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DX 79300

I've just bought a photo of DX 79300 newly delivered at Harwich in July 1983. Can anybody please tell me what it was and what happened to it?

Thanks very much

I think it was a Donelli Sleeper and Rail positioner, I remember it sitting in York (Skelton Yard) doing nothing for ages.

Poor memory, but I think it had a gantry that went out over the cab and in front of the machine to lay sleepers/rails. It was sold back to Donelli, Italy in 1987.

Ant chance you can post the picture?

Thanks for the response. Indeed it did have the gantry you describe. I've uploaded the photo today.

A fascinating photo, thanks for sharing.

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I didn't know such a machine existed (despite it being in the books of the time!) - details now duly added to the site.

Wonder if it's still going in Italy?!

Agreed, thanks for sharing! Looks a bit different to how my failing memory pictured it.

I never saw it work, just remember it sitting for ages in York, hard to work out exactly how it worked. Next time I bump into old ex-staff, I'll ask them about it, looks like the other end has the "interesting" bits, you don't happen to have a picture of the other end?

After some googling, the link below may give some clues, not sure if this is actually the same machine????


I doubt if many people saw it work?

From memory the side beams swivelled backward, looking at the photo. The rear end lowered of the beams carried the rail positioning clamps and sleeper spacing wheel.

Good find LM. Not quite the same machine - The UK one was apparently #600185 and the one on the French site is #600183

(I like how on the second page of photos there's pile of tourists watching it work, and so very close to the action!)

Here is a youtube link, looks like there was a few recently working in other countries!

Did you ever get involved with it Roger?

Not one of the machines I was Project Engineer for, fortunately. From what I can rememeber it wasnt very successful.

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