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Crossrail Sightings & Queries

I was lucky to be given a tour of the Plumstead railhead today - which has ironed out some queries but raised others! Many thanks again to my helpful guide "01276" who has contributed much to the website already.

Plumstead, Crossrail Depot

1710/01/2005 Drasine

99879 380508-1 (99879 380508 1) Tractorail

A few currently not on website:

There was a new machine there branded as Alstom numbered "CBF2" - a drum carrier of some sort.

A Rowa drilling rig known as Drilling Rig B was under covers. Drilling Rig A is at work near Stepney Green.

Two LWRT chute wagons MR01 & MR02 (not to be confused with MR01 in the concrete train!)

Concrete delivery train


AGT09 (currently stored out of formation)









AGT18 (currently stored out of formation)

AGT19 (currently stored out of formation)









Crossrail RRVs

unimog 1 - this is a U400 shunter and labelled as such "Unimog 1". It carries Crossrail logos on cabsides. Serial no. 215665

unimog - (currently referred on website as "unimog 3") this is a new King Rail U423 shunter with HIAB - no fleet number. Serial no. 240938

unimog - (currently referred on website as "unimog 4") this is a new King Rail U423 shunter but with no HIAB - no fleet number. Serial no. 240772.

The website has a fourth unimog listed but there is only 3 on site at the moment. One was returned to King Rail but not sure when exactly. There was also another hired in from Victa Railfreight at some point but it may mean some of you might need to adjust some of your sightings on the website.

Flash Butt welder 6282

912214 - Neotec - build 960285 / NAC 16.090.46 although it carried a different number on the rear rail wheels 16.090.90. Not sure if this is a mistake or which is correct?

Quattro RRVs

940798 - 1018

911139 - 204

940337 - 409

912050 - 939

912051 - 940

912052 - 941

Crossrail trailers/attachments

There are 3 piles of brand new Chieftain 5m trailers - 9 in total

RT1253-1261 inclusive

Also on site were two new Chieftain Road Rail trailers RT1229 & RT1230 - unused currently.

New Neotec trailers

009203 - 16.043.84

009204 - 16.168.85

Quattro trailers/attachments

010518 - 097

010265 - 620

010293 - 688

Prince Regent - Crossrail

Crossrail RRVs

912213 -

Quattro RRVs

911138 - 203

912045 - 934

912047 - 936

912049 - 938

Quattro trailers/attachments

010284 - 653

010604 - 102

010614 - 209

009063 - 951

The Bance 4 seater

The Bance trailer with personnel cage has number TRL0203 but this doesn't seem to feature on website.

Following this - I've been told the unimog that is not now present (referred to on this website as "unimog 2") was easily distinguished because it was blue. I'm told it was there during an Industrial Railway Society visit in Feb / Mar. Did anyone on the trip get a photo or the serial number of this blue one?


Some info here on the vehicle labelled CBF2

As no more conclusive info has come to light about the potential fourth unimog we felt it easier just to list the three certain examples by serial number. Any others that may have been seen here must have been on short term hire and info on these will be added as and when more definite details are known.

Just been round to have another look at the trailers and i can confirm:

RT1253-1258 inclusive are 8 meter trailers

RT1259 - 1261 inclusive are 10 meter trailers.

Also able to confirm IDs of both the Bances:

Canary Wharf station, in tunnel not visable:

Bance: 4SBAC15606

Trailer: TRL0204

Prince Regent:

Bance: 4SBAC15806

Trailer: TRL 0203

Both the trailers have red number plates stuck on with the above numbers. Bance IDs are on the front right seat.

Also at Prince Regent is Quattro MEWP trailer 951 (99709 009063-7) - Couldn't find this on the site.

Quattro MEWPS 938 and 268 were parked there too along with the usual trailers. There was also a truck collecting a JZ140 RRV and 2 trailers.

Thanks very much for this. Think we've updated everything including the erroneous Bance sightings. Some sightings will need to be re-added for 158/06.

