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iaf Messe - 30 May-1 June 2017, Münster

At the end of the month, the massive "International Exhibition for Track Technology" takes place in Münster, Germany.

I don't think any correspondents have reported from previous shows. Is anyone going this year? If so, don't forget to take notes on what is being exhibited and report it here. Thanks!

website with more details

Paul Moseley and I are going to the exhibition and will report on our return.

Great, have a good trip!

From what I can work out so far, at least one UK exhibitor will be there:

Rail Products - will have their TH21 crane and a multi-gauge ART17H MEWP.

Will add more when details are known.

Make sure you go visit "System 7" who will be displaying a brand new Tamping Machine at this event.

"Universal Tamper 4.0"

I have a sneak preview of it and it looks like something from Star Wars! Articulated on 3 bogies with streamlined cabs so a big machine.

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