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Active 07 Tampers?

Just out of interest...

With the demise of Jarvis/Fastline, and other companies having newer machines....

I would have a guess that Balfours are the only company that may operate 07 Tampers now?

Can anyone here confirm if any 07 machines are still in active service (in NR supply contract) with Balfour or any other NR contract supplier please?


Does the national railway museum have any plans to acquire a 07 tamper? Plant is very poorly represented in the national collection.

I saw a report a month or so ago on I think SE-Gen, suggesting that one of the Balfours machines (DR73257?) was out working in Kent on a Sunday morning job. Use of the 07's in the South East appears greatly reduced on a couple of years ago though.

A recent Rail Infrastructure magazine listed 73261 and 73278 as being the only 07 machines included in NR's 2011-2018 contract. Don't know if they'll be retired when the new Matisa machines arrive...

I heard a rumour that all 07s will be retired by the end of this month! To scrap or preservation...

It is correct that DR73261 & DR73278 are the only machines in the current NR contract. These will be retired from the contract and replaced by DR75410 & DR75411 once these machines are fully commisioned. This does not mean the end of 07's though as one would expect Balfour Beatty to still retain a number of serviceable machines for project work on the NR network as well as use elsewhere such as light rail systems. In addition several are also in use with heritage railways and contractors specialising in heritage railway work. I am not aware that the RHC during its existence ever progressed to designating any OTP/OTM's other than one of the Cowan Sheldon Breakdown cranes.

Believe the era ended last Thursday /Friday night(13/14 th Oct), certainly in terms of planned work for NR anyway!

DR73257 did the honours (in and out of Salisbury West Carr sdgs). A few flashguns popped at various points to record the event apparently!

Think the old girl knows the games up, according to the crew, although she got (staggered) through the shift, she was not a happy bunny and not exactly on song...:-)).

Heard about this , & believe a small article was printed in a magazine , surprised not a bigger mention on here . The 07 reign looks to have finally ended , & with newer machines available for project work there would appear to be very slim chances of work for those few that are still operational . They always appeared to dislike periods of not being worked & then , when needed , had a gremlin or 2 to keep you on your toes

The 07 could almost always be coaxed through a shift , even when not fully fit .

Old age & modern technology has eventually caught up & overtaken them , but these machines must be saluted in their passing .

Long live the 07 .

I'm sure a few will still live on at preserved railways, 73214 still provides sterling service for NYMR.

But as you say, they could always be coaxed through a shift with various shameful temp repairs.............

Still a few operating in Sydney ,07-275 we have 3 , two going one in storage.I heard there is one 07-16 possibly still working in country New South Wales.But the rest 07-16 and 07-32's have been scrapped.A few 07-16's in rail museums.

Lul has 3 07's still in operation

On the NYMR 73214 is now withdrawn from tamping operations but is still mobile.

Any tamping now carried out by 73250.

Both machines resident on the railway along with A Sollinger Hutte Ballast Regulator and a Plasser 12t GPC.

LUL currently have 3 07 tube gauge tampers still in active service.

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