So the only question now is - what was the trailer at Infrarail?! It definitely wasn't RT1260... think we'll need to delete those sightings from the 1260 page until we find out what it actually was...

The Excel trailer was RT1262, now Road Rail Cranes RRC09. Thanks to Steve from RRC for confirming this.

Was at Prince Regent on 4/8/16 and saw a white machine on track partially under a Tarpaulin marked Rowa and numbered ME1.

Can,t find on site and looks like it should be.

Anyone know what it is.

I think this will be a drilling rig - possibly "Rig A" as I saw the other Rowa one (under covers) at Plumstead in May. The Plumstead one is known as Rig B I believe.

Hi Dennis,

You saw Drilling rig A which should be based at Custom House for the next month or so. Drilling rig A does all the M&E drilling for cable trays etc, Drilling rig B which Ben saw at Plumstead does the OLE drilling. ME1 is the train head-code for the drilling rigs.

I visited Plumstead 18/8 and noted the following. The two R/R Chieftain Trailers are now parked in a yard opposite the main rail yard. Also stored with them are 12 or 13 brand new Chieftain road trailers painted White and all with Blue seats on top. Any ideas what they are for ? In the main rail yard were two Bance trollies and THREE Bance trailers. Two were numbered 0203 and 0204, but the chap I asked couldn't find the small Bance builders plate on the third one. This has inherited the personnel cage from 0203 which was cageless. Any ideas what the ID of the new trailer is ? Talking to the Allellys lorry drivers who were there to turn all the wagons around (they had done all the Concrete wagons, and were in the process of turning the 'wet' wagons), and they said that a brand new Unimog with a HIAB was in the shed at the far end of the site. They were also then to take one of the Clayton locos back to Burton for some repairs, and were bringing a replacement loco back whilst the other one was off site. I also noted a wagon marked as ATC LOG1 and another marked ME7, and RLS 92548 marked as UMAC 1. Should these be on the site ? I was very lucky to see TSO495 coming up the slope very slowly into the yard at Crossrail Westbourne Park at 17.50 hours. Any help with the queries much appreciated.

Additionally to the above I have seen wagons marked ATC LOG3 & LOG7 as well as 92548.

I am moving any Old Oak Crossrail updates to this topic heading now as it seems to be more relevant. Any way here goes:-

The Aspin Colmars have changed, possibly over the weekend when I wasn't in. They are now 940808 [RRV20] carrying the small pile vibrating tool and coupled to trailer 010805 [TR14], and 940810 with the large pile driving hammer. A second trailer is on site which I can only identify with fleet number TR18. Everything else remains the same as far as I can see although one of the access platforms was railed late yesterday afternoon along with the Podtrac & trailer, possibly to start erecting masts.

To the best of my knowledge (as usual), the Cheftian road trailers might have been inherited from another contractor, I know at least 2 are in service at Fisher Street with a little airport style buggy. Londonist Ltd did a video on Crossrail a couple of months ago and Geoff was filmed riding on them. They have been parked the main yard next to the aggregate shed for a long time.

I know one of the Bance trolleys requires some maintenance so Bance were due to provide a replacement while the other was repaired ( I presume this is the third one you saw). I'll have a look next time I'm in the yard.

The unimog in the maintenance shed should have been #240938.

I can confirm most wagon RIV codes if anyone wants them.

Regarding OOC, those RRVs are under a different contractor so I can't help there I'm afraid.

Some of the stack of new trailers are now numbered. CT2, CT3 & CT5 seen.

I think 2 & 5 are 10 metre and 3 8 metre.

New unimog due at Plumstead this week apparently, no more details at the moment.

Trackwork RR and Trailer back in action at Old Oak Crossrail site yesterday...any idea of ID Sledgebloke?


Just had a couple of passes on the train. Could see 3 unimogs, 1 was on track with some wagons and I think has now moved.

4 lift type r/r parked in a line

1 red and 2 blue shunters.

Will try to make sense of what I've just seen when back home!

Thanks for all the info posted about this site, most helpful.


