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07 series machine in the 1980 film McVicar

I have just watched the 1980 film McVicar, starring Roger Daltrey of The Who. He hides next to a railway line at night and an 07-series track machine passes behind. Although the image is not all that clear there is a sticker across the inside of the windscreen that reads 'Captain America's Team Racing'!! Did any such track machine ever carry such an embellishment, or was it put there by the film crew as some sort of joke. If it was real, then it might tie down an identity as surely it was unique to this machine. Any thoughts??

Jon Horswell

No idea, but I will end up trying to download that film for a look at it.

Any idea of the location to get an idea of the region the machine was maybe from?

On a similar note, "The Navigators" (2001) has an 07 that is in the old Fastline yellow with grey sole-bar livery.

The film McVicar used the start of the Marlow branch from Maidenhead, so it is a Western Region machine. It seems such an odd embellishment that surely someone, somewhere, must be able to ID it.


Interesting find, have obtained that movie but only checked on my PC screen, have put it on my media server to watch on a bigger screen soon....

In my opinion, the machine is an 07 Tamper, but most likely a series 1 to 4 due to windscreen layouts, I guess the footage is from the front tower cab as the driver is sat at the right (or left from movie viewing). The older machines, the rear cab, the driver sat in more a mid cab position.

Interesting to see roof mounted airhorns, spot light and air vent, so very early footage (with original Plasser U Theurer sticker), these got removed or mounted lower. Also noted an antenna, looking more like a car radio antenna on the roof, certain machines with dedicated crews used to furnish machines with home extras like this, which may explain the windscreen sticker.

However, the way the camera moves, it is like it is trying to capture that sticker.

I had a look through this site starting at 73200 to 73237, non-conclusive, but sure it will be in there somewhere.


Astonishingly detailed! We may solve this yet

If the filming took place in the Maidenhead area so it is reasonable to reduce the list to 5 Reading 07 Plain Line Tampers and Bristols 07 P&C Tamper as detailed.

73209 07-16 Series 2, no roof between the cabs.

73220 07-16 Series 3.

73223 07-16 Series 3.

73237 07-16 Series 4. Experimental machine with extended measuring base and single chord lining system

necessitating a 4 wheel wagon at the front of the machine and no front cab on the main machine.

73416 07-32 Series 6 already ruled out.

73305 07-275 loaned to Reading when required.

As the Western Region was not electrified lowering of high level items was carried out slowly.

The above my memory of commuting between Reading and Paddington for most of the 1980's has not melted.


Hi Roger, how things?

You have a point about no roof between cabs, after looking again at the clip, you can see some sky and trees through the rear of the cab window, which would suggest no middle roof sections.

So 73209 could be a good guess, sadly no pictures of it available, but a picture of sister 73210 is available (without middle roof sections), which I remember well at it was a training school machine many years ago at Brayton.

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