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Hydrex bought out by Network Rail

Press release here:


Is this the start of re-nationalization for plant?

Be interesting to see how this develops in terms of depots and machine branding. Obviously this is just the rail division of a much larger company. Presumably Hydrex depots are already geared up for rail plant maintenance so will they still be operated from these depots?

Don't be suprised if you only see NWR using ex-Hydrex machines in the near future. Hydrex supplied to every NWR region except London North Eastern the only bigger supplier at the moment is Quattro. I can't see NWR renewing any RRV contracts when they come up for renewal now they own over 300 machines as part of the deal.

Some interesting times ahead, whatever happens.

A quick plea whilst I'm here - if anyone sees any Hydrex/NDS machines then please send in a sighting report for them (even if it's just one machine). We have lots on our list that haven't been seen in the last few years! Also, if you note any with new logos, let us know! Cheers!

From what I gather, Quattro were in talks to buy out the rail division of Hydrex. But NWR stepped in to prevent Quattro having any monopoly of the RRV supplier business.

An interesting development today - 3 months after taking it on, Network Rail have announced that they're selling the NDS-Plant subsiduary...

More info here

only bought it to cover the christmas work???? your not telling me if hydrex went under another couple of companys could cover there work???

Apparently operating the ex Hydrex fleet went against NR's operating licence,so the ORR only granted temporary consent for thecreation of NDS plant until 31 May 2012...hence the current activity.

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