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Plasser & Theurer machine description codes


Apologies if this has been asked before, but is there a good reference anywhere on the internet or in a book/magazine which would help me understand the codes Plasser & Theurer use to describe their OTMs, e.g. 08-16/4X4C100-RT?

I know the 08 bit refers to the series (I think), but what does the 16/4X4C100-RT bit all mean?

Thanks in advance for any pointers or information,


You are best looking on the Plasser UK site

08 for the series of machine

16 for how many tamping tools

I think 4x4 for the tamping units being split, meaning 4 independent tamping units

C for Compact machine

100 for transit speed of 100 km/h

RT for compliance with Rail Track standards, newer machines are "NR" for compliance with Network Rail standards

Okay folks,

I've partially answered my own question so apologies again for asking in the first place although it has taken me a _lot_ of searching to find the partial answer.

My example I gave was 08-16/4X4C100-RT, and that all means:

◾"08" stands for the machine series, 08 following on from the very successful 07 series

◾"16" stands for the number of tamping tools on the single sleeper tamping bank

◾"C" stands for COMPACT machine design without trailer

◾"100" stands for a self-propelled travel speed of 100 km/h (60 mph)

◾"RT" stands for compliance with relevant railway group standards, e.g. the GM/RT standards



Hi Lerpass,

Many thanks for your answer. I'd just found that page myself after a lot of searching, but you beat me to the post by 60 seconds!

Thank you for replying.

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Hi Míceál

Technically, Compact doesn't mean without a trailer, for example 73919 is a "Compact" but does have a trailer.

But as a "C" machine, the main body of that machine is a Compact

Thanks for that additional info Lerpass, and an interesting photograph too. That must be something quite different to drive on the mainline with that trailer out in front when driving from that end. I guess the driver operator will need to stop well back from signals.

I understand what you are saying, that 'C' for Compact refers to the main machine itself, and it can be ordered with an optional trailer but it is still a Compact. I'm guessing, going by that photo, that if you want a brush bar on a Compact then that pretty much means you need to get a trailer.

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