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Plasser GPC 72 12t Crane - Seeking replacement traction motor

One of the 2 hydraulic motors on 81530 at Llangollen has failed catastrophically and cannot be repaired. Is anyone aware of a 12t GPC going for scrap or can suggest an alternative source of a replacement? Have tried EMR Kingsbury without success!


You could try "Micron Hydraulics" as they used to deal with repairs to gear like this.

Failing that, maybe someone at Balfour could help as they still run these and may have a part available?


some stored machines at ashford otpd that have been stored might be a source of what you require ???

Thanks for both those suggestions. Are they Balfour's machines at Ashford Steve?

Just answered my own question by looking at the Sightings tab!

huw, are you still on the look out for your part ??

Not found a source of a spare yet, no. No joy from EMR or Micron Hydraulics.

Huw, do you know if the motors Rexroth?

Any Idea on the cause of the failure?

The drawings I have says it should be a Sauer AMV-23

It is AMV 23! I have the Ser Number too!

Not sure of cause yet. The outer case is cracked, which suggests a catastrophic internal failure. Initial fault diagnosis identified a split in the supply hose; we replaced the hose and then discovered the crack in the casing! I have resisted any further internal investigation at this stage as pri is to find a replacement .

Thanks Bob. Maybe worth giving HP pumps a call, they deal with Sauer.


I'll add HP to the list of potentials and follow up!

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