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OTP megamove

Thanks to NP for the info, the following move is happening on 22nd July (Monday) in preparation for the National Plant Exhibition...

7Z56 1015 Westbury to Long Marston 1550


MFS Wagon DR92280

MFS Wagon DR92283

Kirow Crane DRK81612

Kirow Crane Wagon CN97416

Kirow Crane Wagon CN97417

Kirow Crane Wagon CN97418

TRM DRC78226

TRM DRC78235

TRM DRP78821

SLG RLS92338

SLG RLS92339

RailVac 99709 515001 4

Tamper DR73927

And if anyone manages to get a photo of this interesting move, please send it in! Thanks :)

Can anyone post the times for location along the route please?

Timings for the Westbury-Long Marston trip can be found on real train times :)

There also seems to be a Washwood Heath-Long Marston move on Monday - timings. Looks like something may have come from Guide Bridge to Washwood Heath prior to this trip, SBRail machines perhaps?

A shame only one tamper is to appear, due to NDS not wanting machines to negate contractual requirements I believe.

Anyway, should be an interesting event............

Looks like Kirow 81611 may now be heading to LM (instead of 81612, or aswell?)

There's also a Taunton Fairwater-LM move tomorrow - times here.

Move reported in trouble at Bristol Parkway causing delays.

Unconfirmed report of fire

Reports on some of the gen groups suggest one of the locos caught fire!

If anyone is planning on visiting tomorrow, my advice is, be very early!

The "access" system is very slow, can take up to 45 mins to get in, just as well is isn't a real possession site access!

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