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Out of interest, in the late 80's, the DTS machines was all the rage for renewal jobs, achieving full speed handbacks on a Monday morning after a lagre weekend renewal.

But after looking on this site, am I right to assume that only 72211 and 72213 are the only 2 DTS machine left in the UK?

If so, do they get any work now?

72211 appears to be moving around a bit, but is it working, or just used to move other gear around or maybe route learning?

I know this ain't answering your question but I take it the DTS aspect of the two AFM 2000 RT track finishing machines get used to allow full speed handbacks ?

I don't know if the DTS aspect of the AFM gets used or not, not sure how them machines are handled by the NDS contracts, I guess they can be used 3 ways?

Obviously DTS aspects are used on High Output with the NR 09 machines for increased speed handbacks (not full speed), but interested what DTS requirements there is outside of High Output?

Anyone know if 72211 or 72213 get any work?

Interstingly DR72211 seems to have been out and about twice in the last fortnight from sightings, although I suspect this may have been as haulage for other machines.

I've been out quite a lot over the past month or so doing my driving hours - but other than that they don't get any DTS work. Rumour is they're both off to Liverpool later in the year...

Should say, been out on 72211 over the past month or so!!

Not used on renewals anymore only for machine haulage

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