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Rail Live 2016 sightings

As per previous years, I've compiled a page with sightings of all vehicles on display. You can then use this page to quickly add your own sightings...

Rail Live 2016

Things that aren't on it:

Bance MHC (143/05)?

Aquarius ULT trailer (unidentified, help required please).

"The Railroad Factory" road-rail shunter (can of worms).


Fitzgerald/Lundy trailer LPL027 had incorrect RIV on (940813, an RRV!) should be 010949.

Zetica 978004 had wrong RIV (978804).

TRAC R909LJF was at the Airfield / lorry parking area.

Loco 70804 was on display (and 20016, 20081, 20088 & 31465 in the background if you were observant)

Comments/ommissions etc welcome, will update the list tomorrow

I'll be uploading photos today/tomorrow, so can I politely request that people hold back until the weekend please, and only upload any they feel are missing. Thanks!

A preview of a few photos I took today can be found over on twitter. (You don't need to be a member of Twitter to view the photos).


After a very quick initial look the ULS trailer is 011071 (a euro number was carried pretty much underneath the trailer).

We recorded the Bance MHC as 2014/305.

Also not currently listed are the four DBS wagons which are now used as runners for 319013 and which should presumably be listed on the site with the other Kirow runners?

Strangely Readypower FR698 also carried "FR762" alongside the GOS conversion number on it's data panel.

TXM 6876 was also present, being displayed by a third party (Hargreaves?)

Ah thanks Nick. Added to list.

Wasn't there also a Balfour Beatty wagon on display? I didn't note the number of that nor the Kirow runners.

Thanks Vince.

Yes, Balfours had concrete wagon 93264 on display.

The runners for the new Kirow are four DBS owned modified FCA container flats. They are 610099, 610100 610313 and 610314. Yesterday, 610100 was loaded with boom attachments and 610313 was fitted with a workshop/store module, the other pair seemingly being runner wagons.

Thanks Nick.

I've just noticed I've got the fleet numbers the wrong way round on the two Network Rail Neotecs - should be:

912225 = 006.

912226 = 005.

Also, didn't record which McCulloch FLASS pair was there (the old ones, not the newer HDFLASS)

MCCulloch FLASS pair both carried plates as FLASS 01

A few more notes to add :

Bance MHC carried 2 plates : MHC 2014305 and MHC 2/143

Bance 151 had the 1 scratched into a 7 ie 4SBAC 157/06

The Van Elle Actros carried Vin No. WDB9301631L583982 and Zweiweg (King) conversion 2616/2015

TRAC 940831-9 is fleet No. SV 208

The Network Rail Robel MMT carried the following Works numbers :

DR 97507 - 69-40-0010

DR 97607 - 69-45-0010

DR 97807 - 69-60-0014

The Railroad Factory - B-Track 16 is based on a Mecalac AS150E bulldozer chassis, plated WO9515031EBA008801 - the plate also carried a multitude of other numbers for different parts of the machine.

Keltbray DG16 LUD 917110-7 carries the name "THE LES BLAKE LB54" reflecting a member of their staff who has worked on the railway 54 years

Capel trailer #11769/04 carries r/n RP19

Geismar PPT-1 was present again (motorised 'remote' controlled trolley) - I don't think this is list on OTP.



Thanks Alex

The was told that the Geismar Trolley is about to go out on several demonstration hires and hence I suspect likely to receive an RIV number shortly. As its braked and self propelled it should qualify for listing on the site in due course.

Thanks Alex, very useful!

Initial list now updated with wagons, trolleys and FLASS01.

Think the only query I have now is a build number on the Quattro Vac/Actros and TXM341/010969.

Oh also - the Geismar 4-2 - did the plate say it was 0015 or 0016?

Thanks for setting this page up. Most useful. I'm unable to add anything helpful unfortunately above what has already been discussed.



Actually, there was one small thing regarding the numbering of the Robel. 97607 carries 99 70 9580 007-8 which I think is incorrect. 97807 carries the same number with the check digit being -1 which I think is correct.


DR97607 should carry 99 70 9559 007-8. That's 2 out of 8 sets that carry at least one wrong number then! Both 9559 vehicles by pure coincidence.

Only extra one I can add is that the body of TXM trailer 009129 was behind TXM stand leaning against a skip with no rail wheels!

Great show once again...

I made the Geismar 4-2 to be 0015 (but others were unsure whether it as 0015 or 0016). I strongly believe it is 0015 - but others may think differently!

Regarding the McCulloch Flass. The smaller one is 01 but the larger one HDFlass in two sections Megatron and Optimus Prime I have numbered as 1 & 2 as opposed to the plates 01.

The Keltbray Les Blake (note reg no. DG!). I actually met Les Blake. He designed the wiring superstructure which is said to be superior to other such wiring trains. It is currently based at Langley and has been used at Reading and Maidenhead areas.

I spoke to one of the Belgians wth the Railroad Factory. He told me it was a shunter capable of hauling 1000/1200 tonnes. The rubber tyres supplied all the traction said to have much better torque than metal rail wheels. The attached wheels kept it on the rails.

Just to add a few points :

The Capel Trailer RP19 - I was given the bingo number by a member of staff it is ; 99709 070001-1.

The Murphy 4 axle Chieftain trailer is a 40t payload (compared to the normal 20t).

The Keltbray road railer named 'The Les Blake 54', was as Alex says named after an employee who has worked on the railway for 54 years - but he is also the guy that designed that vehicle.

The McCulloch FLASS pair bore the plates ; Flass 01A & Flass 01B

The larger two (HDFlass 01 & HDFlass 02) were carrying the names Optimus Prime (02) & Megatron (01).

The road rail cranes were also carrying the following numbers ; RRC AC 55 (919093-3) & RRC AC 40 (919095-8).

The Road Rail Factory item is apparently a shunting locomotive (maybe it should be included in EL - Alex).

Just out of interest can anybody tell me where the road rail crane trailer (009220-3) & the TXM trailer (010998-1) were located as I have no record of these or of the TXM trailer body (009129).

Thanks for these comments.

The two Road Rail Cranes were indeed carrying these registrations but these are temporary plates, designating the types of crane concerned.

Of the trailers, 009220 was attached to one of the cranes (yes really - the smallest item of OTP on display was attached to the largest) but was largely obscured by it's load of Mats. 010998 was exhibited in TXM livery by Predator, and was the trailer fitted with the tipping ballast box body. As per Ben's comment, 009129 was parked behind the TXM stand and we missed it - annoyingly as I needed it!

Many thanks for that Nick - I did actually take a photo of the trailer with the tipping ballast box on it, but forgot to write it down. Will check the pics of the road rail cranes to see if the trailer can be visible.

Alex, I photographed the Builder's plate of the Geismar Mini 4-2. The Serial # is 4-2/0015 and the Year 02/16. Roy.

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