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Borders Rail Tracklaying Machine


Track laying machine on the New borders Rail Line.

Video posted by member on YouTube, it shows the operation of this machine as it lays the new rail for the project.

I believe this is a Dutch machine so may never appear in any of our OTP books.

It really is worth a watch

YouTube Link

Or you can try "Boojum in action" on YouTube


Jim Gillies

Interesting "green" machinery!

The rail carrying wagons look like UK ex-LWRT wagons that have been overhauled/modified.

Note the flat areas at the side of the wagons with lugs where the gantry rails used to be. Also the buffers have cutaways where the gantry bridging rails used to go?


The "green" machinery appears to be flying a flag as well. Either that or just an oily rag!!

Another video of the work is here -

There is also a feature on video on the Rail Engineer site but that site is down at the moment 4-12-14

The flag is an Emblem of the Borders Rail Project

Sorry I don't know much about wagons but on 1 consist wagons were in this order YEA 979084, 089, 133, 077, 090

Jim Gillies

Just to add

Note the rail wagon next to the LOCO, is a clamping wagon where the rails are clamped down, allowing the rails to move along the rollers on the other wagons when in train formation/ buffers compressed etc.

The clamp wagon normally goes in the middle of the train when 600ft rails are being transported.


Still amazes me how flexible rail can be, look at the angle of rail coming off the rail wagons, flexible like liquorice at times!

Looks even more flexible when you watch rail being thimbled across from one track to another.

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