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Beilhack Snowploughs

Kilmarnock Brodie Engineering have received snowploughs 965578 and 965579 from Kingmoor. A further six to follow from various locations apparently - this may mean that two have already had overhaul as there are ten of these bogie ploughs.

(Wagon 92705 also moved from Doncaster to Wabtec Kilmarnock this week.)

From scot-rail regarding Brodie Engineering:

"During week ending 16 July, 142045 was despatched south by road. Further ZZA snow plough arrivals were 965581, 966096 and 966097."

It seems the refurbishments are nearing completion/complete. Eight ploughs will be based at the following locations...

ADB965576+ADB965577 Toton

ADB965578+ADB965579 Carlisle - already there

ADB965580+ADB965581 Wigan

ADB966098+ADB966099 Doncaster

Information received seems to indicate that 966096 & 966097 aren't included in the refurbishment program. It's possible that the plough blades may be destined for the ex-SPA wagons involved in the new Snow-Ice trains (as seen in the diagram on this page).

Thanks to a source for the info.

Does that mean that there will be no Beilhacks at Peterborough?

98 and 99 were previously located there.

Further info received indicates that 966096 and 097 have been scrapped at Kilmarnock. The plough blades are now at NR's York Holgate depot (not for the new Snow-Ice trains as previously imagined).

The Wigan pair should be around there now (maybe at Warrington), and the other two pairs due out soon.


Bryan, it does seem strange that there won't be any at Peterborough. Toton has less overhead wires nearby so would surely make sense to have bigger ploughs in the area?!

The Beilhack shuffle has also meant some Independent ploughs have moved around - 965211 and 965237 are now at Peterborough.

Interestingly 965576 and 965577 have been noted at Doncaster recently (along with 966098 and 966099). Does anyone know if they ever reached Toton?

Not seen any ploughs there on several visits between January and March.

May's Railway Magazine reports that 966096&7 have been stripped for spares & scrapped by Brodie Engineering, Kilmarnock. See Vince's entry above.

All 4 ploughs were at Doncaster today 24/6/2014

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