Chris, that unimog with the wagons should have been the new one delivered this week undertaking trials and commissioning, I don't know ID of it yet. Red shunter was the O&K, the blue ones are the Newag shunters (4 total).

Thanks for that 01276, I've just had a look through what I saw.

The one I saw on track had Unimog 1 on a fluorescent yellow patch taped on to the silver sides. Its a tad blurred, but I think it is a type 400. This seems to match the PIC of 215665.

The two I saw off track parked nose to tail, 1 had a hiab, the other didn't. Too far away for anything more detailed. Perhaps one of those may be new?

Saw tons of wagons, but only managed to identify about 12. I think a return visit will be in order.

I haven't been able to work out the four access platforms I saw all in a row. There appear to be 3 listed under Crossrail, and all were seen recently at Prince Regent. Any assistance if possible with these would be most appreciated please.

Kind regards


Chris, Just checked our site, the new unimog hasn't been delivered yet, it was due to site today but apparently it has had a minor RTC on the way over so has been turned back to King for checks. Therefore you must have seen the three uniogs already listed on this site.

When you say access platform do you mean KFA flat wagons with the orangy/yellow platforms? These are on wagons TIPH93424, TIPH93466, VTG95379 and VTG 95380.

Hope that helps

That's great news, thanks for confirming the unimogs.

The access platforms I referred to are yellow 4 wheel machines, possibly not the exact right term for them. They are like skyrailers or cherry pickers.

they were parked up on a concrete area with lots of red boxes stacked up behind them.

The more I look at it, the less sure I am they have rail wheels, there's a line or bit of fence right in the way which stops me having a clear view.

Thanks again for the help


Chris - there are three Crossrail/ATC Neotecs 912213-912215; and at least nine different Quattro Neotecs have also been noted at various Crossrail locations.

I think it may now be near-impossible to identify the ones you saw at this stage.

As Vince says, it varies greatly what is stabled there from day to day. There s a photo in my upload approval queue of 9 different MEWPs stabled at that location. If/when it get approved I post the link.

Thanks for that info 01276 and Vince.

Ive a far better idea now what I need to look out for next time.

Much appreciated


A bit of activity to report this week:-

1 The SPL access platforms changed at some point and as of last Thursday at least they have been 942104 & 105 and as of today ( Tue ) they appear to be the only RR plant on site.

2:- Paul, the Trackwork M/C was again RR104 but I couldn't ID its trailer, it left today possibly for a weekend job elsewhere and may return again in the future.

Wednesday is my last day on shift for a week and I will be back on nights, however with the shorter days it is becoming increasingly difficult to see numbers but I will try.


Ok thanks for your help Sledge



I visited Plumstead yesterday and notably the Cheiftain trailers appear now to be seeing some use - or at least some of them. I only saw one of the smaller trailers, CT3 (which I think is RT1255 but not 100% sure on that) which was parked on hard standing in the yard nearest the station and presumably most, if not all, of the others are out in the tunnels. The only trailers that appeared to remain by the aggregate loading shed were the three larger trailers. RT1229 and RT1230 meanwhile remain stored in the yard next to the Ridgeway and are now surrounded by barricades, so presumably not being used.

However I am not at all convinced that these are 8m and 10m lengths as previously suggested as they just don't look long enough. CT3 is larger than a 5m, but only just from the photo I took (submitted earlier) and I suspect is therefore a 6m or 7m model based on the location of its wheelsets. Likewise I suspect that the three longer trailers are either 7m or 8m models. Annoyingly however none of these appear to have the length written on them, like most of the new Cheiftain trailers appear to.

I took photos of the end of the trailers that were stacked up next to road on 4th Aug.

It definitely says 10m on the left stack and 8m on the right stack.

Don't know if the stacks are still there.

From Nick's sighting of CT3 it appears that one at least has moved.

CT3 would be an 8m one from my photos.

Do we know for sure this CT3 is RT1255? Seems quite an assumption!

