VAC then as well.

  • Railway Plant Services RR -

    Identified by serial # BK1796 as currently carrying no NI RIV number or RPS fleet number

  • - Ireland - Preserved RR -

    Exported during 2018

  • SRS Rail System RR -

    All four vehicles freshly re-numbered to 69 plates (why ?) were checked today, and details updated.

  • On-Line On-Track Drainage / SuperRod RR - 979037

    Roger, do you have a photo of the