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Some interesting photos of the new Windhoff vehicles for the GWML Electrification have recently appeared on flickr... - One of the power units, which doesn't appear to have a number yet; - zooming in, this appears to be KFA-NLU 93260 or 93280? - and this looks like KFA-NLU 93242.

Hope this is of interest.

This also begs the question - should I list these wagons on site, bearing in mind the WCML Windhoff wagons aren't on site (but a whole lot of other, possibly less planty wagons are)?

It's interesting the KFAs haven't been renumbered into the RIV series. It's your site Vince, if you think they should be included, then include them, and vice-versa.

See also

Look like they are of similer design.

You're right Simon. They're destined for the UK too.

Other KFAs are on site already, so these would fit.

They presumably snuck off to germany by road at some point.


Speaking of things that should and shouldn't be on site, if my photo of Baguley 1097 was rejected for being 'beyond the scope of the site', would it be an idea to remove the page, and the sightings of it? I think these KFAs though do have a place on the site, as they form part of the electrification unit.

I've now listed the various wagons here.

(Dan, I've changed the reason your photo was declined, I forgot the vehicle was still listed on site :)

My current understanding, but stand to be corrected, is that all new and converted wagons should now be numbered in the UIC series. I am not sure whether the KFA's are considered to be conversions or not, if so then they will be re-numbered prior to despatch back to GB. For some time all On-Track Plant has required a UIC number if it is to be used on Network Rail controlled infrastructure. From a date earlier this year all OTM's newly registered for use on Network Rail controlled Infrastructure have required a UIC number. The MPV's will be numbered in the range 99[space]70[space]9131[space]xxx-x and at least one of those on display at Munster carried its number in the cab. The space between digits is very important, apparently, when recording them. All existing OTM's will in due course be given UIC numbers but I do not as yet know when this will take place.

That was exactly my understanding too Peter. The spaced out digits is the format that is used for wagons, and I was surprised that when they started gaining UIC numbers, it was all one block, with the last six digits before the check digit being made bigger. However, UK staff seem very against UIC numbering, I remember when the IEA wagons were delivered, lots started to appear with the '31 70' prefix taped over, just showing the 'important' part of the number, something which I don't think is allowed in UIC regulations! Needless to say, full numbers are now pretty much completely evident again.

Currently, everything in the UK should at least be allocated a UIC number, but we decided to get some legislation that allowed the current domestic series to remain in place on current vehicles...

It looks like there are (at least) 8 KFAs involved in the GWML train, and all have been allocated 99 70 9131 xxx numbers. Interestingly there's also a JNA Falcon wagon in the new number series, presumably to carry scrap materials/ballast/etc?

Do you know any of the numbers Vince, and their former numbers?

The eight KFAs are amongst these eleven - 93242, 93243, 93244, 93245, 93254, 93256, 93258, 93260, 93263, 93276, and 93280 - exactly which have been used is currently unknown.

I have no idea which JNA has been used.


here is a link with more interesting photos to new High Output Plant system (HOPS)

Greetings Ralf

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