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New Robel 69.70/4-UK machines

Network Rail have purchased 8 new 3-car Robel 69.70/4-UK mobile maintenance trains.

They will be operated and maintained by Colas.

The first unit has been built and is undergoing testing in Germany.

The first unit will arrive approx June 21st 2015 to West Ealing.

The delivery schedule is one unit every 7 weeks.

The provisional allocations are 4 to ECML, 2 to WCML and 2 to GAML

In-depth powerpoint presentation can be found here: ... oither.pdf

No numbers allocated yet, but they will be UIC registered, so will be in the 9270 9xxx xxx-x format or similar

Info on how UIC numbering works can be found here:

Just as an aside, i have been sent a photograph of the first unit being tested, its impressive to say the least, however I do not have permission to forward this on just yet.

Sorry the hyperlink shortened out:

I've been told at least one vehicle in each set will be numbered DR9750x. Not sure how true this is.

Seems i was right about the 9750x number. Others are 9760x and 9780x.

A photo and more info about the numbers now appears on a pay-to-view website about locos. :(

Vince, I am sure more details and info will be posted here very soon, far better info than a pay-to-view site. :-)

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