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DR 76710 & 76711

Hi there, just a quick one really.... Are these two vehicles no longer part of their HOBC trains? (76750/78802/78812/78822/78832 & 76751/78801/78811/78821/78831)

On here, it denotes that 76710 is currently stored at Willesden Euroterminal and 76711 at Taunton Fairwater Yd...I have seen one of the HOBC at Derby recently, and there are so many vehicles/wagons on it, sometimes I think I have missed something, as I didn't note 76711 in the formation?

Can anyone confirm please cheers



Going by various observations & comments over the last five years, I'm not sure these two have ever really worked with their respective HOTRS (not HOBC) trains properly. It may be fair to assume both are still not in use.

Not sure on 76710's present location, think it may be Crewe, not Willesden. There haven't been any obs since summer.

Excellent stuff, at least I'm not going blind then! Had a feeling they weren't present on the HOTRS formations.Thanks for clearing that up, much obliged..



Any idea why these were stored? It seems they saw little if any use after their delivery. Paper work issues? Red tape? No requirement?

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