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Scale models

Could there be a section created to show peoples models of machines etc...

Would there be any interest from people at looking at pictures of peoples models.

Am certainly interested in models.

I have 2 Britannia Pacific 07's (Some Bachmanns as well)

A kit for an 08

An older IHC 06-32

I would be interested to see models of OTP, always something I look out for at shows.

Same here, got a Britannia Pacific 07 and a lot of the usual rtr engineering wagons. I've been very tempted by a Kibri Gotwald crane on a few occasions now too..

I am prepared to create a new forum section for discussion about models.

see here

Unfortunately I don't have the time to allow photo uploads, so these will have to be linked elsewhere.

There's always flickr or RM WEB for models

Recent acquisition, P&T 08-16 SH.

HO Scale model nicely done with box unable to fond any info on the maker.

Clockwork Ideas produced an 08 a few years ago, though I'm not sure if it was HO scale.

It's not the Clockwork Ideas one as I already have one.

This is resin based model of a compact version.

Just uploaded a photo here

Is it possible to embed a Photobucket image on here using [ IMG ] tags?

Yes, I think so

Didn't think you wanted photos on this forum, hence my link.

Got a few OTP photos from my recent trip to Bulgaria to sort out some time.

As said in my first post in this topic, I don't want people uploading model photos (using the website's "upload" feature); but I don't mind if they link to them if they're hosted elsewhere, i.e. Photobucket

Fair enough Vince.

Flickr is my preferred hating site

Will probably remain so for convenience.


Just testing if this works then...


Obviously not then 😂

No but right clicking and going in new tab worked ok for me.

I'll look into it!

[img][/img]Summerlee model & truck show 2014 by David Jeffries, on Flickr

This is a 1:50 Unimog i've done

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