Thanks Dennis. On the occasions I have seen these, I haven't noticed measurements despite looking! The stacks have now been decimated, with only the three larger trailers remaining as far I as could see from the perimeter. CT3 was in the yard nearest the station, the others having seemingly gone elsewhere.

No Vince, not certain RT1255 is CT3. There was a small number imprinted on one end in the metal which looked like RT1255 with bino's but happy to be corrected.

Two Aspin Colmars and trailer being offloaded this morning at Old Oak. New Pod Trak has been there for last week or so along with the two access platforms.

Also appears just one of the Neotecs remain at Westbourne Park.

Two Neotecs now back at Prince Regent, they were transferred on Saturday. I believe the new unimog has also been delivered to Plumstead now, one of the unimogs is due for a transfer to WBP shortly. The unimogs and trailers based at Plumstead should be seeing more use over the next comming months as more M&E works start.

Unimog #215665 is now at WBP

Thanks yes just seen the unimog. Joined today by several Quattro MEWPs. Old Oak has gained Leibherr too during course of today - assume also Aspin one...

Ben, I believe both Pod Trak Doosans may be down on the GWML as they posted photos of one working at Heathrow on their Facebook and Twitter accounts last Tuesday

Able to confirm and deny a few things..

Chieftan trailers..

RT1257 is CT8

RT1260 is CT5

RT1261 is CT6

RT1255 is CT9

RT1253 is CT2

CT1, 3 & 4 are also at Plumstead on track, one of which now has a welfare container attached to it.

All of these (apart from CT2) were ID via the tow bars, and are currently by the aggregate shed. As they are new I presume tow bars haven't been swapped and changed.

Unimog 4 is on track numbered 240933, the unimogs have also helpfully had big white numbers applied to them. Think this needs adding to the site.

Two new yellow wagons were also being delivered for OLE - pretty sure I saw SVI / Alstom written on them.

Thanks we've added these and corrected CT3 entry. The unimog has also been added.

Unimog 1 still at Westbourne Park earlier.

Think there may also be more than two SPL access platforms at the Old Oak site now too.

Certainly three on site today Ben, unable to confirm any numbers due to time constraints but will try at some point this week. Also on site two trailers and a Readypower bulldozer, all RR 360's (4) left today presumably for other weekend commitments.

Update 2 for this week:- Pod trak 940851 was offloaded again this morning whether it actually went anywhere overnight I can't say, it is parked up in what now appears to be a stabling area on the North side of the site which may be able to be viewed from the canal towpath through the trees now that Autumn is here. The Readypower bulldozer is 941102, it's duties leveling the base ballast on the North side may be done as it is parked in the middle of the site where it could be loaded on to road transport. The three SPL access platforms are 912035, 912036 and 942105 and I believe the two stacked trailers are 010926 & 010928 but I need to confirm both numbers.

In addition to the items I saw and posted at Prince Regent today there was also another Neotec Alutrailer which even though I could see the number I just couldn't I/d it - any help would be appreciated



Yesterday 18/10/2016 at Plumstead there were 2 Alstom track machines owned by SVI. One was white MPV type and was parked in the sidings closest to Plumstead station. The other was yellow in at least 2 sections and was parked at the buffer end of the site. Markings on side were 5-RS6-01. Does any body have any idea on this contraption?


Ted Knotwell

Hi Ted,

Was the white one not the Dresine / EOMA2? The yellow ones arrived last week, they are two axle access platform things. I don't have any details on them yet but when I do I will pass this to Ben/Vince so they can add them to the site.

Trailer update: CT1, 7 and 4 and in the main yard on track but tucked away. CT3 is off track in the Old Coal Yard.


Thanks 01276!

Yes we looked over the drasine during our IRS visit last February. The other one is a mystery and I look forward to hearing more about it.

Unimog 3 (240938 I think) was also there on Tuesday with several interesting locomotives outside the scope of this website.

All best wishes


Heard a rumor yesterday that two new (neotec?) MEWPS have been delivered to Plumstead for OLE...

