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PW Trolley at East Somerset Railway

I saw a powered PW Trolley at the East Somerset Railway on 20th August 2017. I asked a volunteer about it and he said it was made by one of the volunteers a year or two back and was capable of 27 miles an hour! No other info was forthcoming. Does anyone have any additional details on this?

This one?...

I don't think that is the same one. There are many detail differences. If I could work out how to add a photo I would! Mike


This could be called a Trolley development programme. They are all manufactured by one gentlemen who works for Cranmore Traincare and Maintenance Services.

It started with an easily portable flat pack Trolley and developed into something more substantial.

If you search on You Tube, you will find various videos or the different versions.

If you want any more details, please contact me


- the original

The most recent one - &t=38s

This is still present at the East Somerset Railway. I was told similar to the information above, that it is the project of a volunteer. However I was also informed that it originally had an engine from a propelled trolley (not a Wickham) but this has been replaced with a more powerful unit. A replacement chassis has also been manufactured, and indeed the frame shown in the video's appears to be a different one to that in the 2017 photo which remains today (although the rear panel is currently removed). The recycling box in the 2017 picture remains!

There is however an interesting trailer as well. This, appears to incorporate the frame from what appears to be possibly an EGO-4 trailer with a replacement floor and wheels which look not dissimilar to those shown on PWM5198 in the photo taken by Roy in 2016. The only identification carried is "P/Way 1" on one end. A picture is being uploaded.

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