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Nuneaton Weddington Terrace

Also called in here today. There are now 26 Mini 4-4 trolleys here and 20 trailers. Quite a collection. Many of these have recently been moved across from other nearby locations. A very reliable source confirmed all the numbers yesterday.

Visible from the industrial estate or passing Birmingham-bound trains.

Northampton Bridge Street seems to be collecting Geismars as well.

There were 9 today plus 6 trailers.

ID'd 7 Geismars

901081-4, 083-4, 084-2, 085-9, 090-9, 091-7, 095-8.

Any help with the other two would be gratefully received.

Does this mean that they are all being taken out of service?

If so are there any more mini dumps?

Viewed Weddington Lane yesterday and while I counted 26 trolleys could only see

9 trailers. Have some disappeared or were they hidden somewhere out of my sight.

When visited on 4th November, all 20 trailers were in plain view. 10 off to the left (as you look off the fire escape), and to the right, a pile of four, in front of a set of three, two behind, and one in the weeds.

I sent Dennis my photo last night taken from fire escape and it looks like the original piles are there but the newer ones have already moved on...

Today, just 5 Mini 4-4s were recorded whereas on 22nd February, 28 were recorded. Are the rest still here or gone? I was contemplating a trip to view these on Saturday. Thanks.

I suspect these are the only ones visible from the fence but may be wrong. What is also interesting is that 44/011 was noted - which hasn't previously been seen here. Either a new arrival or error?

I'm told a few of the early 44s are nearly out of their Acceptance Certificates...

Hi Ben. I was at Weddington Terrace, on Wednesday the 1st, & it was myself that noted 901062-8, 44/011, was there not to far inside the gates on its own, with my binoculars I could get 7 trailers & 6 trolleys also some part numbers from other trailers/trolleys from the fence, I went round to the depot but was told that there was no one there to take me round, went up on the foot bridge & there was 2 more trolleys in there by the fence, track side, but I could not get any Id of them. If you have a list of what is there so I can try match any of the part numbers I have. I would be very grateful.

We used to know what's there but it appears to have changed again!

The trailers seen on 22nd would have effectively all been visible from the fire escape. Several 4-4's were in the weeds, but the majority were in a big cluster (4 rows of 5/6) in the middle of the yard

Was there on the 4th. 901062 looks like it has just been dumped inside the gate to the left away from the rest.

Tried to count trollies and trailers from fire escape but cannot say definitely how many although within one or two of what has been seen before. What has changed however is that all the triangular shaped set of three wheels normally attached to the

trollies seem to have been removed and piled up in front of the main bunch.

Out of interest what is the purpose of these wheels?

These wheels are for on-tracking and off-tracking the trolleys,which can be be completed by just two people.

I called here today. These are the only 4-4s identifiable from the fence outside. There was no-one around and the gate was padlocked.

063-6, 064-4, 065-1, 067-7, 069-3, 071-9

I visited here today and managed to ID 12 trolleys and 15 trailers by number from the fence. 901054 is a recent arrival and sits with 901062 near the gate.

901064 and 901066 are on the front row of the main group at the back. The rest are in the original area near the fire escape stair in the corner.

Was at Weddington today. Does not appear to be any new 4x4's but trailers seem to move a bit.

Counted 20 which is less than my last visit. 011518 has definitely escaped. Saw it at Midland Rd.

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