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Christmas/New Year engineering works/blockades

If anyone is looking for something to do after the Christmas sprouts, there are probably some engineering works going on somewhere...

Some big jobs involving quattro fleet are, slough/bellingham//maidenhead/tottenham. ;-)

Also big jobs on the Brighton Mainline at Gatwick Airport, Stoats Nest Junction (complete blockade from 24/12 until 2/1) and resignalling work around Victoria.

Peterborough is the only other blockade I can think of. Merry Christmas all.

Going by this news item something around Saxilby as well.

I also heard a comment on the radio about Signal testing around Lincoln over Christmas, possibly part of the same job and a continuation of the never ending Lincoln works from a few years back.

S&C renewal work at Dalmeny with SB Rail/Volker Kirow 250's and a couple of 4x4 tampers. (Xmas)

Plain line renewal at princes street gardens. Railvac in use and a tamper. (Xmas)

Plain line renewal at Glasgow queen street low level. Although ig will be pretty much hidden with no public access (new year)

Services through Manchester Victoria are affected between Christmas & New Year

ill be down at stoats nest over christmas :-)

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