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Dodgy Company?

After some googling I came across this site

See what you think looking around that site, but a lot of pictures have been taken from here with obvious photoshopping.

I note 1 USP "for sale" was scrapped last year, and the so called "Rebuilt Rem Plant" picture is of inside a workshop in York! A lot of lies on that site.

Thanks for that.

USP5000C page has this photo, photoshopped:

  • Thumbnail 77320

Mosaic on this page is roughly this tamper photos!

Not sure where some of the other photos come from - maybe the old Fastline site?

I doubt they'll reply to copyright infringement emails/invoices. But I shall try...

I don't think they will reply, I know Plasser is aware of that company and not happy about them with copy parts.

But some of the lies on that site are quite shocking, I know a fair few of the machines listed on that site for sale have certainly not been touched by REM at all.

Start on the homepage and have a good look around.

I see what you mean about the Mosiac, looks like they took a screen dump from here a while ago when the Tamper pic of the SLC at NRM (73010) was at the top left, all the other pics follow the exact order of what you posted above.

Note the 09 picture at Barnetby in the mosiac has reduced height just as on here?

We'll hit them like we hit a large rail company when they took images from here without permission - simple as that! Thanks for the tip-off.

PS that company eventually paid out and we won't hesitate to go after anyone who abuses the copyright on this website.

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