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De-railment at Taunton Fairwater Yard.

About four or five years ago one of the Track Renewal Trains de-railed at Taunton Fairwater Yard, not far from the the road overbridge at the east end of the yard.

I have come across a picture that I took on my mobile phone at the time( its not exceptionally good quality), but I cannot find my notes giving me the number of the vehicle and the date.

Does anybody know which vehicle it was ?. I do rember that it caused some disruption for a few days at the time.

I believe this occurred on 30th March 2009 and involved HOTRT1. The information I received at the time suggested DR78801 was the vehicle which ended on its side.

Thanks for that Nick. Looking at the photo and comparing it with pictures of the vehicles I have taken at Fairwater in the past, I did think that 78801 was the candidate.

If I remember correctly, didn't the crane (96715) that came to rescue the TRT run into a spot of bother and need rerailing by another crane?

Now that you mention it Vince I recall reading in the local paper something about services being disrupted further due to 'an occurance' which was caused by the re-railling of the TRT, although what it was they didn't say. My friend (another rail enthusiast - but he's not into OTP), who lives alongside Fairwater yard said something about having to get a second crane in, and he assumed it was because the first one wasn't up to the job of re-railling the TRT - so it seems like you are right.

Having looked back through e-mails, what I understand happened is as follows. 96715 was indeed sent to site. During set up, it was moved with its jib partially raised and came close to touching live overhead power lines. Although not touched, arching occurred which caused major damage to power equipment and a widespread blackout of signalling equipment. I am not sure if 96715 was damaged (and I think the derailment was an initial rumour) but understand that the crew was replaced on this job. I suspect the crane itself may have been stood down as a precaution for checks to be undertaken in any event.

As I remember it 96713 & 96714 eventually re-railed 78801 about a week after the incident - which would have been the first week in April 2009.

96715 was eventually moved by Allelys to Clarke Chapman Gateshead in the July for major repairs to its electronics after the arcing incident.

I was told the overhead contact was much more than signalling or rail OHL equipment, it was a main non-rail powerline that took out a lot of the area, not just rail?

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