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ID problem at Doncaster Decoy 09-08-19


Whilst at Doncaster Decoy recently I saw 50008 coming out of the yard with two track machines, one was 9970-9515-005-5, I only then got the front part of the 2nd machine as 7095 but clearly got the last 4 digits as 020-8.

Using the check digit calculator 020-8 would tie up as being a 9970-9515 so I would like to know if these 9515s go up to 020 or beyond to confirm my sighting?




I believe this was the second vehicle -

Hope this helps?

Hello Nick,

Your are absolutely correct, shortly after my first post I noticed the check digit calculator on this site which showed I was wrong with my own calc - so much for my maths! Makes sense as I recollect 020-8 didn`t look identical to the 9515 one!

Many thanks,


Feel free to add your sightings of both - it may help other enthusiasts seeking these machines out :)


this would most likely have been Ballast Transfer Wagon...7095520208

often works in conjunction with a RailVac.



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