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iaf Messe - 30 May-1 June 2017, Munster [updated with photos]

At the end of the month, the massive "International Exhibition for Track Technology" takes place in Münster, Germany.

I don't think any correspondents have reported from previous shows. Is anyone going this year? If so, don't forget to take notes on what is being exhibited and report it here. Thanks!

website with more details

Paul Moseley and I are going to the exhibition and will report on our return.

Great, have a good trip!

From what I can work out so far, at least one UK exhibitor will be there:

Rail Products - will have their TH21 crane and a multi-gauge ART17H MEWP.

Will add more when details are known.

Make sure you go visit "System 7" who will be displaying a brand new Tamping Machine at this event.

"Universal Tamper 4.0"

I have a sneak preview of it and it looks like something from Star Wars! Articulated on 3 bogies with streamlined cabs so a big machine.

The system 7 tamper looks interesting!


Paul Moseley and I have just returned from the iaf at Munster. It was a superb exhibition with over 100 machines / attachments / trailers of all descriptions. Plasser & Theurer, Matisa, Geismar and Vaia Car all had large numbers of OTP present along with less well known manufacturers like Menzi, Huddig and Kaiser.

GOS only had FR698 (910096-5) on their stand whilst SRS had KP63JGV (917111-5) and UK12SRS (now 917118-0). Surprisingly, only two Unimogs were present. Brand new Torrent Trackside Neotec 912323-1 and Rail Electrification REL005 (912272-0) and REL006 (912273-8) along with an RR14EVO 2-400 and 3-400 and Manitou TH21 Crane were on site. Brand new Kirow KRC250 Multi Tasker Crane 99 70 9319 002-0, Points and Crossing wagon 99 70 9358 002-2 and Railvac 6 (33 70 4666 003-4) were the other British contingents.

All of the plant was outside either on track or tarmac, and we found nothing inside the halls that was of interest OTP wise.

The new ' System 7 ' Universal Tamper S7 PLS16 4.0S machine had to be seen to be believed, and the huge Matisa B66UC was also very impressive. Amongst others were Windhoff, Atlas / Terex, Liebherr, Linsinger, Richter & Muller, Zephir (brand new Lathe shunter), Vossloh, Autech, Robel, Rosenqvist and Speno. The good thing from an observers point of view was that almost all machines / attachments had builders plates attached, and only about half a dozen had no form of identity.

The next show will be in 2021.

Thanks to Roger & Paul, we now have an impressive gallery of photos from the show. Thanks again guys, much appreciated...