I've heard that it may be some "EVO" baskets from Promax rather than Neotecs. Numbers not yet confirmed.

No sign of them at Plumstead at the moment, though admittedly I didn't look in the OLE storage compound.

Trailer update:

Chieftain trailer CT3 = RT1254 (confirmed), CT2 now has a small winch attached to it. Quattro trailers 1051 & 688 have gained removable handrails.

I'll upload some photos shortly.

Concrete train is breaking world records: (requires google translate, though I'm sure something will be forthcoming from Crossrail press office soon)

Whilst we could find no trace of new MEWPs at Plumstead or Prince Regent today, we did find a brand new Neotec Alutrailer at Prince Regent - 99709 009250 0. This carries no clue to ownership other than on it's data panel, which despite our best efforts we can't quite make out. However the owner name is several words, and we believe this is probably the parties to the Crossrail JV but any confirmation would be appreciated.

Three "new" unimogs visible today at the Crossrail railhead at Plumstead. One was white and visible from mainline and also from Gate 4. Two more blue liveried ones in the yard adjacent to the Green Way with one of the road rail Chieftain trailers. All three unimogs are shunter type and branded Lemonnier - who appear to be a French unimog dealer- so suspect just on hire.

01276 has very kindly been to check and photograph each of these yesterday so details are now added. Seems there are actually 3 blue unimogs and one white one now on site. Luckily the three blue ones do all seem to be slightly different so the photos should help future identification.

A word of caution to those trying to identify the Unimogs. I think we're going to have problems with mis-identification of two blue Unimogs. They look very alike (both have blue tanks on the back), and I think it would be near-impossible to pick off the differences from passing trains, or binoculars or whatever.

  • Thumbnail 214126-1
  • Thumbnail 224139-1

The other two should be easy to identify from the massive white tanks on the back.

  • Thumbnail 219528-1
  • Thumbnail 226761-1


I viewed the Plumstead site yesterday 17/01/2017 and saw 3 yellow Unimogs with King above cab. But no sign of any of the Lemmonier hire ones. Recent arrival was Quattro 259 with RIV 942011 visible parked beside the fence.

How many Unimogs does King have here in total now?

Ted Knotwell


King are the UK Agents for Zagro (and in fact actually undertake Zagro conversions under licence). There are (as far as I know) four King rail conversions for Crossrail (UNIMOG 1 to UNIMOG 4) though one was off site for a while.

A further King conversion was the new McCulloch Unimog.

There may be others


Alex Betteney

Thanks Alex, much appreciated


I visited Plumstead yesterday (Feb 9th) and noted the following which are not on the site. LOG 1 (33 87 4729 024-9), FW 01 (33 87 4909 308-8), (WEL) 8 (23 87 4138 00?- ), DFB 06 ( 33 87 4909 390- ), SLP 18 (RLS 92544), FB 3 (23 87 4138 00?-6), LOG 05 (33 87 4729 026- ), SLP 04 (TIPH 93473), (WEL) 20 (33 87 4909 383- ), CBF 2, LFB 02, (WEL) 18, FW 03, FW 02, (WEL) 15, a Yellow 'Mog with no number on the door with a Palfinger on the back, two Bance Trailers (maybe 0203 and 0204). No sign of any other 'Mogs, but many other wagons dotted around the site. Is it possible to put the above wagons (along with any others noted by correspondents) into a special Crossrail section, and I'm sure I am not the only person to have seen them ? Another rake of wagons was noted at Custom House, but could not get the numbers as they were below platform level. Any help with the Yellow 'Mog and Bance Trailers appreciated.

Hi Roger,

The yellow unimog should have been number 4.

Bance trailers should be the ones already on the site:

I do have an almost complete list of wagons on the site, but whether Vince and Ben want to add them to the site I will leave it up to them!

Many thanks for the info. I will add them to my sightings.

I am reluctant to add many of the wagons listed as they're not really doing a plant-y job. Essentially they're just container wagons doing just what they do - they have a ("welfare") container on! In fact, I'm considering removing some we already have listed as they dont really serve any plant purpose.

