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Geismar Mini 4 x 2s (New) at Shettleston NR

3 New Geismar Mini 4 x 2s Have arrived at Shettleston NR

All 3 for NR

All 3 arrived Tue 02/07/2019

All 3 Built 2019

NO ECC date applied as yet to any

Details as Follows

905003-8 Build No. 4 - 2 / 0021

905004-6 Build No. 4 - 2 / 0022

905005-3 Build No. 4 - 2 / 0023

These are specially ordered to Check out The OHL

The Driver has a Standard fixed seat.

The second man has a Special Seat That Can Tilt backwards, this will allow him to check out the OHL,

the seat also has a head rest so that he doesn't hurt his neck


Thanks Jim, I have added these three records.

Have also added a new RIV list for 905s . Wonder what 905001 and 002 are?..

905001-2 and 905002-0 are either allocated to the P&T EM-SAT RT100 inspection units, or trailers which work with them

Could there maybe be a 905000 as well.

That would confound it further

Hope not

That's interesting - thanks Alex!

Just found this photo which would imply the number is only applied to the tiny satellite trolley, so I've now listed them seperately on the website.

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