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Rail Live 2016 moves

With the Rail Live show happening in less than a week, some plant movements have started appearing on RTT. These may be of use if anyone is out and about with a camera...

Monday 20th

0647 West Ealing - Long Marston 0959 - Robel MMT #7 behind two ROG 47s?

1125 Scunthorpe - Long Marston 1838 - Network Rail Kirow crane?

Tuesday 21st

1405 Walsall - Long Marston 1718 ?

Will add more if any appear. Keep 'em peeled!

The Walsall one may be an 09-3X as there is a plan to take one

West Ealing move is 6Z47, I have heard the Scunthorpe one is 6X26, and the Walsall one is 6V68 interestingly, but does show as Colas.

Scunthorpe one is 6X56, apologies.

73947 and 73108 planned hopefully.

The Robel move just passed me at Pangbourne 0735.

Appears to have been a move just now from Bescot


The Walsall move above appears to have been cancelled... unless it was swapped from Walsall to Bescot?

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