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Plasser & Theurer GP Tramm

Can anyone kindly advise the engine make,model and hp of the power unit fitted to Plasser GP Tramms and if published anywhere what trailing load can be hauled?



Most probably a Deutz Engine and a ZF gearbox, but best if you can reference the actual machine.

Do you want to haul a load with it?

Ta, yes I do want to haul a light load (4 car emu @5mph! with adaptor coupling), got some stats from Balfour Beatty Rail that states extra wagons up to 130 tonnes (subject to gradient) can be inserted inbetween the TRAMM (in similar style to current Drain Train) just wondered if anything already published for any tail load, the driving motor on the drain train tramm is weighed down with lengths of scrap rail to increase weight.

The early TRAMM's had a Rolls Royce Engine and Twin Disc Gearbox whilst later machines had a Deutz Engine and ZF gearbox. The changeover occured around 1987 with, I believe, 98212.

You dont say which machine you wish to use, but I doubt if the early machines would have sufficient power. The later, Duetz/ZF, machines probably have sufficient power but lack the tractive effort unless ballasted as per Balfour Beatty Rail machines.

Many thanks (both) for replies.

If still interested I do have a copy of the Operating manual for a Rolls fitted Geismar unit. Dated around 1986

Also have a manual for the TASC as well

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