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Infrarail 2014

Today sees the first day of Infrarail 2014, at Earls Court in London.

The exhibitor list looks rather underwhelming from an on-track plant perspective - there doesn't even appear to be a "Yard" this year to display larger items of plant on! I imagine that the event next month is where everyone will be showing off their machines.

If anyone is visiting, please keep an eye out for anything of interest!

Unlike previous years, there is nothing present which is on this website. The only item remotely OTP related is a Windhoff RRV Tamper attachment on the manufacturers stand.

Looks like the days are long-gone where 10+ machines are on display!

Ah well, roll on Rail Live...

Agreed, I didn't bother attending after checking the exhibitor list.

But as NR are trying to bring things in-house, then no point companies trying to display their wares.

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