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New look for grinder

Not sure if this has been reported but here's a pic from a friend of DR79241-47 tonight.

She has just undergone a huge overhaul which includes the following:

Installation of a Cummins maintenance generator unit

Full set of overhauled trailer bogies and wheelsets

2 new grinding buggies

Full repaint and new livery

Together with a list of other maintenance tasks, she now looks fanatastic and is ready to provide a long and worthy service to the UK rail infrastructure.

C2103 will be receiving a similar overhaul in september....

Thanks for the info. Where was work done?

I believe it was 'in house' at Derby.

Yep, RTC.

A Grinder, I believe this one, worked from Woking to Burgess Hill on Saturday evening, arriving at around 00:40. It departed around one hour early at just before 7am Sunday. In this time, both up and down lines were re-profiled between just south of Burgess Hill Station and Montpelier Junction at Brighton, with gaps left around points at either end of Preston Park station. In total approximately 20 miles of rail was treated (and I was surprised how much was achieved). Not only are the freshly "ground" rail heads noticeably bronze coloured. there is also an audible change in wheel noise at least on the Electrostars.

The C2101, C2102 and C2103 are all 'preventative' rail grinders which are part of a 'cyclical plan' which operate in traffic (without a possession) and grind up to 25 miles per shift, removing up to 0.2mm of metal from the rail head. This all works towards maintaining the railhead profile to give us the quietest rail network in Europe!!

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