On top of this there is so much scope for mis-identification. What if someone sees "container 1" and assumes it is on "wagon x", when really it has been swapped around onto "wagon z".

Ballast track works are carrying on this week between Plumstead and Abbey wood on the new Crossrail tracks. There was a path to and from Hoo Jct Up yard last night:

and another path in for tonight which looks like the train is returning on Thursday

Works are being undertaken by BB and i know a Kirow crane is due on one of these paths.

I think I saw one of the blue unimogs at Westbourne Park this morning. Only saw the top as it was obscured by the hoardings.

It has been brought over to replace unimog #1 which has gone back to Plumstead for servicing.

Thanks. Not visible this evening - in fact no unimogs were. It also looked like TSO494 had gone.

494 is busy doing material collections from the tunnel and the unimog is probably assigned to delivering sleepers while the 66 is on the LWR train. I did hear a rumor that TSO495 will be coming back to Plumstead this weekend.

Blue unimog with blue tanks on the back has now appeared here. It has a large number 6 on cabside.


On 31st March blue Unimog at Crossrail seen from passing train. Can anybody help with ID?

white Unimog seen passing Plumstead site today 4th April assumed to be only white one there?


Ted Knotwell

Sorry chaps

Sighting 31st March I should have said was Westbourne park Crossrail


Noted today at Crossrail Westbourne Park was Blue Unimog (with Blue tanks) numbered 6. Any ideas which of the two it is ? Also noted were eight of the Chieftain Trailers in two batches of four each - only CT6 and CT8 positively identified. Any ideas what the others were ? At Plumstead were two new Neotecs with new trailers. 912298 and 912299 were the MEWPS, but the trailers were placed awkwardly in the front baskets. All the new Quattro MEWPS were working down in the tunnel at Prince Regent, so will have to wait for another time to see them.

I think #224139 is the one at Westbourne Park and branded unimog 6. It has blue tanks on the back and white Zagro branding on the side. The other one with blue rear tanks has black Zagro labels I think. Still there this morning with unimogs 2 and 3 but not had a great view yet.

I see various trailers each day but never all of them.

The timber hoardings have been removed now at Westbourne Park which makes it much easier to view the yard.

Blue unimog 8 turned up here yesterday to join 2 and 3.

When passing this morning TSO494 was heading into the tunnel.

On Saturday at Plumstrad we noted 6 of the original order of Chieftain trailers plus 4 new ones and the two with road wheels - total 12.

Today I noted CT3 CT5 and CT9 at Westbourne Park which all tallies with the website total of 15 Chieftains. However - I think there are also at least two more in this train at Westbourne Park (currently behind Unimog 2) and they've been in this set for a while but don't carry the CTxx numbers on the side facing the mainline. I think these could perhaps be the missing CT10 and CT11 (originally thought allocated to the road wheels pair)?

On Friday 02/06/17 I noted at WBP:


Chieftan RT1285 (No CT number, new trailer?),

RT1254 CT3,

RT1255 CT9,

RT1252 (RT1253 is CT2, so presume this is the elusive CT1),

RT1260 CT5 (couldn't find builders plate, had CT5 sprayed on it and I had previously made a record of the serial number)

KFAs/Single wagons:

93316 (M&E5)

95379 (M&E1)

93423 (SLP12)

93429 (SLP13)

92550 (SLP19)

93378 (SLP15)





23874138004-8 (Welfare 6/TSO11) - looks like its had a graffiti attack.


33874909392-2 (DFB11)

33874909306-2 (Welfare 10)


Newag Loco No.2

Unimog #2,

Unimog #6 (-4139)

Unimog #8 (-9528)

Concrete Shuttle Schoma + wagons

Quattro 438


CT1 was at Plumstead on Saturday (RT1258) so my guess is RT1252 was delivered before the extra 9 that we first saw in May 2016 (perhaps a trial before buying more?) RT1285 definitely new though. Both now added to website.

