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Plasser Duomatic film clip

Film of a rail exhibition in Scotland in the 1930s however tucked away towards the end of the film is a 1960's? clip of track relaying somewhere in Scotland and featuring a working Plasser Duomatic. Need to scroll through to 9.30 approx.

Good find.

VKR 06-32 so number should start with 743xx or maybe 744xx, maybe the number is on the side of the roof? (No idea what the DTM represents).

Any maybe built in the UK in Shewsbury?

DTM = maybe Duomatic Tamping Machine?

Before the univeral adoption of the of the 7xxxx CEPS numbers the LM Region used a 2/3 letter code to identify the machine type and if I remember correctly DTM did refer to Duomatic Tamping Machine. Maybe the Scottish Region used a similar system.

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