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Oxford Diecast RR Land Rovers

Fairly basic, but may be of interest to some on here: Hattons Model Railways.

Some "interesting" liveries there.

Intending to motorize mine, bought the NR liveried one, but the number it wears, 976003-2 is a 130 Crew Cab Pickup in Aquarius Livery, while the model has a different number plate, wheelbase (110) and livery. Oxford do produce a 130 Crew Cab so it would have made a lot more sense to add rail wheels to that, given that most (if not all) Aquarius and Network Rail vehicles are 130s.

What are my options? Live with it? Repaint and renumber into a real 110? Add the rail wheels to a 130?

I already have a working chassis for a 130 so I may choose the latter.

Hello Callum,

Thanks for your interest. When Oxford Diecast approached us (they saw us after the Discovery train pull YouTube we did) we never knew there was an Oxford 130, I can't find it on their website either. Can you point me in the direction of where these are? Cheers James Platt, Aquarius

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