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Doncaster Marshgate

Anyone have details of how to view the track machines at Marshgate? Many thanks

If it's only sight you're after, catch any Northbound train from Doncaster, look to the right just after leaving the station. As far as I know there's only the three cranes there.

As Dan says, not much to view, and will be even less after Friday.

What's happening Friday? Thanks

There is an inner ring-road goes over the top of the general area.

Not sure though whether walking up over the bridge is possible.

I presume they must be going to York to join the others? (Or Booths?!)

One at Marshgate will be removed on Friday for overhaul.

229 to be exact at Marshgate.

Plus 2 from York.

78229, 78231 & 78234, all three to be put back into service for Network Rail by Colas Rail Services. First stop Rugby for new wheel bearings etc. Then off to Pullman Rail for the rest of the work. 229 started first turn of the key after standing over 3 years, wish my phone had as good a battery as it !!

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