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New tampers

Following the new NR contract for supply of Tampers is there any news regarding new machines coming to the country?

To British Isles generally or Scotland in particular?

Should have added that the 2 ex Babcock GWS 75 tampers will be replaced this year & will be owned by NR Scottish Region

Hope this helps

For the rest of UK sorry but no idea

Think this is the current situation unless anyone can update...


2/4 new Plassers delivered (75008 & 75009)


1/2 new Matisas delivered (75503)


0/2 Plasser tampers


0/4 Plasser tampers


The two new Plasser GWS75s Jim mentioned have a new name - Robel ROMITAMP - and are due imminently, if not already delivered. Don't think these are part of the main big plant contracts original question was asking about though.

I heard one of the new Robel Tampers has been on test at Wirksworth but this was a few weeks ago.

UK generally. Good to see investment coming.

Colas, 4 09 Unimat machine with DTS, 2 delivered, following 2 machines due October.

Volker, equivalent "Unimat" machines, 1 delivered, one later this year, Non DTS.

Balfour, 08 Unimat machines (new breed), 2 to be delivered later this year, Non DTS.

BS Rail, 09 Unimat machine with DTS, 4 to be delivered.


Forgot to add, "System 7" V4.0 Tamper being built for UK spec, no other details so far....

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