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went to Tuxford RIDC to view the new wiring train today. It was not there. Following the line from Tuxford towards the old High Marnham Power Station, Amey Colas have created an area of hard standing at the far end of the line, where the wiring train is. Signs on the gate says High Marnham HOOB ( this must mean something but I am at a loss? same for the Swindon one as well). You are not welcome on site either. Instruction from men on site is you can view it from the farmers field, whether the farmer is ok or not with this? I presume we will find this out the first time one of us reports " get off my land".

There is a good view of the High Marnham HOOB(High Output Operations Base) from Crabtree Lane,using binoculars,which precludes the need to tresspass on

farm property...as there are no public footpaths in that area that I am aware of.

you are right Paul, I viewed from Crabtree lane. Didnt fancy the muddy walk or the possibility of an angry farmer. HOOB, I was trying all sorts of combinations to try to work out what this meant, I don ththink I would ever come to this answer. I do like the idea of High Marnham being an High Output Opertations Base.

(now may also be a good time to plug the glossary page :)

I went to High Marnham on the 26th November, I took a chance and did some field walking, it was an easy walk along the edge of the field with no need to damage any crops, didn't see the farmer so no idea what is reaction would have been. So far there are nine vehicles/wagons present on site. There is a box wagon at Tuxford being painted, in the shed. I don't know though if this is just a temporary addition to the HOPS or if it will be used rather than having a new wagon built. My pictures so far, for anyone interested. http://derekwilson-railphotos.smugmug.com/ Hopefully there will be more to come over the next few months.

regards Derek Wilson

The two sets are at swindon,one set is round the back of the warehouse,99 70 9131 001-5, the other was by the mainline,unable to see numbers. on saturday 8/2/14 unit 99 70 9131 001 and 005 went between swindon and didcot 4 times, also due on sunday,looked like driver training??

It's the piling consist that is at Swindon, nos 001 - 005. The concrete batching consist is still at the High Marnham Test Track. There was a VSTP schedule today for a L/E Toton to Marnham, probably to take this to Swindon, but it was cancelled. I have been told that it was busy at Ollerton today but it can't be long before it's off. I managed some photo's of it on Monday, images here for anyone interested http://derekwilson-railphotos.smugmug.com/HOPS-electrification-train/2014-10th-February-HOPS/i-r2Ws88v

At High Marnham this morning and the machines are now numbered in the DR769xx range. If suitable I have some photos on my phone.

Interesting. Do they still carry the RIV numbers too? Do you have a list of what you saw please?

Yes they still have the RIV numbers too. I have uploaded three photo`s to the site but they are off my phone.

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