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SB Rail new Plasser kit.

Bear with me if I'm having a senior moment here, but has the site caught up with this yet.


9970 9128 001-3

I presume no 7xxxx number is carried.


Crikey. A senior moment par excellence. 2 contributions to the other thread, how embarassing.

I'll try harder next time.

I'm still a bit lost on the '928001' thing. On the other thread someone suggested it should have seven digits so is 928001 strictly incorrect? Should be 9128001?

Given 99709 is a fixed common, I'd have thought - if anything - 128001 should be the mumber. Its a confusing area, as on the continent and especially with unit numbers of just 4 digits, other numbers are added so as to conform to a 12 digit full number.

You can be more lost now, Ben.

Let's not even mention the new GWML MPVs with RIVs 997091310xx now being numbered DR769xx! (Although at least it is in the DR series ;)

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