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Railtex 2015

Today sees the opening of the Railtex exhibition at the Birmingham NEC.

In the past it has seen less and less vehicles of interest to our website visitors; and this year's exhibitor list doesn't look particular inspiring. I thought the same about the 2013 event, but there was a surprise RRV on display, so there may still be a small glimmer of hope this year...

Rail text isn't really about the plant that will be infrarail

I believe our roving reporter Roy is going to take a look today...


I went to Railtex yesterday and there were no RRVs present, just a Chieftain wagon 99709 010888-4. For me the highlight was the CNR and CSR China stands, and the presentation of their full range of rolling stock products - they literately stole the show!

Just as well I went for the class 68 haulage and a look at the new trams and the work to extend tramlines to New Street.

Ted Knotwell

Oh I know the difference between the two shows Kev - but Railtex usually produces one or two items of interest (and unusually 7&5 in 2002&2009 respectively). Also, InfraRaik had nothing last year- I think the RailLive event maybe drew plant exhibitors' focus away.

Ted, thanks! I saw photos of the Chinese stand- looked impressive!

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