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Rail Electrification New MEWPS REL 007, REL 008 & REL 009

Took a visit a bit further afield today from my usual Glasgow haunts. Forgot to take my Passport with me but thankfully nobody asked me for it.

Whilst in Stirling I noticed a MEWP on the back of a low Loader which was ID'd as REL 009. I followed it and into the Story Compound at Stirling and spoke to the driver who told me that 2 other new REL MEWPS were on Abbey Craig Compound along with 2 others.

The old ones were REL 005 & 006 THE NEW ONES BEING REL 007 & 008.

When at home tried to find these 3. But no luck

Tried searching REL009 Not found

REL RRV Listings Not Found

RIV Nos. Listings Not Found

Where are these 3?

Got pictures of these 3

Details as Follow

RP Build Manitou No.

REL007 43145 983775

REL008 43146 999275

REL009 43147 NA Wasn't able to climb onto a Low Loader to Get ID (Sorry)

Sorry should have added RIV Nos, as Follows

912440 - 3

912441 - 1

912442 - 9

Jim, not sure what you have done here as all three are on the site. I added full details last week (when they were delivered). I have just tried searching the RIV and fleetnumbers and they come up with out any issue. They are also listed on the fleet list for RE.

Thanks for confirming the build numbers. I will add these shortly.



After seeing your reply I tried using the search box for REL007 & no Results Found

Search Box for 912440 Has now come up with REL007

Looking for 912440 in RIV Nos under Road Rail Vehicles - Type 9A 912### there is a gap between 912439-5 &912443-7

This shows up on my computer & Mobile Phone

Just Tried under ROAD RAILERS & Under REL

Still Showing as seen 7 out of 7 and I have seen those months ago

It should show 7 out of 10 if everything updated so presume not so there

NOT SHOWING the new ones

There are now 10 Rail Electrification Ltd Units



I can search all of these by fleet numbers and RIV's, which I added last Friday week. The list shows 11 machines, as there is an entry for the currently undelivered REL010 as well.

I have now added the build numbers as well.


Jim you should now be able to see them all.

Cheers to all for that


Contacted REL yesterday regarding the whereabouts of their machines especially REL 010.

Was informed that they will NOT be taking up the option on this machine so therefore will not be delivered.

In fact REL 007/008 & 009 are no longer on their books and have either ended up in Norway or Sweden with new owner/s

Seddon Atkinson 26305M lorry 99709 917011-7 and is to be reinstated in the future

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