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SB Rail P&T 09-4x4/4s Dynamic

A shiny new Plasser & Theurer 09-4x4/4s Dynamic is on its way the Britain some time this summer.

From pictures i have seen it is a similar size to the 2 AFM's that SB Rail they also have.

Don't know where it will work but it could be Scotland.

See link to pic I found on flickr

Is this the only one coming or is there likely to be more of this type over the coming months. Does the term “Dynamic” mean it has Dynamic stabilization at the rear of the machine?

AFAIK this will be the only one at the moment.

The term dynamic does mean a DTS is part of the machine. Just like the 09-3x machine NWR have on the high output jobs.

Is this only a single sleeper machine and not 2 sleeper like an 09-32/4S Dynamic?

pretty sure there is one on its way to CTRL might be wrong

RRV Cowboy - you're right-ish. One of Switelsky's 09-32/4S tampers is in the country again...

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(photo from one of it's previous visits)

I was speaking to a man from Babcock this week who was saying they've got the contract for HS1 and will apparently be using "two French machines". So presumably there's a second Switelsky machine still to come.

Lerpass, that is correct. Single sleeper at a time.

Currently there is an 09-32/4s and a ballast regulator working out of Singlewell. Due to go back through the tunnel early next week.


I've seen the Unimat x 09-4 4 / 4S Dynamic on 28-05.2013 on the IAF in 2013 in Münster (Germany).

The factory number is: 3543

The year: 2013.

Interestingly, the machine has already received a 12-digit number (99 70 9128 001-3). No DR number.

Now get all track machines in England a 12-digit number?

Greetings Ralf

Thanks Ralf, that is interesting. It is the first time I've heard of a large machine carrying a 12-digit number (lots of smaller machines and road-railers do).

All new things have to have a RIV number now I believe, I think there is some legislation that allows the current UK numbers to remain in place, but in theory, there shouldn't be anything new in the domestic numbering series, I think GBRf had special dispensation to have 66747-51 in the number range, but these are probably allocated a RIV number (as everything now should be), but not carried. It is about time we caught up though, we're the last country in Europe to still have the domestic numbering system only on most vehicles.

That's interesting Dan, thanks. I think I need to start re-thinking the categories in the sightings section!

From what I believe, the new tamper is heading to the UK after the iaf show.

We're told this is not due for a few more weeks...

According to ' Rail Infrastructure ' magazine, the machine has gone back to Austria for employee intensive training, and should be arriving in the UK in the autumn.

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