  • Thumbnail liebherr-a922-k944581-1
  • Thumbnail menzi-muck-m585-rr-1
  • Thumbnail menzi-muck-m545-rr-1
  • Thumbnail neotec-excarailer-lr220-volvo-ew140d-excavator-1
  • Thumbnail geismar-bogie-rail-type-ute400-198-of-2017-1
  • Thumbnail robel-55-40-3-1
  • Thumbnail autech-type-at6m-3500-4e-500-957-6u-1
  • Thumbnail p-t-junior-tamper-08-16-4-interior-1
  • Thumbnail p-t-junior-tamper-08-16-4-6728-of-2017-1
  • Thumbnail spitzke-p-t-usp-4000-sws-6723-of-2017-1
  • Thumbnail p-t-pbr-500-ballast-profiler-6661-of-2017-1
  • Thumbnail system-7-universal-tamper-4-0-s7-pls16-4-0-2
  • Thumbnail richter-muller-brush-b-n-r-004-7-1
  • Thumbnail vaia-car-model-spr-for-spark-rail-no-0117spr05-of-2017-1
  • Thumbnail metro-grinder-for-gk-rail-service-no-4900-17-of-2017-1
  • Thumbnail geismar-kgt-e-5121-of-2017-1
  • Thumbnail geismar-v2rd-7-dumper-vr90023-1
  • Thumbnail windhoff-brush-50000312-10-1
  • Thumbnail windhoff-wintrak-2-2-50l-mpv-1
  • Thumbnail railtech-4w-motorised-trolley-plm-1-type-no-325-of-2017-1
  • Thumbnail vaia-car-tsr300-5016tsr11-of-2017-1
  • Thumbnail vaia-car-etsm400-0317ets10-of-2017-1
  • Thumbnail man-lorry-for-zagro-group-no-y347555-1
  • Thumbnail vaia-car-etf200-1
  • Thumbnail speno-mrr600-rail-milling-train-99-85-9127-113-0-1
  • Thumbnail p-t-unimat-combi-08-275-tamper-6617-of-2017-1
  • Thumbnail eiffage-rail-p-t-usp2000-c2-2-6503-of-2017-1
  • Thumbnail caterpillar-cat-m323f-300181-1
  • Thumbnail amt-3688rr-6-trailer-1
  • Thumbnail captrain-zwiehoff-unimog-u423-246671-1
  • Thumbnail vaia-car-rf8-btr578-of-2017-1
  • Thumbnail vaia-car-sl-300-1917slf08-of-2017-1
  • Thumbnail exported-t00140-1
  • Thumbnail rail-elec-rel006-99709-912273-8-1
  • Thumbnail pb9954-1
  • Thumbnail torrent-t141561-99709-912323-1-1
  • Thumbnail pb9955-1
  • Thumbnail liebherr-a922-99-80-9903-464-2-085774-of-2016-1
  • Thumbnail vossloh-hsg-high-speed-grinder-no-id-1
  • Thumbnail plasser-thuerer-dic-30-no-89-of-2017-1
  • Thumbnail man-tgs35-540-p-t-apt-1500-rl-flash-butt-welder-1
  • Thumbnail rosenqvist-cd400sp-fastclipper-1
  • Thumbnail van-elle-ver018-99709-911346-3-1
  • Thumbnail readypower-fr698-99709-910096-5-1
  • Thumbnail kirow-krc250-multi-tasker-99709-319002-0-1
  • Thumbnail matisa-b35c-tamper-2114-of-2017-1
  • Thumbnail matisa-r20e-ballast-regulator-1
  • Thumbnail p-t-mfs120-material-hopper-6540-of-2017-1
  • Thumbnail p-t-rm85-750-ballast-cleaner-99-81-9214-004-9-1
  • Thumbnail p-t-unimat-08-4x4-4s-tamper-6640-of-2017-1
  • Thumbnail plasser-theurer-htw-100-e3-6609-of-2017-1
  • Thumbnail system-7-universal-tamper-4-0-s7-pls16-4-0-1
  • Thumbnail plasser-theurer-unimat-09-4x4-4s-e3-6557-58-of-2017-1
  • Thumbnail srs-kp63jgv-99709-917111-5-1
  • Thumbnail srs-uk12srs-99709-917118-0-1

An impressive gallery of photo's. Yes

An impressive gallery of machines. Yes

But by no means an impressive line up of British OTP.

If any?

Gone are the Days.


There are UK machines in the photos above

Maybe missing more than the GOS Trailer

If so I apologise

If we can only offer a Trailer, as our only, best, product, to the show how far have we Fallen Behind?

How many of the machines reported conform to UK spec though?

Yes it would be great to see more kit produced by the UK, but most of the kit in the pictures cannot run in the UK.

These machines work fine all over Europe & only the UK spec seems to be The Over Spec.

I don't & haven't worked in the industry but from what I hear talking to various people in Companies, operatives etc. is that the new spec. is over & above what is required, it will mean only very limited machines & people for that matter, properly trained, will be able to work them.



Are we even 3rd World status Now

Sorry maybe a bit of over reaction there.

But I care.

Possibly this should go to another Topic/Discussion

Any word on where the Kirow 250 is going to?

Hi Babcock Employee - think it's going to the London Underground with another.

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