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New Network Rail snow train wagons

Ive been given a list of wagons that are due to be converted as part of these new snow trains


979009, 979012, 979013, 979014, 979015, 979016, 979053, 979054, 979059, 979060, 979066, 979093, 979096, 979401


460049, 460056, 460059, 460060, 460063, 460100, 460800, 461091

The first few wagons are now at Tonbridge, thanks to Steve H for these photos...

  • Thumbnail 997095920028-1
  • Thumbnail 997095940018-1
  • Thumbnail 99709594012-1

More on his flickr account here.

Have also created a new Snow Ice train sightings section - will add former numbers when known.

Three more new wagons are now at Tonbridge - 99709 592001 0, 99709 594002 6 & 99709 594004 2...

They look rather "lightweight". Presume not intended to run them into snow of any significant depth or at much speed ???

The plough wagons are apparently ballasted to 45 tons but I agree that they don't look particularly substantial. Any news on if/when the supposed Scottish version will be making an appearance?

To reply to my own reply.. I've just been advised that the Scottish snow train is to be released from Derby on Friday and will transit to Dundee for overnight stabling before continuing to Inverness on Saturday.

Now been informed that this has been cancelled

plough reported to be able to clear 2.5ft of snow (762mm)

The Scottish train will now be making its debut on 11/02/12. I've been told that it features a vehicle with hot air blowers and a steam lance(!) for clearing points and a mk2 coach for staff accomodation. Apparently it is to spend a week in Dundee yard for static training then to Inverness for running trials..

The Scottish train is now in Dundee,formed of 2x class 37s sandwiching 99709 594014-1 and Mk2 coach ADB977869.

So are there any plough parts to be added to the Scottish train or is it just the hot air wagon?

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