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Gantry units at Newton Aycliffe

Just seen a video on Youtube, of track laying at Newton Aycliffe, for the Hitachi plant - what are the gantry units used to move track panels?

I can't find them on

Do you have a link to the video please?

These are Geismar PEMS & LEMS used to install switch and crossings.

The LEMS are the motorised trolleys and the PEMS then 'walk' the S&C panels into the correct position.All are remote control.

Hopefully this one ? Some really interesting time lapse videos where Story have been the main contractor. The bridge replacement at York I found interesting, just because at the end the single line approach seems to be left in place, when all other track work is doubled. Anyway I hope the link works.

They started using remote control on the grounds of Safety. 15 years ago I was part of team of men that used to operate the PEMS & LEMS. We used to be under the control of one individual who would direct us all in what hand controls to be used - As all machines movements had to be in sync.

Problem being human error i.e. one machine does not do movement the same as all the machines around them - This leads to undue stress on the fittings holding the panel together of which can shear off from undue stress.

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