I was clearly able to see five there this morning.

I believe Westbourne Park site is due to be cleared in the next week or so...

Indeed, hopefully most was brought over this weekend apart from a few bits. Also this week is the last week the concrete train will be operational before preparations begin to send it back to France. It will be mostly working in the open sections on dayshift so if anyone wants to go and see it drop a reply below and I'll post some gen.

The concrete shuttle was at the Plumstead Railhead today with the Schoma loco being worked on by three orange hi vis.

Three unimogs still present today plus the train of 5 wagons behind unimog 2. TSO494 and the two white MetAlliance vehicles that don't have rail wheels (whatever they do?!) are now both here.

Three Readypower machines and two trailers also still present.

Clear out at Westbourne Park has definitely begun. Unimogs 6 and 8 still present this evening along with two Readypower Manitous and a TXM machine. Unimog 2 and its trailers plus TSO494 appear to have now gone.

Can anyone fill in these blanks from Westbourne Park (24th) please?

940049 with two trailers, was the second one FR734?

Trailer on top of RT225, was it 010191?

2 TXM Platform baskets and two yellow baskets that carried 'Rail OP 00' on the arm

1 more Readypower excavator slightly further down the hill towards the tunnel


Just unimog 8 remains at Westbourne Park from the Crossrail fleet now. A couple of other Readypower machines plus trailers tidying up the yard.

The removal of the concrete train / TSO chute wagons has commenced this week with Allelys taking 2 -3 wagons daily from Plumstead down to Dover (exact location not known) for onward transit through the CT in two and half weeks.

I presume by Dover they mean the depot at Folkstone euroterminal

Allelys rig currently at Westbourne Park taking a flat wagon out. Unimog 8 has turned around and is presumably being used as yard shunter to clear remaining stock onto low loaders.

A few Readypower machines still at Westbourne Park as the site is cleared. Interestingly the track into the tunnels has been lifted along with most of the track in the yard.

07/08/17 Plumstead observations and a new mystery... I've not included everything I saw but noted plant people may be interested in. Photos will be sent in shortly.

'Plot E' opposite main railhead:

Chieftain trailers Trailers RT1229 & RT1230

Plumstead Railhead:

A "new" Cheiftan trailer RT1231, same type as RT1229/30. Parked near main entrance. No idea who owns it or where it has appeared from....

4 Keltbray flatbeds with access platforms near Aggregate shed (currently being demolished).


Quattro MEWPS 898, 899, 1064, RRV 254 near main gate.

Clayton 7 and unimog 1 parked near main gate.

Unimogs 8 & 6 parked east of aggregate shed.

In the middle sidings were Unimog 4, Unimog 3 (with the 3 missing from one side).

Cheiftain trailers CT2, CT8, CT 6 ("welfare 22"), CT12, CT 13, CT1, CT7, CT4, CT14, CT15.

KFA 93473 now has it's tunnel jetwash mounted, along with another wagon with 2x 20' water tanks.

TSO 494/495 parked up on site.

Old Coal Yard:

Quattro RRV 408, 431

Quattro RRVax BX-ZB-33. Checked chassis number, definitely this one. Missing front Reg plate.

Wagon Log 6 (xx9021-5) now has a wiring module mounted to it.

Newag 2.

Both drilling rigs have made it back to Plumstead and are visible in the Old Coal Yard (covered by blue and green tarp). I understand they have now finished and won't be going back in.

A new piece of equipment has arrived lately, I believe it is a SVI APV350, it is in white with Alstom branding. Very similar to

Working with it is a new white RSM9 in similar Alstom white with branding. Both have arrived from the continent.

Is this new APV350 out and working as it does not seem to have been reported.

No it's still in Plumstead railhead though it should be out soon, it's #808910 (Ben/Vince sorry I think I put the wrong details on the photo I submitted). A new gate access and some fencing has been removed along Whiteheart Lane along side the railhead so it may be possible to spot.

A new SVI RSM12 in Alstom white livery has also been delivered this week to Plumstead, photo (with number) is in the upload queue.

