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Privatisation/Post-privatisation TRCs & IMCs

Over the weekend I've been trying to get to grips with the allocation of plant during/after privatisation (1994-1998ish). To that end, I've slowly been adding details to various OTM profiles (example) - there's still a long way to go on this but I'll get there.

We have a small number of photos of Fastline (pre-Jarvis) and Centrac machines on site, but not many of the other Track Renewal/Infrastructure Maintenance Companies.

I've seen a few photos on the web [top few] of "Scotland Track Renewal Company" branded machines (before Fastline acquired them). Does anyone have photos of machines owned/branded with the regional TRCs/IMCs - Southern, Eastern, Western, Central, Northern & Scotland (1994-1996).

Likewise, does anyone have any (more) photos of machines after the regional companies were finally sold, from the 1996+ period? ie, those owned by RelayFast (Western & Scotland TRCs), Fastline (Northern & Eastern TRCs), Centrac (Central TRC), First Engineering/(TrackAction?!) (Scotland IMC) Amey/(Compactors Ltd?!) (Western IMC)? Did RelayFast even have time to put their branding on any machines before Jarvis acquired them in mid-1997?

Any photos or extra info would be most welcome. Thanks in advance!

Having been employed throughout that period initially under BR / RRNE and being transferred to BRIS NE then Northern Track, Fastline and eventually Jarvis.

I cannot remember any specific branding or other marking being applied on the initial transfer of machines other than a small sticker saying NORTHERN TRACK RENEWALS. possibly in 3 inch lettering.

There was obviously more applied on the transfer to FASTLINE and ultimately to Jarvis.

Fastline applied their logo to a large number of machines and even started to repaint some in the original Fastline livery. This didnt last very long as under Jarvis most operational machines were painted in Jarvis livery. When the Track Renewals arm was rebranded the second Fastline livery was devised.

The early Fastline liveries was very basic, just yellow with a grey solebar.

In the very early Fastline days, as an experiment, a USP5000C was painted all blue! It looked hideous and was overpainted back to yellow the following day!

After the Red Jarvis livery, a yellow and black Fastline livery came out, only a few TRM's had this done. Tamper yellow and black was done on paper but never made it to the Tampers.

On paper, it did look quite good though.

Just to add, the guys in Scotland decided to experiment when Jarvis took over. 73243 was painted in an un-official livery as the link below.

Which was a one-off.

OK, a typo, machine was 73423.

As a forum improvement, an edit button would be good?

Were there not a few Fastline tampers repainted yellow c2006 following "refurbishment"? I certainly recall the day 73423 appeared at Shettleston in the "unofficial" livery (hard on the heels of the buildings getting the Jarvis maroon paint job)

I seem to remember that Electrification construction plant at Roberts road and Horsham had no stickers for Northern track renewals but used the road vehicle stickers for Fastline track renewalsand the removed them for Jarvis.

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