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An unconfirmed report on a Group suggests that a Tamper and "Ballast Hoppers" have arrived via Dollands Moor for use on the CTRL. Apparently they moved to Singlewell earlier this week. Does anyone know more?

"Swietelsky are bringing in their 09-32 /4S tamping machine to work on CTRL" - quite possibly this...

Also, an SSP110SW ballast regulator is to join the tamper.

If anyone can get any numbers/photos of these machines, then please get in touch! Thanks :)

998191230023 and 998192250012 arrived Dollands Moor 25/09 from Germany.

Return to Germany early November.

If anyone wants to see what these machines look like, I have photos of identical ones here;




I don't think the tamper is identical?

You picture looks like a plain line 09-3X.

An 09-32/4S can tamp S+C as well as plain line,

Ah yes, it appears you're right, I've just checked the photo again!

Not to worry Dan, the UK spec 09-32/4S are soon to arrive in the UK...........

I think I was just going by the number range, but when I came to adding a caption to that picture earlier I realised it was an 09-3X.

Saw these at Singlewell yesterday. Can anyone check and advise the works #s before they go back?

Took a bit of tracking down, but here are the works numbers and more photos...

99 81 9123 002-3 (also numbered 97 43 55 503 17-4) = #3122/2004

99 81 9225 001-2 (also numbered 97 16 40 524 18-9) = #431/1987

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