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Builders' works numbers

With On-Track Plant 2009 now somewhat out of date, does anyone have builders' works numbers for DR76701 and 76801, 76710 and 77906, 73116 and 73948? Is there an up to date master list of works numbers which one can access?

The builder's numbers for all but the first two are on this website, pop each number in the search box and click view details.

Welcome to the website Jim.

Dan is half right - build details can be found on the website, but they are generally only visible to people who contribute sightings etc. The main reason for this is to stop people signing up and just taking all of the data! The website is for both giving and taking :)

OK, so I'm a second class subscriber! Thanks anyway.

Jim - whilst I wouldn't necessarily use the words you have, yes, we do have several levels of membership. Put simply, people who contribute sightings, photos or other information can generally see more info/data on the site than those who don't.

Anyway, now you've added sightings you should be able to see the build numbers requested in your original post.

No problem. Thanks.

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