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As can be seen from the sightings section DR98003/04/09/10/11 are in regular use whilst DR98001/02/05/06/07 remain stored at York Holgate Works. Some mystery though surrounds the current location of DR98012/13/14. These are reported to have left York in the early summer destined for Crewe but since only one sighting of DR98014 has been made. Machines in use usually return to Crewe Wistaton Road (station end of Crewe Electric) when not in use and it was presumed this was where DR98012/13/14 were moved. This appears not to have been the case with the sighting of DR98014 suggesting that they may be located at Crewe Gresty Road. Can anyone confirm the current location and status of DR98012/13/14?


Mike Kennard tells me that he saw one of these vehicles (possibly a pair) running under own power at Crewe Basford Hall recently (probably 30/10/12) - he could not get the numbers. Could be the missing ones?

Keith G 1/12/12

98013 & 98014 have recently been reported around Doncaster.

98012 sill hasn't been seen since Sept 2011!

98001/6/7 are currently undergoing overhaul / refurbishment works at our Holbeck facility - I will post some images shortly

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