Finally I found three "new" Neotec MEWP trailers lurking in the yard on Monday though their rail wheels have been removed, their owner is TSO UK branch. Photo with numbers in the queue.

Have added the three new vehicles, will add the photos in due course:

APV350 is this 808910? (your photo was captioned as CMT250 - is that the "wrong detail" you mention?)


RSM12 808912

(I guess these vehicles were originally built/operated in 2009 with the CBF2 #808911 that arrived here last year)

Thanks as always for the updates!

Hi Vince, Yes that's correct, not sure why I put CMT250 on the photo - one of those days!

Thanks to 01276 wandered down to Plumstead today. A lot of groundworks going on inside. A new gate by the industrial estate and another under construction as he says and a better view inside. Saw the APV 350 but not the RSM's.

Some new OLE plant has arrived in the form of 3 more RSM12 platforms.

These are:

RSM12 (Internal fleet number "RSM6" painted on side). Serial: 605410-1 of 2006. Painted yellow.

RSM12 (Internal fleet number "RSM4" painted on side). Painted yellow. Strangely both works plates missing, screw holes evident. Anyone know of any other way to ID?

RSM12 (Internal fleet number "RSM3" painted on side). Serial: 809480 of 2006. Painted White.

Finally RSM12 No. 808912/1 Now has "RSM5" painted on side.

Hi all,

I am 99% sure i sure APV350 working yesterday (06/11) going back to Plumstead past Custom House / Prince Regent.

There is a small chance it was E-DRA-02 given they are both similar, and i am comparing the two 'after the event', but pretty sure it had the white crane arm, and smaller Alsthom logo.

If interested, the following passed Prince Regent. Two R/Rs came from the Connaught tunnel, westbound and off-tracked into the yard around 17:30 but i did note note these, or all the R/Rs in Prince Regent Yard (at least 10 of them).

66755 moved West 17:15 to let roadrailers out off track then went East 17:35

The following trains all went East to Plumstead:

17:45 APV 325 GEMINI-01

18:00 Unimog 3

18:08 66761

18:30 APV350

18:33 Unimog 2 with Westinghouse platform screen doors train East

18:36 Claytons 6 & 7

18:36 Jung 4

18:45 Jung 2

18:50 Jung 1/N1

18:53 Clayton 2

19:03 Clayton 1

19:06 Claytons 4 & 3

Lots of plant currently at the new Crossrail depot at Old Oak Common. I think a lot of it would probably be visible from the canal too as many seem to have moved down the yard in the last day or so. A Kaill machine amongst them I think.

I viewed on Tuesday, 31st July.

Westbourne Park.

Missed 7 Quattro trailers. 2 attached to machine 408, another 2 attached to machine 349. The other 3 were over the back. I notice Ben has reported 7 trailers that day. Perhaps at least some match up? Are you able to say please Ben?


Quite a change since my last visit. A lot less here than previously.

I missed a couple of trailers and a line of MEWPs.

One of TSO494 or 495 was also visible near Einstein when I went past on the train.

I noticed a wagon carrying Welfare unit 3. Is this still 93387 please?

At Abbey Wood there was a Readypower MEWP just beyond the station, next to a new Crossrail unit. Unfortunately it was face on so I was unable to identify it.

There were also 2 Readypower MEWPs between Plumstead and Abbey Wood on the opposite side of the line to Plumstead railhead.

Prince Regent

I got there just before 17:00 and stayed till 19:10.

The early activity was Quattro road railers being off-tracked. There were 3 works trains worked by Unimogs with trailers between 17:40-18:05.

Plus 9 others with conventional locos and wagons.

All details obtained added as sightings.


As luck would have it I still have my notes from that day

608 & 098 with 349

103 & 609 with 408



645 off track

Think 649 and 645 have been re-tracked since.

Brilliant, Thanks Ben. That seems to be exactly what I saw.

I'll hopefully have another look at Westbourne Park tomorrow.

Best regards


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