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Electrification Vehicles heading south ?

Does anybody know the ID of the two Electrfication vehicles that were heading south along the WCML on the 6th August during the morning please?

I did see DR98003 & DR98011 later on in the day heading south between Crewe & Stafford.

You might need to give us a more precise location of where you saw them Kevin!

There was a working 3Z07 that worked from Crewe Electric Depot 10:39 Down the WCML to Rugby arriving at 12:30. It then returned straight away arriving back at Crewe platform 8 at 14:27. It then worked 3Z17 back to Crewe Electric via Rugby, although it seems to have only got as far south as Newbold Jn before heading back north and arriving at Crewe depot 18:03 75 minutes early.

Thank you very much for the infomation, It looks like that I saw the 2nd working heading south by the same pair of electrification vehicles.

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