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East Somerset Jn derailment

There was a derailment at East Somerset Jn on 20/03/17 with a number of wagons ending up on their sides. Recovery is ongoing and there were reports online that ADRC96713 was being brought to site to lift the errant wagons. However a couple of update emails sent out internally by NR today have referred to a Kirow crane also taking part in the recovery. Does anyone know if this is accurate and if so whether this is the first time a Kirow has been used at a derailment in the UK?

Also reported on wnxx that a Kirow 1200 will be on site today

I think a Kirow was used when another crane (possibly a Kirow) toppled over at Clapham Junction a few years ago? Can't pinpoint the details at the moment.

Yes that's correct. I believe that in January 2003 when DRK81602 (?) overturned at Clapham one of the BTU cranes and a Kirow (I believe DRK81601) were used in tandem to recover it.

Picture on RM Web


Fantastic, thanks. Though it's perhaps a bit of a shame there are no pics of it in action. I should also point out that the username of the person who posted the pictures is a coincidence!

Kirows have also been used in past at other derailments.

Auto ballaster last year Dony Woodyard

Wagons at Washwood Heath

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