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In the compound at Prince Regent today was a freshly refurbished Geismar MPR-M Rail Threader. This was straight from overhaul, and indeed the body of the machine was still shrouded in black polythene making it unidentifiable. It is presumably one of the five owned by Torrent which have been at Fitzgerald Plant's workshops but if any one is able to confirm the identity, it would be appreciated.

Hi Nick, I am 99% sure the rail threader you saw is owned by TSO and on loan to ATC. 2x new threaders were purchased for use on Crossrail, plus an existing one owned by TSO which was brought over from Europe. Currently one new threader and the existing TSO threader are based over at Victoria Dock Portal (one being used in the tunnel and a spare in the yard). The third is over at Royal Oak Portal. I am not aware of any threaders being hired from Torrent, hope that helps

Hi 01276. Many thanks for this very useful information. We had assumed it was one of the Torrent machines as these have been disappearing from Cwmbran and as far as we knew, were the only likely candidates.

Having looked again at a couple of photos I took, the machine Paul and I saw has the number 175001 written on one of its arms in felt pen. I wonder if this could be it's build number given that these machines have six digit build numbers? Although the engine was wrapped in polythene, it does look like it has seen some use which makes me suspect it may be the second hand machine.

Thanks again.

Hi, I'm not sure about that number written on the side - I will have to have a look next time I'm over there. The Geismar serial numbers I have for these machines are only 4 digit. Regards

175001 was seen again yesterday, this time at Plumstead on a flat wagon having come out of the tunnel. We think this is one of the new machines and the number is carried in at least three places.

Further to this, today there are two Threaders in the small plant area at Plumstead. One is build number MPRM1013 which is thought to be the one seen in 2016 carrying 175001 in felt pen. The second appeared to be newer and indeed was standing on a wooden pallet. Does anyone have any further details of this?

We confirmed that 175001 does have build 1013 last Saturday.

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