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a new VM 80 TRS for Netwok Rail was finished by Plasser & Theurer in Austria. It is on the way to Plasser UK. The car number is DR 76 711. The design looks like the DR 76 710. Has anybody seen this wagon?

Greetings Ralf

Thanks for the information Ralf.

A few people have seen 76710 in the UK - click here for more sightings and photographs.

76711 and 76702 have arrived in the UK - both noted at Dollands Moor yesterday.

Usual request, if anyone has any photos, then please upload them! Thanks! :)

What is this new machine 76710 VM 80 TRS.

Not sure what the VM80TRS (76710 and 76711) and VM80NR (76701, 76702, 76703) do exactly.

But, some photos have appeared on flickr showing one VM80TRS (76711) and two VM80NR's travelling through Europe en-route to the UK - does this mean 76703 also arrived?...

photo of all 3 - 1

photo of all 3 - 2

photo of all 3 - 3

photo of all 3 - 4

76711 - VM80TRS

76702 - VM80NR

76703 was reported at West Ealing yesterday - it must've arrived seperately...


the VM 80 TRS is to prepares a cutter bar hole allowing the excavating chain of the D75 to be placed and start its track lowering operation without the use of an external and independent road rail excavator.

Greetings Ralf

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