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DR98934 on TOPS?

DR98934 has been listed on TOPS for the last few years, at Ashford Chart Leacon. Does anyone know more about it, if it actually exists, or why it is on the system?

Doesnt Exist AFAIK

could be a 'dummy' number in the system used for training. A fake loco pool (DXXD) with non existing loco numbers also exists to allow staff training on the T.O.P.S. computers and allow fake consists and schedules to be created, train formations set up etc etc. Stock from this pool used to be used for the December 24th schedule created for 1Z99 running North Pole to North Pole crewed by a Jolly chap in a red suit and white beard that arrived in the UK at midnight. The inclusion of a number on the system doesn't actually indicate existence as about 30 dxxd pool locos exist.

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